Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Now about this book...

I believe it’s time to talk about this book. One part of me is so excited I can barely sit still, yet I’m so nervous. I’ve been posting my stories here for seven years. Literally fifties of people have read them, LOL! If you have read here from the beginning then yes, you will recognize many of the stories. But trust me, there are expanded and I think improvements – more detail you might say.

Although I’ve removed some of these old stories I am not about to stop writing new ones.  I suppose things might have to change a little. PK is doing the work of turning hundreds of random post into a book – or as she tells me, books.  So now when I post a new story I might not be able to leave it up indefinitely, a few weeks maybe?

It’s not a perfect plan. I love having all my stories here so people can go back and read, but this seems to be like the best compromise. I hope you’ll still come by and visit. You can’t imagine how your comments encourage me to write more and more. I know the book is being published by Lazy Day Publishing and is coming out on December 11th. If you want to know more you can email PK at or go by PK Corey's Reading Room, you'll find snippets of the book every Saturday. If you ever want to talk to me, I’ll be here, and I so love to talk to my readers.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Everyone is welcomed here

To my dear silent readers, welcome. I know this isn’t a highly visited blog, but I hope each and everyone of my readers realize that this just means you are that much more special to me.

If you read here, if you find enjoyment in reading about Sue and Steve, Annie and Andy, Ryan and Allie, dear Lily or me and Tom, I hope you’ll leave a comment, a quick hello so that I know you’ve been by and shared a moment with us.

I don’t know what changes may have to occur here in the next month or so, but please know I’m going to try my best to stay pubic and opened to everyone. In case that’s not possible please make note of my email address and feel free to contact me in case I’m not around.

Welcome everyone.