Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keeping cool

I have finally found a way to keep cool, and have a bit of fun in the process! Last Friday afternoon I realized that I had not paid Ryan. I figured he could use the money for the weekend. Ryan only lives a few doors away so I stuck my head in Tom office and told him where I was going.

Ryan’s mom asked me in for ice tea and we headed to the kitchen. And there it was! I had seen pictures of them before, I had seen them on TV but I hadn’t actually seen one use in person before. Ryan’s two younger sisters were playing on a slippy-slide! I don’t know if everyone knows what this is but it is a long pieces of plastic with water squirting on it. The children would run and fall on their stomachs and slide the length of the thing. I was absolute fascinated watching these little girls.

We walked out on the deck so I could get a better look. It looked like so much fun!! The girls told me to come on out and stand on it and they would hold my hand. I thought what the heck and kicked off my sandals. Well you can imagine how long I stayed on my feet! It felt wonderful! The girls were wonderful teachers and I am not sure who laughed more, me, them or Ryan’s mom. Mostly I sat and let the girls push me as I sat but I tried a couple of running goes myself!

I am not quite sure how long we played when I looked up to see Tom on their deck. The first thing he said was “I thought you had run away from home and now I see I was right.” Okay I might have looked a bit disheveled. He turned to Ryan’s mom and said “I appreciate you letting my little girl come over to play but I think I had better take her home now.” If he hadn’t made that crack I would probably have just thanked the girls and come home but as it was I felt a strong urge to give Tom a big hug. As I soaked his shirt front with this soppy hug he grudgingly hugged back but also gave my bottom a smack in front of everyone. Well I think between Tom and me we gave Ryan’s sisters something to talk about for days!

When we got home Tom headed upstairs and I followed like a lamb to slaughter not knowing he was really annoyed about something else. I was laughing and teasing as I was getting my wet clothes off. He waited until I was completely undressed to suddenly pull me across his lap! He started spanking none too gently as I protested loudly! I was yelling “What is wrong with you?! Are you mad I played with the girls?”’

Tom didn’t say anything until he had my bottom ablaze! He then stopped and asked “Do I have you attention now?” I barely kept myself from yelling ‘Hell yes’. But I figured that would not help my position any! Do any of your men ever feel the need to punctuate each word of the lecture with a hard spank?

“If – you – ever – leave – this – house – with –out – your – cell – phone – again – I – am – going – to – take – the – hairbrush – to – your – bottom– and – wear – you – out!

Good grief! “Tom” I gasped “This is ridiculous! I was 3 doors down and I told you exactly where I was going!” Note to self: Wait until he lets you up before you tell him his spanking is ridiculous!

“I don’t care it you are in our back yard! You keep that phone with you. I am tired of calling to see where you have disappeared to only to hear the phone ring on the counter with you no where around!” Each of these was words I was ignoring came with a spank too. So I finally had the good sense to shut up.

I was mad. This wasn’t fair since I had told him where I was going. Okay I was gone longer that I expected to be, maybe a lot longer, but really I couldn’t have been in a safer place. But what was making me even madder is the fact that my body always responds to Tom’s touch even when I am mad! Once he switched to rubbing I knew I was a goner. It didn’t take much to help me decide to put off my pouting and counter arguments until later.

Oh that man knows how to make love! Under his touch nearly every part of me was burning one way or another. Once we were spent and cuddled together I had to laugh as I got a mental image of how much fun that would have been had we been on a slippy-slide and how very cool it would have been on my behind!

I don’t know why he is getting so wound up about the phone suddenly. He doesn’t seem to mind where I go or how long I stay as long has I tell him where and he can get hold of me. But I am still annoyed he spanked me for it. His golf buddies have been gone all week – just wait until they get back this weekend. We’ll see how well he golf’s with his phone ringing every 10 minutes!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sounds right to me

My Erotic Personality is The Romantic. Take the Erotic Personality Quiz on and discover yours!I took Sage Vivant's Erotic Personality Quiz and discovered I'm a Romantic!

What is your Erotic Personality? Find out now.

I do think this fits me to a tee. My romantic hero did both save me and swept me off my feet! Every time I look at him I still cannot believe this beautiful man belongs to me. I don't know how I got so lucky. But I do thank God that I did!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's too hot!

Oh my goodness it is hot! It was bad enough before Sar’s Cowboy began writing about the weather on their wonderful vacation, now I want to travel somewhere COOL! I won’t let Tom run in the mornings. I would just as soon him stay in bed with me anyway!

I am so hot I can’t even think of any mischief to get into! And for me that is saying something. We have talked about getting a pool but for the most part I think it would be too much trouble. After a few weeks of this I am about to change my mind.

We have begun the marriage classes at church and I like it very much. I will tell you more about them as we get more into it. They have called from school to see if I want to work as a sub or as a volunteer this year. As much as I love it I just can’t see working when I want to be with Tom. Tom has been approached about taking on another project and I guess you all know how I feel about that. But I am not going to get all upset now. I suppose if he takes it I could become a volunteer then. He has not seemed as interested in this project as he has for some others so I am just going to wait and see!

Sorry for no real excitement here. Let’s all hope for a break in the weather!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know many of you have become fans of Mthc and David (famous for his boat paddle) from the wonderful stories they wrote for Tiggr over at A Spanking Good Time. I just wanted to let you know David is having some medical problems. His kidneys are giving him some serious problems. Now I know we all want him well and swinging that paddle again so let’s send positive energy and prayer just like we have done for so many others. With all the good will we have here in blogland we will have David back on his feet and swinging that paddle to keep Mthc on hers too!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The rest of the story

Now folks before I tell you the rest of the story I want to make sure any new comers know about one thing. I may act like I don’t have any sense but I do. I rarely get spanked when I don’t want to. Most of my spankings are for annoying Tom, maybe I should call it bratting but I never used to think of it that way. But I always know when I am teasing or baiting him. It’s our foreplay. I can only think of a few time this past year when he was really, really upset with me: when I got the speeding ticket (and didn’t tell him about it right away), when I went toy shopping and lied to him about it, when he found out I had been blogging of course and something dumb that happened this past winter. So although he spanks a lot many, many of them I have basically asked for in one way or another. And truly when I ask in my own special ‘bratting’ way he rarely disappoints!

Sue and I were headed back at top speed and as the dock came in site I wasn’t too surprised to see Tom and Steve standing there. I slowed the boat to come in at a safe responsible speed. I threw Tom the rope and all was silent as he secured the boat and the guys helped us out. The silence was getting pretty loud so Sue said “We got your wine honey”. I chimed in with “We’ll take it up and start it chilling.”

Tom said “You’ll stay right here.” Sue gave me a look that was supposed to be supportive but she followed Steve up to the house. Tom was acting a little funny. He was leaning back against one of the support posts with his arms folded, just looking at me. He almost seemed to have a smile on his face. He said “Cassie can you tell me what you did wrong tonight?” I decided to be completely honest and answered him “We didn’t get back before you noticed the boat was missing?” Okay probably not the answer he was looking for but I was honest!

He just shook his head at me and reached to undo his belt. Now you have to understand what this does to me. Most of the time I really don’t think of myself as a submissive. I have an old fashion husband and we have an old fashion marriage. I mostly do what ever I want and if he doesn’t like it I often get my bottom warmed. But when I watch him remove his belt something happens to me. I think it is what some of you have talked about going into sub mode. My knees get weak, I have a hard time breathing and I absolutely ache with desire. Tom knows this and can sometimes take full advantage of it!

So as I watched him slowly (it seemed to me) remove his belt as I was standing on the floating dock I felt very unsteady. I didn’t move or say a word. Tom folded the belt in his hand and came to me. His free hand went to the back of my neck and he pulled me to him and kissed me. Now Tom and I kiss a lot but let me tell you this was some kiss! I felt a tingle clear to my toes and several other interesting places along the way! I still never said a word as he led me to one of the heavier chairs and bent me over the back. I gripped the arms tightly as Tom lowered my shorts and panties.

The first crack of the belt brought me back somewhat to reality. We were in the deep shadows and with the house closed for the A/C I did not fear any of out guest hearing or seeing anything but it flashed through my mind on this still night how far the sound might carry across the water and I did wonder if anyone was out there to hear. By the fourth or fifth stroke I wasn’t really thinking about anything but his belt! Now you all know my feelings about the ivory hairbrush. It is evil and should be destroyed! But the belt, now that is different. It has the duel quality of bring such sweet pain and pleasure together, it is a lovely implement. I wasn’t counting but I probably got no more than a dozen strokes. They were slow, yet powerful. He didn’t lecture at all and when he stopped and rubbed my bottom and between my legs I think I could have stayed right there all night.

Tom got my clothing arranged appropriately to return to our guests and I asked him to please make love to me right then. He said “Not now Cassie, you have kept our guests waiting long enough.” Shoot I figured our guest were old enough to take care of themselves, I wanted Tom to take care of me! But he took my hand and led me toward the house. I could barely walk and I don’t mean just from the spanking! But yes my bottom was throbbing too! The belt is always something that I feel for several days.

Back at the house I tried to make small talk but I was somewhat preoccupied. At Sue’s questioning look, I gave her a smile that could have meant many things. Tom and I decided to retire early. Living alone we have never have to worry about making noise when we make love but with fairly thin walls at this house it was a consideration. Actually it only added to our evening. Somehow having to make love in total silence made me feel like we were sneaking around and truly it was one of the most passionate, sensuous evenings we have had in a long time.

We were spent, satisfied and curled up ready for sleep before we hear Sue and Steve come to their room and evidently with only us at this end of the house with them the idea of noise was not a problem for Steve. I don’t think I had ever heard anyone else get spanked before! I sat up to listen and poked Tom, I was whispering “Listen, listen” but Tom pulled me back down and told me to hush it was none of my business! But it was so strange! I was embarrassed! I buried my face in the pillow to drown out my giggles. Tom popped my very sore derrière and told me to be still! But I have to tell you it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard!

The next morning was kind of rushed with everyone getting packed and many headed to the airport. So there was no more time for deep discussions. Anne did remark in front of Sue and Steve that Sue has been in a better than normal mood all week and wanted to know what Steve was doing to keep her so happy. It was a rhetorical question and Steve just smiled. Sue and I did not even glance at one another because we could not have held it together. But as they were leaving she hugged me good-by and whispered in my ear “I guess there is no fool like an old fool!” I think the girl is happy and I am happy for her.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am sorry to have been gone so long! I thought everyone would be staying here but we were offered a house on the river and we moved the visit down there. It has been a wonderful visit!! We have spent most of it on the water. I haven’t water skied in the last two summers but I have not lost my touch! I can even slalom, it’s not pretty but I can do it!

I was an absolute angel, most of the time! One reason is that there was very little privacy! I know that whenever Tom feels the need to spank, what might be heard through the walls has never stopped him, so I behaved and gave him no reason. I was really too good, I am boring myself and probably Tom too! At least until the last night!

We all did have a wonderful time so much talking all of us together and of course the men and women split up part of the time to talk privately on our own. Sue most definitely did not want to discuss anything about spanking around the other girls and I didn’t push her. Truly until I started writing out here I would have died if anyone (other than these women) had known. And until very recently we only discussed it occasionally over the years.

But with so much going on and all the people there it seemed that we never had a minute alone. But the last night there we were going to grill out. Sue noticed we were out of her husband’s favorite wine so she told the boys we were going to run out and get some. As usual Tom looks right at me and said “Be careful!” When am I not?

As we headed to the door Sue whispered “Get the boat key.” We had been pestering the guys to let us take the boat out every night and they never would let us go alone. But we had told them we were going to the store and we hadn’t said we were taking the car and they hadn’t said we couldn’t take the boat at that moment… so off we went!

Okay it was not the wisest choice, not for the reasons you are thinking. It was loud and we still couldn’t talk so when we got to the marina and got the wine we decided to sit in the bar and visit for a while (only because it was cool, we had nothing alcoholic!) Sue was the one who had wanted to talk but she couldn’t seem to get started. So I did. “You have not joked any about spanking this trip. Something tells me Steve has found the ‘other side of the paddle’ lately. Am I right?”

She was quiet for a while but then she smiled a little. She said “We are getting along better than we have in years. Steve did talk to Tom.” It seems that Steve was fed up with one thing Sue does and evidently Tom finally talked him into doing something about it. I love Sue but in all honesty she can be a hateful bitch when she puts her mind to it. The way she talks to Steve sometimes is just unbelievable. She says she hates doing it but that she just can’t control her temper.

At Tom suggestion Steve waited until a calm time and told her it had to stop and that he was going to spank her for real if it kept happening and the really strange thing is that Sue agreed. She said just that conversation helped her keep her tongue. I was really fascinated! She says she has only had three real blow-ups since he started all this – that was almost 6 months ago! She says that when she does blow up he doesn’t say a word, he just lets her explode. She says that by the time she has calmed back down her guilt is making her feel rotten. In the past he would get angry and hatful back at her and stay mad for quite a while. Now she says he just stays calm and says “We’ll take care of this later.” I love it, I just love it! Honestly there is no one I know who deservers to be spanked more than Sue when she gets hateful.

But she had a question for me. She started “Alright what I need to know is, when you have screw up and he is going to spank you and you really don’t want him to how do you get him to change his mind?” I couldn’t stop laughing. Honestly if there is one thing I do not know is how to talk Tom out of a spanking!! I told Sue “Sorry honey that is one thing I can’t help you with, but if you ever find out please, please let me know!”

We were having a ball when I finally thought to check the time. Good lord! We had been gone nearly an hour and a half on a trip that should have taken 45 minutes by car an less than 30 minutes by boat! Of course neither of us had brought our cell phones. We scramble to the boat and gunned the motor toward home!

More later…

Still here

I am back! We had a wonderful week and I have lots to tell you but I am still the slowest typist in the world! I wanted everyone to know I am still around! I am not going anywhere. And even though I missed you all my last week was a fantastic!!

I am so very happy to hear that Eva came through her surgery so well. I would like to think that the prayers offered out here are a true help to her. Don’t forget me I should have a post up very soon!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Two worry warts!

Hello everyone. Sorry that I have been so quite lately we are getting ready for company. Both Sue and Anne and their husbands are coming next to spend next week with us. Now the other two couples may also be coming. I am so excited! I haven’t had that long talk with Sue and I am still curious about just what kind of spankings she may be getting these days! I will be sure to report.

As to the scooter, Tom regained his memory and the next time Ryan was coming he said “Now Cassie, I don’t want you back on that thing. You could have broken your neck!” Of course I said nothing, I mean after all he had not asked me a question. And he didn’t say I couldn’t ride it. He just told me what he wanted and I am always interested in what he wants. But we are all old enough to realize not everyone get what they want! I love riding the scooter! Before he left he said “Girl, you heard what I said.” What is he worried about my hearing is perfect!

So Tom heads off to golf and Ryan comes over – in his car. I met him in the yard just a fussin’! “Where is the scooter?” He looked a little embarrassed and said “Well I didn’t figure that Tom would want you riding it anymore and I was scared you would get hurt.” Just what I need, two worry warts! I told him “Tom and I have already discussed this (well we had!) and that was just one little accident. There is no reason I can’t keep on riding it.”

Ryan didn’t look convinced. After a minute he said “If I bring it back and let you ride it you are going to have to wear a helmet.” What!! That was Sparkles idea but at least she was just kidding! I don’t want to wear a helmet. I figured being sweet was the way to go here. I said “Honey I know you wear one but you are riding on the street and I will just be in my driveway. I won’t need one.”

“You may not” he agreed, “but you are going to have to wear one anyway.” I decided to try force and said a bit sharply “Ryan I am old enough to be your grandmother! Who are you to tell me what to do?!” He looked down at me and grinned and said “I’m the guy that owns the scooter.” I had to laugh, he reminded me so much of Tom. Well he wouldn’t go back and get it that day anyway and Tom was here today so I haven’t got to ride anymore – yet. Maybe it’s something Sue and I can do!

I won’t have much computer time with them here but I will check in now and then. Have a good week!