Monday, June 30, 2008

Home again

We all made it home in one piece. There were no arrests, as some of you I am sure were expecting. I hate to disappoint but we really got into no trouble at all. Not I am not saying Tom would have approved of every thing we did but as I have said before what he doesn’t know won’t hurt me!

I went swimming with my swimsuit on! I drank as much as I liked with a designated driver when necessary. I cussed when I felt like it. I ate junk food by the ton – twice we went for ice cream after midnight. But honestly that was as wild as we got.

I had a wonderful time but getting back to Tom was the best part. He and Steve supervised the moving of much of the furniture we decided to bring from the other house. And Tom has a wonderful compromise for the other house. He has arranged to lease it on a long term basis to the company he used to work for. They often bring people in for several weeks at the time and they will be using the house rather than a hotel. They have also agreed to hire a couple who used to help us with the cleaning and some maintenance. They will be living in the ‘mother-in-law’ suite in the basement. They are wonderful people and I am thrilled that they will be caring for our house.

We are busy with a few more moving details but I feel we will be settled soon. We are leasing the house with the furniture we will not need here but there are still items I am unsure what I want to do with. But it is time to make those final decisions. I want to get them done so I can relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Out the door...

I have loved having Sue and Steve here and introducing them around. They have been here before but always in a crowd. This has been fun. We have been so good. We always are right before a trip – this is not the time to get into trouble. Enough time for that after the car is out of the driveway and we are on our way! But despite what you all think we do not go on these trips to get in trouble. We just go to have fun and it is the ultra fussiness of our husbands that supplies the trouble, not what we do. Really for those of you that have read here a long time you have to see that if anyone else did the exact same things I do your husbands wouldn’t mind a bit! Tom is too strict!! That is not a complaint, merely an observation. Anyway we have nothing planned that Tom should find out about – that will get us in trouble!

I want to take the toy but Tom insists I take the larger car. Grrrrr… the toy is so much more fun to drive! He has kept up the lectures and spanking this whole week. Goodness does he think for a minute that I can remember all these rules he is throwing out? Maybe he should blog – at least then I could go back and read it if I chose to.

Honestly we have nothing wild planned but as much as I will miss him there is a relaxation in a day or so with out Tom over my shoulder. I tend to cuss a little more, drink a little more, get caught up on gossip (of the cruder nature), hear and tell more dirty jokes and in general drop the ladylike fa├žade for just a bit. But I promise it will all be done safely!

Everyone take care and I will be back to reading and writing before you know it!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


School is out and I am dancing with all my teaching friends! I have never felt such freedom! I did celebrate the last day of school in my own special way which also had me doing the ouchie bottom just got spanked dance! But, oh my, it was fun! I have done things of this nature in the past when Tom would complete a big project but I hadn’t tried it in several years.

I got a few things done the night before when Ton was not paying attention but the second he was out the door for his run Thursday morning I was in action. Our bathroom first, I very sweetly laid out a towel for his shower and hung his robe on the hook of the door. Then I removed all other towels from the linen closet. Next I lay out his clothes for the day – not something I do every day but it is not unusual.

Next I tore down stairs to bring in the paper for my sweetie. I carefully unfolded it and cut out half of each interesting story on the front page of each section. Then I folded it back and placed it by his plate. I replaced the salt in the 2 shakers with sugar.

Time was running short as I raced back upstairs to finish getting ready for school. As I finished brushing my teeth I put a tiny bead of super glue on the inside of the cap and replaced it. I heard Tom coming up the stairs and nearly panicked. For my plan to work Tom had to suspect nothing until I was gone!

“You leaving so early?” he asked.

“Yes honey, I have to get out of here in just a minute. Give me a kiss before you take your shower.”

Tom kissed me and told me to enjoy my last day at school and headed on to the shower. I let him get in and then stepped back into the bathroom just long enough to grab the towel I had laid out and his bathrobe. I quickly hid them in the spare room closet and rushed down the stairs and out of the house just stopping long enough to tape the handle on the sink sprayer! Then I was out in a flash and gone!

My phone rang just before I got to school. I didn’t answer since he really didn’t know if I was in class yet or not but I listened to the message he left before I went in. “Cassie Jane I want you to know I will be thinking of you all day and I will be very anxious for you to get home.”

I did have a wonderful last day but Tom was not far from my mind. And I was still happy to get home to him. He came out to greet me as I drove in. He opened my car door and helped me out and gave me a big hug. I asked “Is it safe for me to come in or should I run for the hills?”

Tom had a firm grip on my hand and just said “I’ve got you now.” He led me right to the master bath first. “I was in the shower this morning thinking about having my wife back all to myself when I got out no towel, no robe, no towels to be found anywhere. I was dripping wet as I headed to the other bathroom.” (Did I mention that I locked the other bathroom door?) I was giggling helpless into his chest by this time. “I can see your remorse for leaving me in that situation girl.”

Almost before I could see it coming he had my pants down and I was over the counter. He gave me a few good swats before he stopped and said “I did mention I was dripping wet didn’t I?” and then wet down my behind before continuing. Alright that kicked up the sting! He stopped and rubbed for a minute only to start up again harder than before, "And that is for ruining a perfectly good tube of tooth paste!

When he finished there it was on to the bedroom. “I finally managed to get dressed Cassie, I timed myself and that is how long I am going to spank! You see I hid all his underwear except the shorts I had laid out for him and those had the top, legs and crotch sewed closed. I didn’t hide his socks; I just tied each pair in a hard knot! He started on my behind with the school paddle and I finally yelled "Stop! It wouldn’t have taken my granny that long to pull out a couple of stitches and untie one little knot!" Don’t really think that sped him up any! When he let me up I was rubbing and doing the spanking two-step for sure but I still couldn’t stop laughing at he picture he was painting.

“Down stairs” he ordered after I had stopped rubbing. “Tom, I can’t go down with out any pants on!” I got a withering look as he said and what do you think I had to do while looking for a towel this morning?” Well that idea got me laughing again as he escorted me to the kitchen.

On the table was an uneaten plate of eggs and a holey news paper. Tom led me to the counter to stand with him as he chose the meanest looking wooden spoon we have. I was soon bent over the table. “I saved the eggs Cassie because I know what a sweet tooth you have and I was wondering if you would like to read the paper.” My goodness that spoon is nothing to be played with. “Are you over you giggles yet girl?”

“Yes” I gasped “Oh Tom let me up!” I begged “I’ll behave myself, I promise!!”

“That will be the day” I heard Tom muttered. He put down that awful spoon and started rubbing. But then he said, “So after my problems getting dressed, my sweet eggs and no paper to read I simply tried to rinse out my coffee cup only to find myself back to where I started – soaking wet!!

By that time Tom was laughing too. “And now what are you going to do to get back into my good graces?” Now I knew the answer to that one so we headed back upstairs. I was a very good girl and yes, I am back in Tom’s good graces. Truly I think he is almost as happy as I am that we can spend our days together again. So I know I might have been a bit of a brat but I did want Tom to realize he had his wife back!