Wednesday, June 28, 2006

About me

Tigger had a wonderful post the other day where she asked a bit about the friends she had met on line. I encourage everyone to read it on her site, A Spanking Good Time. Here are my answers to her questions. I especially want folks who stumble on this site to realize that spanko are really very normal people, not strange people who write "porn".

-I'm mostly optimistic
-I'm happy and outgoing
-I can appear like the perfect southern lady

Sexual preference:
- I'm hetrosexual
- I did do a bit of experimenting with women in my mid-twentys, it was okay, but I don't miss it. Just a note, as a whole, I think that our gay friends are some of the nicest men I know.
- I love Tom to be behind me when we make love.
- I love to be tied up and blind folded

Fears and inhibitions:
-Being outted as a spanko to people who would not understand
-Outliving Tom
-Anal sex. My first husband forced this on me and he was very brutal. It has taken years with someone I trust completely to finally be able to enjoy gentle play in this area.

-math, I tutor at our local school
-I can connect with other
-I can handle any situation in which I find myself
-I have a strong faith in God

-No one really knows, but sometimes I am very insecure. To this day I have no idea why Tom chose me. He could have had any women he wanted. I just thank God I got so lucky.
-Sometimes it still take a effort to always act like a lady.
-I'm not a great speller

What I like about my appearance:
- all the lines in my face are laugh lines
- I'm not very tall and I'm a bit plump. Okay, I don't really like this. I need to lose 20 pounds. But this is the way Tom likes me and he looks at my body more than I do so I don't worry about it.

-Parents abusive and neglectful, but I survived.
-I married an abusive man at twenty, no spanking, lots of fists, he was a horrible man. He had a heart attack and died.
-Wild, hazy time between 25 and 30. Too much drinking, too much sex, too much experimentation, awful time.
- Thirty, I met and married Tom. Enough said.

What I love:
-My friends
-The feeling of security I live in
-Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom...

What I loathe:
-That we are killing our children and other countries children in this war.
-Tom working out of town when I can't go.
-People who talk about things that they know nothing about.
-Punishment spankings, I'll take any other kind, thank-you.

What I could take or leave:
- cooking
-cleaning house
-Bible School (I got talked into helping again later this month!)
-Getting up early

Favorite food:
-fried chicken
-chocolate cake
-soft drinks

Tigger, thank-you for an opportunity to give this background. If anyone else gives their answers let me know where they are posted.


Sunday, June 11, 2006


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