Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keeping cool

I have finally found a way to keep cool, and have a bit of fun in the process! Last Friday afternoon I realized that I had not paid Ryan. I figured he could use the money for the weekend. Ryan only lives a few doors away so I stuck my head in Tom office and told him where I was going.

Ryan’s mom asked me in for ice tea and we headed to the kitchen. And there it was! I had seen pictures of them before, I had seen them on TV but I hadn’t actually seen one use in person before. Ryan’s two younger sisters were playing on a slippy-slide! I don’t know if everyone knows what this is but it is a long pieces of plastic with water squirting on it. The children would run and fall on their stomachs and slide the length of the thing. I was absolute fascinated watching these little girls.

We walked out on the deck so I could get a better look. It looked like so much fun!! The girls told me to come on out and stand on it and they would hold my hand. I thought what the heck and kicked off my sandals. Well you can imagine how long I stayed on my feet! It felt wonderful! The girls were wonderful teachers and I am not sure who laughed more, me, them or Ryan’s mom. Mostly I sat and let the girls push me as I sat but I tried a couple of running goes myself!

I am not quite sure how long we played when I looked up to see Tom on their deck. The first thing he said was “I thought you had run away from home and now I see I was right.” Okay I might have looked a bit disheveled. He turned to Ryan’s mom and said “I appreciate you letting my little girl come over to play but I think I had better take her home now.” If he hadn’t made that crack I would probably have just thanked the girls and come home but as it was I felt a strong urge to give Tom a big hug. As I soaked his shirt front with this soppy hug he grudgingly hugged back but also gave my bottom a smack in front of everyone. Well I think between Tom and me we gave Ryan’s sisters something to talk about for days!

When we got home Tom headed upstairs and I followed like a lamb to slaughter not knowing he was really annoyed about something else. I was laughing and teasing as I was getting my wet clothes off. He waited until I was completely undressed to suddenly pull me across his lap! He started spanking none too gently as I protested loudly! I was yelling “What is wrong with you?! Are you mad I played with the girls?”’

Tom didn’t say anything until he had my bottom ablaze! He then stopped and asked “Do I have you attention now?” I barely kept myself from yelling ‘Hell yes’. But I figured that would not help my position any! Do any of your men ever feel the need to punctuate each word of the lecture with a hard spank?

“If – you – ever – leave – this – house – with –out – your – cell – phone – again – I – am – going – to – take – the – hairbrush – to – your – bottom– and – wear – you – out!

Good grief! “Tom” I gasped “This is ridiculous! I was 3 doors down and I told you exactly where I was going!” Note to self: Wait until he lets you up before you tell him his spanking is ridiculous!

“I don’t care it you are in our back yard! You keep that phone with you. I am tired of calling to see where you have disappeared to only to hear the phone ring on the counter with you no where around!” Each of these was words I was ignoring came with a spank too. So I finally had the good sense to shut up.

I was mad. This wasn’t fair since I had told him where I was going. Okay I was gone longer that I expected to be, maybe a lot longer, but really I couldn’t have been in a safer place. But what was making me even madder is the fact that my body always responds to Tom’s touch even when I am mad! Once he switched to rubbing I knew I was a goner. It didn’t take much to help me decide to put off my pouting and counter arguments until later.

Oh that man knows how to make love! Under his touch nearly every part of me was burning one way or another. Once we were spent and cuddled together I had to laugh as I got a mental image of how much fun that would have been had we been on a slippy-slide and how very cool it would have been on my behind!

I don’t know why he is getting so wound up about the phone suddenly. He doesn’t seem to mind where I go or how long I stay as long has I tell him where and he can get hold of me. But I am still annoyed he spanked me for it. His golf buddies have been gone all week – just wait until they get back this weekend. We’ll see how well he golf’s with his phone ringing every 10 minutes!


Paul said...

Cassie, that was so funny, not the spanking, the water-slide, great that you could enjoy it so much.
I can recall several times Tom mentioning the cell phone.
Seems to me that you enjoyed that spanking, in the end. *G*
Might I suggest that you not do what you are planning, serious golfers do not enjoy phone calls during their rounds, you could well find a certain portion of your anatomy warmer than necessary.
On occasion, when seeking to impress the seriousness of an offence, I have tried talking while spanking, I noted that Mel had difficulty concentrating, I wonder why. *G*
Warm fraternal hugs,

New Beginnings said...

You do seem to be having a good summer, scooters and water slides, what next??

Paul is right, I believe Tom had told you several times to keep that phone with you. And Paul is also right that you shouldn't keep trying to irritate your sweet husband! We care about you butt even if you don't!


Southern Angel said...

Hi Cassie,
You are just too cute! You have such a young heart and a happy outlook on life. :) I would have played on the slip-n-slide too, but you have to be careful because you can bruise your bottom if you fall!

Cassie said...

The slide was tons of fun and I would love to do it again! Yes, yes he has mentioned the phone once or twice I think. I don't always listen! But I really have no complaints of how the day went!

I listened to both you and Paul! And a rather cryptic warning from Tom as he left this morning saying I was welcomed to call IF I needed him! How did he know what I was think?

I do love to play! They had their slide on the thickest grass area and it was just great!

Caryagal said...

Too funny Cassie! I love it! My kids have a slip N slide and love it! I'll have to get it out again soon! We found that leaving it out too long it tends to kill grass! oops! (By the way... leaf piles do too! And fall is coming!)
Somehow I think your backside will be ringing if you end up ringing his phone every 10 minutes!!! You better hang up fast if you don't want to hear I'm going to wear you out! :-)

Glad you're having a great summer! I hope I have that much energy when I reach 50!


Dove said...

Hello Cassie
It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer and those slip'n'slides are a lot of fun.
Your zest for life and spanking comes out in your words, what a pleasure to read.


Lilly said...

Yes! Slip and Slide's are awesome!! You rock, Cassie ~ such fun!

And this:

" I am tired of calling to see where you have disappeared to only to hear the phone ring on the counter with you no where around!” "

Hey - you had that spanking, too??! And with nearly identical words!

The phone ringing inside the house when I'm out is probably the fastest way to a paddling in my house.

I'm glad you found a way to keep cool - bet you could find one on sale right now for your yard!
Love, Lilly

BB said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE IT. You are so real. When I first started my blog, I thought that I was one of the very few into spanking. But now I am finding more and more blogs about totally normal people just like me. Thank you for sharing this piece of your life.


Cassie said...

It was so much fun and I am looking forward to jumping in the leaves too!

When you reach 50, honey 50 is just a child!!

Thank you Dove,
It's being married to such a wonderful man that does it for me!

Oh Lilly,
What is it with these men! Are we not to have one minute to ourselves without that phone keeping tabs on us! Probably not, Tom did not look like he was kidding!

Well thank you for reading and for thinking that I am normal. There are days that Tom might not agree!