Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meme's from Carye and Daisy

My dear friend Carye who is a loyal reader and commenter sent me her meme also. I think her's is very, very interesting.


1) I played Trombone from fourth grade on and still enjoy playing. When I first went to college, I majored in music ed and elementary ed.

2) I graduated from college with a botany degree, and chemistry and math minors. I never have used any of them. I got a temp job and loved it. They sent me through for my masters in business.

3) I've managed a 250 million dollar environmental budget for the government. I prefer managing data to people and now do programming development for a software company! Some day I may figure out what I want to do when I grow up!

4) I am a weather junkie! I have a Davis Weather station in my back yard and have been a weather spotter. My husband made me stop when we had kids. something about not wanting me to be out in a car searching for tornados....

5) I was on a waiting list having been completely approved for the peace corps when i met my husband. If there had been a job open in the countries I was interested in immediately, I never would have met him.

6) I have traveled to 6 countries outside of the US. Can you guess what they are? All except one are in the western Hemisphere. I'll give you a hint on #6 -- I spent 2 weeks in the amazon jungle with a bunch of botany and zoology students when I was a botany student and loved it!

7) I am an extra class Amateur radio operator. I passed 21 word per minute moris code translation to get my licence. Me:-)

Dasiy has also been kind enough to send me here meme and I am delighted to learn more about her and to share that with all of you.


1. I was married at 20 to my first bf, we started dating when I was 16, he proposed on our first date! I thought he was drunk!

2. I was devastated when he walked out after a 24year honeymoon, for an 18year old girl....

3. I have been a trampoline instructor for 32 years.

4. I am undertall. If I were 8'3", I would be delightfully slim.

5. I am now honoured to be engaged to the most wonderful man, who happens to be american. I never would have thought it possible to beat being proposed to on the first date; however, he proposed before we had ever met in person!!!!!! (and, yes, he is my second ever bf!!!)

6. I will become a grandparent sometime around christmas, for the first time....YAYYYYYYY

7. I have learned more about myself in the past 5 years than in the previous 45.... (for the mathematicians amongst us, yes, I was 50 this year!!! )

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My brother Paul and my chicks

7 Things Meme
by Paul

As requested by my baby sister.

1) I was a stubborn child; I have been known to spend the night at the table when told not to leave before I finished what was on my plate.
I also requested the meal be sent to the starving children in Hungary , Poland or Czechoslovakia, when reminded of them if I had no appetite.

2) As a child I was frightened of Moths, while I no longer fear them, I will remove them from any room I am in, I just don’t like them, possibly for the same reason that I don’t like peaches.

3) I technically lost my virginity at twelve to a red headed fourteen-year old; I believe it was curiosity rather than passion that drove her. Fortunately for me I was unable to ejaculate, I hesitate to think what might have happened if I had been able to, in hindsight that is.

4) By the time I was fourteen I was a keen Archer, at sixteen I had made my own longbow it had a 90lb pull.

5) When Mel and I first met, Mel collected figures of Wolves and I of Owls, strange as the Owl is her symbolic animal and the wolf mine, I now have over eight hundred figures of anything from gold through clay.

6) I have been a dedicated spanko for as long as I can remember, I discovered that I was a Dom at around fourteen.

7) I have had two serious accidents in my life both motorcycle accidents, they taught me to be extra careful. I take a dim view of bad and careless driving.


1.Married for 26 years to David..been with him for 33..he's a pretty good kinky guy..!!

2 managed the family business for 14 years.

3 Have been taking care of little ones for 16 now watching over our precious god daughter.

4 David is 4 years older me.

5 Love spooky stuff ..halloween..trick or treaters.. christmas..autumn colors..snow..

6 We have 2 boys 25 and almost 17..a choc.lab..6 cats..a snake and a fish tank

7. was born and raised where i live.. which we affectionately call Mayberry.
Realistically it's a small southern democratic town in Virgina.Between Wash DC and the shenandoah valley in the foothills of the blue ridge mtns.. That's about it.. I'm seeing this Meme everywhere so i think it's already making it's rounds..


1. I love being kinky to my wife but I hope my dad is not looking down on us. He was Southern Baptist minister for over 35 years.

2. I have been in the office supply business for over 34 years and drive 63 miles to work and takes two hours to do it.

3.I was born in West Va. but grew up at Va. Beach Va. two blocks from the ocean on 35th street. The town we live in now has one traffic light.

4.I am a diehard Washington Redskin fan and don't talk to me about that team from Dallas.

5. I am a weather spotter for the National Weather Service and love it when we are buried in snow

6. I live for turning Mthc's butt different shades of purple.

7. There are six people in blog land I wish I could really meet and give a big hug to.

Mom you are at the top of that list.

I thank my brother and my chicks and I will be happy to post for any of you that do not have your own site. You can email your 7 facts to me at

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cowgirl, since you asked...

The Rules-
* Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I can’t imagine what I can tell you that I haven’t already told you about myself but since Cowgirl was kind enough to tag me so I am going to give it a try.

1. I have been married twice. One was pure hell, the other has become my heaven.

2. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 25 years old.

3. I have my very own prostitution’s license (I know this is old news to long-time readers but maybe some of you are new. It you are new check out here and here before you think me too terrible!)

4. I am taking a deep breath before this one, other that a few close friends out here no one knows this – I am older than Tom by nearly two and a half years.

5. I ran away from home when I was 8 years old. I was gone about 9 or 10 hours before I came home. No one noticed I was gone.

6. Tom’s wedding gift to me was a matching ivory hair brush and comb. The comb has disappeared over the years. Why couldn’t it have been the damn brush?

7. I was not always the angelic, obedient wife that I am today. Tom once told me to wait for him in the bedroom when he was really upset about something I had done. While he was trying to cool down I climbed out the window and took off.

Enough about me I would love to hear all about


If Paul, Carye, Mthc or David would like to just give us the 7 facts I will be happy to post for them. And yes I can count to 7 but I went over.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Healthy and happy

I’ve been away from any real writing for so long I fear I have forgotten how. I don’t know how many of you are still checking in but I wanted to let you know we are still around. We have had a bit of trouble over Tom’s working but we survive. Tom is really not gone all that much and truly I’m getting all the attention I can stand.

Willow – what can I say about this sweet baby? Actually Willow and I have a lot in common. She is a free spirit, she loves to slip off and get into things she should leave alone, she enjoys staying up all night, and every now and then she just likes to howl at the moon! She is not too bad to chew things that do not belong to her although she did manage to destroy one of Tom’s slippers. At first I was secretly happy to see it go since sometime Tom has used it for an alternate purpose but once he explained to me its mate now could be used for the alternate purpose exclusively my amusement waned. I surely hope the ivory brush doesn’t accidentally fall into Willow’s clutches and disappear!

If you are in the mood for another story I suppose I can share what has been going on here lately. Let me begin by saying all is well now!! Please remember that as you are reading.

I haven’t been too pleased with Tom working. He was gone for 5 days at first and I hated it. Since he has been home he seems to live in his study and on the phone. That’s not really true but I am used to having all his attention and I was trying not to feel neglected but I was losing the battle. One day I was feeling sad, mad, neglected and just generally upset. He had been in his study all day and finally came out around dinner time. We decided to go out to eat. And would you know it he got a call at dinner! He didn’t take it of course but told me he would have to get on a conference call once we got home.

Once we got home I got a quick kiss and the promise that he would not be long. I was fuming then but when I was still sitting alone 45 minutes later I was livid! I was simply not going to stay home alone and twiddle my thumbs. I know what I did was foolish but I was so mad my head was pounding and I just didn’t care. I took the boat and left. I did take the phone but I turned it off. If he didn’t want to talk to me at home he didn’t need to talk to me anywhere!

I just drove around for a while and finally headed to a little bar and grill on the water where we like to eat. The temperature was pleasant so I sat outside and ordered a drink. I hadn’t been there long when a waitress came and asked me if my name was Cassie and gave me a phone. Good grief, if I had my phone off it seems as though he could take a hint!

Three guesses as to what he said first. You’re right, he said “Cassie Jane I am going to wear you out!” He went on to say “You stay right there. Andrew and I will come get you I don’t want you driving the boat.” That flew all over me! I told him had gotten there by myself and when I got ready to come home I could get myself back.

I could tell he was angry but I was angrier! I said “You come if you want to but I won’t be here!” With that I hung up, quickly paid my bill and took off once again. Only by now I was so tired. I was getting cold and I wanted to go home but I was still mad. I remembered that some of our neighbor’s were on vacation so I headed to their dock and tied up. I crawled out of the boat to sit on the dock. I was exhausted and my head hurt, I suddenly felt like I was too tired to get back in the boat. I didn’t sit their long until I called Tom.

“I’m at the Davis’ will you come get me?”

Within minutes Tom and Andrew pulled up. Andrew is so good. He just asked if I was okay and then he left us alone. I must have looked somewhat pitiful because Tom gave me a hug me and whispered in my ear “Girl, you messed up.” Then he helped me into the boat. I knew what was coming I just hoped he would wait.

It only took a minute to get home. I think it was walking from the boat to the house that it gradually began dawning on me that there was something wrong, I was sick. Tom walked me to the bedroom and told me to get ready for bed while he fed Willow. But I couldn’t. I just lay down on the bed and wrapped up in the comforter.

When Tom came back he found me all curled and freezing. A quick check showed I was running a fever. Tom brought me medicine and helped me into a nightgown. Around 2:00 AM he checked my temperature again and it had gone up. He ended up taking me to the hospital. I was pretty much out of it. Tom says that the worse thing about me being sick is that I don’t talk. As much as he sometimes teases me about chattering on he hates it when I am not talking.

It turns out I had a UTI. They kept me long enough to give me some fluids and then sent us home. I slept the rest of the day and all that night. By the next morning I felt much more like myself. Tom was glad to hear I was hungry and told me he was going to fix breakfast and we would talk later.

Talk? I didn’t really want to talk.

The evening started coming back to me – taking the boat, drinking without Tom (a big no-no in his book), hanging up on him, leaving the grill when he had told me to stay…

Tom brought me my breakfast in bed and sat watching me as I ate. “You’re feeling better aren’t you honey” he asked me.

“That depends” I told him, “are you still mad at me?”

“Yes.” He stated emphatically “I am. You had no business taking the boat off at night by yourself. You deserve a good spanking and you know it.

“Tom I’m really sorry. I just don’t know what came over me that night.” I started.

“I do,” he countered “you didn’t get your way and ended up having a temper tantrum. Taking off in the boat - at night - with out a word, going to a bar and drinking by yourself, hanging up on me and running off when I told you to stay put. Oh I know what happened that night. The question is what am I going to do about it.

He does have a way of making things sound so bad! He had me squirming. He seemed so calm but if he got to scolding me he could easily get himself all worked up about it again.

“Well Cassie” Tom asked again, “How do you think I should handle this?

“I … I think we should both be grateful that nothing worse happened while I was wandering around in a fever induced haze!” He had to give me credit for trying! But this is the part you are not going to believe – it worked!! Tom started laughing and came away from the dresser (and the ivory brush) to sit with me on the bed. He must have been way more worried about me while I was so sick than I had thought.

“Girl, what am I going to do with you?”

He sat on the bed and just held me for a minute before he said. “I’m not going to spank you. I believe you knew exactly what you were doing – but the doctor did say that having a UTI could alter your thinking and judgment. But you are not getting off scott free! You are to do everything I say until I think you are well from this thing and” he added as he saw me start to grin “I will be keeping your keys for the time being and…

“Oh Tom, NO! You can’t do that!” I protested.

“Cassie Jane the keys are mine for now.” He told me sternly “If you want to fuss I can change my mind and wear you out and then keep your keys – your choice.” The man is a bully!

But honestly I knew I had dodged a bullet so I hushed. I got up and took a shower and I was surprised to find out that it just exhausted me. I took another nap and after lunch I got up and Tom and I went out and threw the ball with Willow for a while. I was tired again and so I came in and went to the computer to check on everyone. Tom said “Not right now I want you back in bed.”

“Tom I just want to check my email then I’ll lie down.”

But Tom was firm, “I need do some work myself and I want you in bed. I know if you get on that computer you will be on it for hours if I don’t come run you off. Get some sleep.”

So I went on to bed. But I couldn’t get back to sleep. I tossed and turned for a while but I just wasn’t sleepy so I got up and headed back to the computer. I knew if Tom got wrapped up in his work he would be up there for hours. But he double crossed and came back down. Now why when I am perfectly healthy he works forever leaving me all alone, but now he was back down in 20 minutes. He was not happy with me! I can’t say he wore me out but he had a pretty good sting going by the time he marched me back to the bedroom.

“Cassie Jane I just told you, you are going to mind me until you get your strength back. Do I need to tie you to the bed when I’m working?” I thought it was a nice offer but I really wasn’t up to it. LOL! But when I got back up the lap top was gone!! I had told Tom it was acting up and taking forever to get from place to place so he had taken it to Andrew to look it over for us. He told Andrew he was in no hurry to have it returned!! We have it back now but Tom is keeping it in his study. For the time being I have to go there to check emails, read my blogs and do any writing.

So all of this is what I have been up to lately. I am perfectly well now although I don’t have my full strength back I am in fine health. Willow and I are back to our walks. I still don’t have my keys back and I will probably never see the boat keys again. Tom is being stubborn about the laptop but I’ll eventually get it back if I behave myself. Sorry I am not around as much, I do miss talking to everyone. I will be here as often as I can.


I am getting a bit frustrated. I have been trying to write a post and put it up for several days but there is a great big obstacle in my way. Don't get me wrong, I love this obstacle dearly but you can't write a good post in 15 minute intervals. I did want to pop in and tell you that I miss you all and that I should have a post up very soon.

Much love,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Happy Birthday sweet brother!! I want you to know I stole out of bed to write and post this because I couldn’t get to the computer any earlier today. And I was not going to let your birthday come and not tell you how special you truly are! What more could a girl ask for in a brother? You give support, comfort, and advice. You scold and tease – you are a true brother in every sense! I love you dear Paul, I hope your day is very special

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm still here

I don’t know how much I am going to be around in the near future. I cannot get the laptop working so I guess we will have to take it in for a check up. The other computer is in Tom’s study and I really don’t like to mess with his things in there. I try to get to it at least once a day and check my email but it is not very convent.

So friends I am not ignoring your emails. We are fine and Willow is growing like a weed. I think she has doubled in size since I got her! I’ll be in touch.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Chicks

Hey everyone I have a request to make. My dear friends, my chicks – Mthc and David could use some prayers and warm thought sent their way. David is really not feeling too well and you all know when the person you love is under the weather your worry and stress level go way up so I know Mthc could use some relief too. David will be fine because his ‘Mom’ told him to get well on the double but I would like to see him back on his feet even faster that that!!

David you listen to me now! And Mthc I know you are caring for him but you take care of yourself too! Love to you both!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have been an angel!

Well that is not really true but if I even get the chance to meet my big brother Paul, I do not want it to be at the business end of a tawse! So I thought he might like this title better. I haven't done anything wrong - okay there have probably been things Tom would not have approved. But most husbands wouldn't find fault. I am in one piece and my beloved is coming home tomorrow and that is all that matters!! He has warned me that he may have to leave again but he is coming to spend the weekend with me!

You really can't imagine how much I have missed him. I can't wait to be in his arms, I want to feel him, I want to look into his eyes, I want to smell his scent, I want to hear his voice, I want to hold his hand as we walk Willow, I want to have him curl around my back in the bed after other fun activities. And I want it all NOW!