Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ryan has his say

Happy Birthday to me! Actually my birthday was last week but there has been much too much excitement to take the time to write about it. I’m still absorbing it myself. But never fear I will be sharing the details with you soon. I was so pleases to have a birthday greeting from my dear brother Paul – he remembered, and I was just delighted.

Today I am taking a day to rest and catch my breath. I thought it was high time to finish up the story on Allie taking the boat out by herself. Katy also reminded me I never told you what happened to the other girls after out last trip and our ill fated decision to venture into the world of henna tattoos. I haven’t forgotten and I will give you an update soon. Meanwhile you can find the beginning of Allie’s story here.

The next morning, before heading off to work, Tom had woken me with a hard pop to my bottom, a delightful kiss and a stern warning to behave myself. I had no objection to any of the three. I knew I had more than dodged a bullet the day before, and I had no plans to give Tom any reason to be upset with me in the near future.

I was headed to the deck with my coffee the next morning as Allie headed out of her house. How that girl can drink cold Dr. Pepper in the mornings rather than coffee is beyond me, but to each her own. She eased into a chair and I had to grin.

“Little sore dear?” I asked sweetly.

She glared at me for a minute before laughing, “Sore and a boil!” she admitted. “I really enjoy it when Ryan spanks me for fun, but this ‘I’m dead serious and I’m going to spank you until you see it my way’ crap has to stop!”

I nodded in sympathy and full understanding. “I want to hear everything he had to say but first tell me what in the world you were talking about when you left here yesterday. What is it that Sue and I don’t have and you do and you’re not happy about it?”

Allie gave me a blank stare. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She told me. “I didn’t say anything about you guys not having something.”

“Allie! I heard half the conversation right out in my drive way and I’ve been dying to know ever since, don’t tell me you don’t remember.”

“Sorry Cassie, not a clue.”

Grrrrr… I had been wondering all night. “All right, never mind. Just tell me what happened yesterday.”

I’ll let Allie share in her own words but you know I’ll have to slip in my comments along the way.

You know I was really ticked with Ryan yesterday morning, she began. I mean, what was wrong with taking a little time off for fun? But Ryan was a lot madder than I was I guess. He was mad about some of the things I said when I stomped off, he was mad I took the boat out alone and he was really mad about me running out of gas. You know the men – they have to see the dangerous side of everything.

(I could certainly vouch for that!)

I was going to take your advice and try not to make him any madder but one of the first things he said was, “When we get to my house you’re better get your butt in the corner while I take a shower and try to cool off.” I hate standing in the corner! It’s stupid and I told him so. I told him you guys didn’t have to and I shouldn’t have to either! But he said he didn’t care, I did have to.

Suddenly Allie stopped and laughed “That was it Cassie – I said you guys didn’t have to stand in the corner and Ryan said ‘Well you do!’”

I laughed with her, “Mystery solved! Go on.”

I fumed all the way back to his place. I was not standing in any stupid corner and when we got there I told him so.

“You have no right to tell me to do that.” I told him as we came in the door. “It’s stupid and childish! And I won’t do it.”

He just stared at me for a minute before answering me. Finally he said “You are going to stand in that corner and let me tell you why. For ninety-five percent of our relationship we’re equal. I don’t try to boss you or tell you what you can do or not do. But we agreed on a few rules and when you break one of them, then I’m in charge and I’ll handle things the way I see fit. That’s going to include corner time and after that I’m going to spank your butt. Your temper tantrum put you out on the river, drifting, no gas, no way home. If you had forgotten your phone you would have been really screwed, wouldn’t you? You think standing in the corner is childish? You tell me one thing about your actions today that weren’t childish. When you screw up like that you give up your right to say what you will and will not do. Get it?”

“Ahh… Cassie, I knew he was right but I just couldn’t make myself give in. I just stood there glaring at him.”

Finally he said “Fine, I give you your choice in this corner thing.”

Great, I thought, I am going to have some kind of out.

“Here’s the deal. You can stand there with a white butt or a red one – you pick.”

“That’s no choice!” I spat at him.

“Fine” he answered. “Red it is!”

“Don’t even say it Cassie, I know I was stupid, and it gets worse.”

Remember I was just wearing my bathing suit – about zero protection. He pulled me over his knee and started with his hand just about as hard as he could. I was realizing fast that I should have just let him take his stupid shower and calmed down. He was spanking really fast and I finally yelled. “Stop. I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

“You’ll do what?” he stopped and asked me.

“I’ll stand in the damn corner!”

I stared at Allie in horror. What on earth had the girl been thinking?

Don’t look at me like that Cassie – I know I’m stupid! Boy I didn’t think he could take that spanking up another notch but he did. “Do you really think this is a good time to start cussing at me?” He wanted to know. I was crying by the time he finished. But when he said “Now get those bottoms off and get in that corner.” I didn’t argue any more.

As I stood there rubbing all I could do was hope and praying that he took a nice long shower. I needed time to recover. I was pretty sure he was going to use that friggin hair brush he has. He only uses it when he’s really pissed and he was. I wasn’t sure I could take it on top of what I had just gotten. I have to admit I wasn’t thinking about why I shouldn’t have taken the boat out. I was really wondering why Tom had ever mentioned spanking to Ryan in the first place and why the hell did I agree to do along with it?

I had to chuckle. I’m sure she has asked herself that more than once.

He didn’t shower every long. I could hear him getting dressed. I heard him come into the room but I didn’t turn around. He finally said “Allie, come over here.”

Cassie, when I turned around he looked so hot! Tight jeans, no shirt, that beautiful six pack, his hair wet and combed back. He was gorgeous except for that hideous black brush he was holding. I went to him and gave him a really good kiss and said “Please Ryan, I’m really sorry. But you’ve already spanked me. Can’t you just forgive me and skip any more. Maybe we could just spend the afternoon in bed.”

He stopped me from kissing him anymore, and told me “You know you’re forgiven but that doesn’t make the spanking you’ve got coming go away.” He took off my bathing suit top. I mean geeze, I was completely naked and he’s more interested in spanking than making love. What’s wrong with him?

“Oh, honey” I interjected. “If you find an answer to that question please tell me. It seems once they decide they’re going to spank nothing changes their minds. And you can trust me, I’ve tried everything!”

We shook our head and the shortcoming in our men and Allie went on. He pulled me over his lap again and then asked me why I was getting spanked. I told him it was because I did something he thought was stupid and dangerous.

“It was stupid and dangerous.” He told me. “Specifically, you cussed at me when I told you no about taking the morning off.” He started with the brush and I was about to jump out of my skin! “I wouldn’t ask you to blow off the restaurant one night on a whim.” I could have told him that that was different - I mean his schedule is more flexible than mine. But I thought just begging him to stop was about all I could handle at the moment. Geeze, Cassie that damn thing really hurts!

I knew it did and I nodded in sympathy.

The next thing he said was that it was also for taking the boat out when I had a rule from him and Dad not to do it. That brush was about to ignite my butt, I didn’t think I could take it. I threw my hand out but I managed to keep from reaching back. Ryan said, “You get that hand in my way and you’ll be sorry. Don’t they know how hard it is not to reach back? I did stop myself but I was kicking some. He put his leg over mine and just kept going. I was just sobbing finally saying I was sorry and I would never do it again. When he stopped he rubbed the back of the brush over my butt. And I just collapsed over his lap.

“There’s one more thing…” he started to say.

“No, please. No more with the brush. I can’t take it!” I told him.

“All right, no more brush.” he agreed. He started rubbing my butt. He was rubbing lightly but it still hurt. He helped me up. “Allie we’re still going to talk about your carelessness. Going off in a huff and not checking the gas put you in real danger. Sometimes there are assholes out on the water that would like nothing better than to find someone like you alone and stranded, if that had happened what would you have done? Tell me that.”

“Cassie that never even occurred to me, I think Ryan has an over developed imagination .”

“He must have caught it from Tom.” I told her, “That man can turn anything into a reason to spank. I could be reading quietly in a chair and he’d decide to spank me for putting myself in danger of getting a paper cut!” Allie and I laughed together but sometime I think there is some truth in it than Tom will admit.

Anyway, Allie went on. He took me around to the back of the couch. Then he started unbuckling his belt. All I could think was ‘no, No, NO!!’ But my thinking wasn’t stopping him. I had to bend over the stupid couch and he swatted me with that belt HARD about five times. I could hear the damn thing whistling through the air. I was about ready to jump the couch when he stopped. That thing left bruises.

When it was over he hugged me and just let me cry. I was sorry about everything, that I’d cussed him, and that I’d taken the boat out alone and that I hadn’t checked the gas. And I was really sorry that I’d gotten spanked for it all.

As she finished her story we sat in silence for a while. I finally told her “I’m really sorry honey. Every time you get a serious spanking I feel so guilty. It’s directly our fault that your relationship is like this. I wish I could take it all back. But you can’t un-ring a bell”

“Cassie! Are you kidding me? Don’t you dare say that or I’ll never tell you one more thing about Ryan and me. You guys brought Ryan into my life! I couldn’t be more grateful, and the spanking part, well most of them I really love too. Even the really hard ones like this are worth it to have Ryan in my life.”

“Besides,” she went on. “He was a real gentleman afterwards and offered to kiss anything that hurt and make it feel all better. And he did!” she told me with a slight blush.

I didn’t tell her right then that I had Tom’s full consent to take the boat out alone. When I told her later she was jealous but decided not to tackle her dad or Ryan for the same privilege.

Well that was one of our summer adventures. Both Allie and Ryan are back at school now and the neighborhood is just not the same without them. Although do manage to have some pretty good times on our own. I’ll definitely work to fine more time to write and keep everyone more up to date. But my birthday present will be occupying my attention too! Perhaps the two, my gift and my need to write, can be combined. You’ll hear from me soon.