Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know many of you have become fans of Mthc and David (famous for his boat paddle) from the wonderful stories they wrote for Tiggr over at A Spanking Good Time. I just wanted to let you know David is having some medical problems. His kidneys are giving him some serious problems. Now I know we all want him well and swinging that paddle again so let’s send positive energy and prayer just like we have done for so many others. With all the good will we have here in blogland we will have David back on his feet and swinging that paddle to keep Mthc on hers too!


Paul said...

Cassie, nice one sis, he is on my list, sending healing and positive thoughts.
Warm fraternal hugs,

david said...

Cassie, I really appreciate you writing this. I have more tests later this week and next then I see a specialist.

I have renal failure and will find out what stage I'm in after I see the specialist.

Now everyone don't get excited I really feel ok right now and besides I'm a fighter and have Mthc at my side.

I also have mother hen looking out for me so this chick will be ok.

*hugs and grins*

New Beginnings said...

David,you are going to have so many people praying for your kidneys to prek up and do right they would be scared not to!

With Mthc right there with you and Cassie on your team I think you are a lucky man!

Please keep us informed. You know we want to know how things are going!


mthc said...

Thanks Cassie,
Sorry this is short..KIDS ARE CALLING....

Anonymous said...

Am sending healing thoughts your way and hoping you'll soon be fit as a fiddle.


Cassie said...

All you nice folks out here are my family so I want everyone well and happy. I do love to share our love and concern with each other.


Caryagal said...

Many healing thoughts and prayers are headed your way David. I hope that the specialist can help and get you back on the healing track.


grace said...

I sure hope things are going ok for you David! I'm sure Mthc will take excellent care of you!

I will pray that the docs find out quickly what is wrong and will find the perfect cure for you!


padme amidala said...

I'm sorry to hear this news, mthc. My thoughts are with you and david during this time...
Let me know if you need anything.
padme amidala