Friday, August 03, 2007

Two worry warts!

Hello everyone. Sorry that I have been so quite lately we are getting ready for company. Both Sue and Anne and their husbands are coming next to spend next week with us. Now the other two couples may also be coming. I am so excited! I haven’t had that long talk with Sue and I am still curious about just what kind of spankings she may be getting these days! I will be sure to report.

As to the scooter, Tom regained his memory and the next time Ryan was coming he said “Now Cassie, I don’t want you back on that thing. You could have broken your neck!” Of course I said nothing, I mean after all he had not asked me a question. And he didn’t say I couldn’t ride it. He just told me what he wanted and I am always interested in what he wants. But we are all old enough to realize not everyone get what they want! I love riding the scooter! Before he left he said “Girl, you heard what I said.” What is he worried about my hearing is perfect!

So Tom heads off to golf and Ryan comes over – in his car. I met him in the yard just a fussin’! “Where is the scooter?” He looked a little embarrassed and said “Well I didn’t figure that Tom would want you riding it anymore and I was scared you would get hurt.” Just what I need, two worry warts! I told him “Tom and I have already discussed this (well we had!) and that was just one little accident. There is no reason I can’t keep on riding it.”

Ryan didn’t look convinced. After a minute he said “If I bring it back and let you ride it you are going to have to wear a helmet.” What!! That was Sparkles idea but at least she was just kidding! I don’t want to wear a helmet. I figured being sweet was the way to go here. I said “Honey I know you wear one but you are riding on the street and I will just be in my driveway. I won’t need one.”

“You may not” he agreed, “but you are going to have to wear one anyway.” I decided to try force and said a bit sharply “Ryan I am old enough to be your grandmother! Who are you to tell me what to do?!” He looked down at me and grinned and said “I’m the guy that owns the scooter.” I had to laugh, he reminded me so much of Tom. Well he wouldn’t go back and get it that day anyway and Tom was here today so I haven’t got to ride anymore – yet. Maybe it’s something Sue and I can do!

I won’t have much computer time with them here but I will check in now and then. Have a good week!


david said...

I hope you have fun with your friends. A few more rides on the scooter and then you will be ready for your own rocket bike.

*hugs and grins*

Paul said...

Cassie, I think that you are pushing your luck, remember the hairbrush!!!
I'm afraid Ryan is right, a helmet is a good idea, those of us that love you would hate to see you crack your head.
Have a great time with your visitors sis.
Warm hugs,

Eva said...

Cassie Jane!!!!! You scare me to death sometimes!! I like Ryan's style. He's a bright young man!!!

Do NOT hurt yourself on that thing!!


Tiggr d'Amore said...

I really have to agree with Ryan (and Uncle Paul)... remember that wicked hairbrush? It's got your name on it and it's glowing bright red!!!!

your girl

Caryagal said...

better watch those scooters! My kids dont have one yet.. too young! But they wear helmets on bikes, scooters (non-motorized), roller skates, and skate boards. I know a very safe biker that is a great friend and fell while trying to avoid a couple of teens in her way. She got what they term a "minor" concussion. this was 2 years ago and her brain function is still not returned to completely normal. Unfortunately they think the "minor" damage done to her brain will be permanant. Luckily she is still a brilliant woman and unless you knew her before you'd never know that she had any damage.


PS: Doesn't Tom read your blog sometimes! I think you're pushing it!

New Beginnings said...
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Cassie said...

David, that rocket bike sounds very exciting. Where would I get one?

I hope you are feeling well and happy!!

I will add you to my worry wart list but I do love my big brother!

Ryan is a sweet heart. Someday some young lady is going to be very lucky to have him!

Tig sweetie, I am not too worried even if he catches me again I don't think the brush would come out for this!

I know, I know! And I am very sorry about your friend. It looks like I am going to be wearing on whether I want to or not!

No Tom doesn't read here. Once and a while I will read something to him but that all!


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