Saturday, June 21, 2008

Out the door...

I have loved having Sue and Steve here and introducing them around. They have been here before but always in a crowd. This has been fun. We have been so good. We always are right before a trip – this is not the time to get into trouble. Enough time for that after the car is out of the driveway and we are on our way! But despite what you all think we do not go on these trips to get in trouble. We just go to have fun and it is the ultra fussiness of our husbands that supplies the trouble, not what we do. Really for those of you that have read here a long time you have to see that if anyone else did the exact same things I do your husbands wouldn’t mind a bit! Tom is too strict!! That is not a complaint, merely an observation. Anyway we have nothing planned that Tom should find out about – that will get us in trouble!

I want to take the toy but Tom insists I take the larger car. Grrrrr… the toy is so much more fun to drive! He has kept up the lectures and spanking this whole week. Goodness does he think for a minute that I can remember all these rules he is throwing out? Maybe he should blog – at least then I could go back and read it if I chose to.

Honestly we have nothing wild planned but as much as I will miss him there is a relaxation in a day or so with out Tom over my shoulder. I tend to cuss a little more, drink a little more, get caught up on gossip (of the cruder nature), hear and tell more dirty jokes and in general drop the ladylike fa├žade for just a bit. But I promise it will all be done safely!

Everyone take care and I will be back to reading and writing before you know it!


Anonymous said...

Ah Miss Cassie,

Do enjoy the vacation -- sounds like you girls are going to have a blast.

But if no one brings bail money, Tom will find out. He always finds out.

Be safe, hurry back,


Paul said...

Cassie honey, enjoy the vacation, try not yo end up in goal-jail, have lots of safe fun.
Come back happy to a husband who loves you and friends who will miss you.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

Betty Briones said...


I hope that you have a wonderful trip. I can definitely relate to what you are saying. I'm heading out for my "girls" trip tomorrow and my husband has regularly been lecturing me on behaving as well. Have fun, and I look forward to hearing all about you adventures when you return.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time. Girls just got to have fun you know. Nothing quite like being with girlfriends. When you do get back home to Tom you will find reunions are special too!!
I Gal

david said...

Cassie Mom, Enjoy your vacation with your friends. You deserve this and it will be great.

Love and hugs,

mthc said...'m sending you a"get of Jail Free" card!! Have fun!!

grace said...

As long as your not planning on stealing any cars, you should be fine!

Have a great time!


Jessica said...

Tom knows that it's not a matter IF you will get into trouble it's a mater of WHEN and HOW MUCH you will get into trouble.

Have fun!