Friday, October 31, 2014

First Halloween

Last year I was telling a friend about our first Halloween. She enjoyed the story and ask me to write it up for her. I thought you all might like it too.

 First Halloween

The river is so beautiful this time of year, what could be better than October?  It’s a beautiful month that builds up to Halloween. It’s such fun since we moved to the river. The adults dress up to give out the candy and it’s like one long neighborhood party that ends with a bond fire on the riverbank.
As Tom and I discussed our costumes for this year, I casually remarked, “It’s a shame I can’t quite get in the costume I wore the first Halloween we were together.” I laughed as I saw the peeved look come over Tom’s face. Gracious, that was more than forty years ago the man needs to learn to let things go.
I know people now days see us as a sweet old couple. And I suppose we are, but when we first met I would have been called a wild child. I lived a lifestyle that would have no doubt killed me young. Tom was my hero, he rode in and rescued me from my wild dangerous ways and made me feel safe enough for the lady in me to come out. That doesn’t mean it was smooth sailing from the beginning.
That first Halloween we had barely been married a month. We were in the process of moving to a new house and joined a club in town. That year the club was hosting a big Halloween Ball and my best friend, Sue, and I had been looking forward to going for a while. Tom planned on going as ‘The Phantom’. His only concession to costume was to wear an old style tux with his half mask. My dress was a gorgeous period piece. Victorian and elegant I felt like a queen. Sue and Steve were going as Martha and George and while the Washington’s looked quite elegant I secretly like our outfits much better.
Then out of the blue, Tom breezes in on October twenty-ninth with devastating news. “Girl, I’m sorry as can be, but Steve and I have to go to Washington for a few days.”
“What? When?” I stammered.
“We have to catch a plane in about two hours.”
Oh I was hot and I let him have it. I knew he had to travel for work sometimes, but this was the first time and I felt angry and abandoned.
“Tom, what about the ball? Will you be back in time? Surely you’re not going to miss that.”
“It can’t be helped, honey, we’ll be there until the second. But I promise I’ll make it up to you when I get back. We’ll go somewhere just the two of us for a long weekend. You and Sue can go to the ball together, you’ll still be the two prettiest girls there.”
“Sure,” I snapped pulling away from him. “Maybe I should go as George. I don’t know why your damn job should be more important than plans we’ve already made.”
“Enough.” Tom told me seriously. “Another word and you’ll have trouble sitting while I’m gone. I am sorry about the ball, but there’s nothing I can do.” Relenting a little as he saw my woebegone face, he added. “I love you girl, I don’t want to fight with you. Please try to understand.”
I tried, but I wasn’t doing a very good job. “I have to go. Don’t fall into a temper and get yourself in trouble. Just behave and I’ll be back before you know it.” And with another kiss and a hug he was gone.
As he’d been packing I’d only been angry about the ball, as the silence of the house closed around me so did the intense loneliness, but quickly that begin to fuel my anger. I didn’t know how to process sadness or loneliness back then, but anger was an old friend and very familiar.
The phone jangled and I rushed to answer it. “Were you fed the same sorry bullshit I just got?” Sue demanded.
“I sure as hell was.” I answered. “I’m so pissed about the ball.”
“You’re pissed–try going as half a Washington!” she yelled.
“Wait a minute,” I told her as a sudden thought came into my head. “You don’t have to be Martha if you don’t want to be. We can dress anyway we want to now.”
Sue was quiet for a moment as what I was saying sank in. Then I could hear the grin in her voice. “I like the way you think.” She told me.
“I’ll pick you up in fifteen minutes.” I laughed, “We have some shopping to do.”


As the night of the ball rolled around I was absolutely gleeful. I wasn’t far past my ‘I’ll do anything I damn well please’ phase of my life and I suddenly felt that way again. Sue had come over to dress at my house and we were almost ready.
My outfit was perfect. I had purchased a beautiful red wig that fell in a mass of curls down my back. The white halter top tied right under my breast and the tightness of the little shirt gave me the cleavage I was well know for back in the day and the tight, thin material allowed the dusty rose of my nipples to show clearly. I didn’t mind a bit.
My midriff was darkly tanned from the hours I’d spend in the sun. My shinny leather mini skirt began below my navel and ended at a length barely able to cover enough to be legal. This wasn’t many years since the networks had had a fit when Barbara Eden wanted to show her belly button on I Dream of Jennie, but I didn’t have the network to censure and Tom was too busy working to care what I wore. Fishnet stockings and high platform heels completed my outfit. Sue, looking stunning as a blonde was equally inappropriate in her own whores’r us outfit, and we were ready for a night of partying.
We each had an elaborately decorated eye mask and I’d outlined my mouth so differently Sue swore I was unrecognizable. I know she was. While I wanted to go and have a good time I did not need the new look getting back to Tom. We may not have been married long, but I knew enough to know he’d have a stroke if he knew I’d gone out in public this way.
Oh my, we were the hit of the ball. We only had to present the token which had arrive in the invitation, so no one would know the identity of each guest. The crowd actually parted as Sue and I came in. I admit to being an attention whore and I loved every bit of the stares and whispers.
I had all I wanted to drink and neither of us lacked for dancing partners, although I could almost feel the hateful stares coming from nearly every woman there. I was truly in my element when I looked across the room in time to catch Tom’s entrance. He wore the vintage tux, but not his mask. I nearly panicked as he scanned the room. I couldn’t move. I was suddenly terrified of calling attention to myself.
Tom didn’t spot me on his first scan and I carefully began edging to a back entrance. I had to make it to our car and have the driver get me the hell out of there. I was in the hall and nearly to the exit when I heard Tom behind me.
“Moi, no.” I said in a low husky voice.
“Oui, vous.” Tom snapped.
“Tom, honey, it was a joke. That’s all.” Tom could have been deaf for all he was listening to me.
Taking my wrist, rather than my hand, he led me quickly out the door and across the lawn toward his car. He moved so quickly I could barely keep up. “Tom slow down, I begged. These shoes . . .”
Without saying a word Tom stopped, quickly knelt and removed my shoes. In one angry gesture he threw them into the club’s pond, shimmering in the moonlight.
I was silent on the trip home. We’d been married such a short time, I actually expected a screaming match once we arrived and while I wasn’t looking forward to it, I had no doubt I could hold my own. It hadn’t truly sunk into my brain that Tom was not one to yell at his wife. He was a man of action.
Leading me straight to the bedroom, Tom quickly removed my mask and wig, tossing them onto a chair. Then with lightening speed he had my blouse, mini-skirt, garter with the fishnet and my panties off. This was my first experience of being nude while he was still wearing a tux and I’d never felt so vulnerable.
Tom sat on the bed and was in the process of pulling me across his lap before it dawned on my incredibly slow brain that I was about to be spanked.
“NO! Wai . . .” I started, as I tried to fight my way off his lap. I never had a chance. Tom hadn’t begun using the ivory brush yet, but that mattered little. As his hand made contact with my bare rear I yelled bloody murder. I hated being spanked back then. The pain, the loss of control–I fought with everything I had, including my vocabulary. I have to tell you back then I could cuss more fluently than I could speak the King’s English. I cussed the man for everything I was worth.
Tom’s hand has always been hard as a board when he tries. He wasn’t moving around much as he proceeded to nearly blister the crease between bottom and leg. My fighting, yelling, cussing was wearing me out–Tom did not seem to be tiring.
As I quieted for a minute, trying to get my breath, Tom said calmly, “As soon as you’ve finished cussing, this spanking can begin.”
“Tom, dammit! Stop . . .”
“I’m guessing I can out last you, girl.” He told me firmly, “I’d stop now if I were you.”
He was right. With supreme effort I choked back what I wanted to say. As I tried to stay quiet Tom began to talk. Unfortunately, talking didn’t slow Tom’s hand one bit. “You had a beautiful dress to wear tonight, just thinking of you in it made me fly back just to take you to the ball, but instead you go out of your way to be seen in the worse possible way.”
“When are you going to understand you are a lady? I expect you to always speak and present yourself as a lady and so you’ll always be treated as one.”
I was hearing a little of this, very little, and it was probably years down the road before I truly understood what Tom was trying to say to me. Tom was slowing his spanks, yet each was still firmly delivered and I alternated howling and begging him to stop.
When he finally did I was a mess. Tom stood me up and held me against him. “It’s all right, girl. You’re going to be all right.” After a moment I lay on the bed and he the stepped into the bathroom returning with a cool cloth for my face and lotion for my bottom. After applying it gently he lay beside me holding me.
“This is hard for you isn’t it, girl?”
I nodded.
“You knew I wouldn’t want my wife wearing such an outfit in public didn’t you.”
Again I nodded.
“Cassie girl, don’t fight me. Trust me, let me take care of you and protect you. I want to give you the most amazing life–you just need to trust me.”
I’m still amazed by how true his words were, then and now. And he has indeed, given me a most amazing life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Proving myself to Cal

* I have a story for you today, but also some news I'm not happy about.  It looks as though I may need to take this blog private at some point in the future. I don't want to, but I do see the necessity I suppose. That does not, however, mean I plan to shut my friends out. I haven't kept this blog up well lately - helping with the books, you know - but I'd like to continue posting my stories here. It helps me clear my head. I want to invite everyone who would like to continue reading here. If/when I take it private I can invite whomever I wish and if you are still willing to read here after all this time you will most certainly on my invitation list. But I have to know who you are. If you leave your email address in  a comment, or if you would like to send your email address to me or to PK, you will receive an invitation. I won't be closing it right away, but I can feel it coming.

Ever since Sue and I had our little foray into college life, things settled down and peace has reigned on the river. While I won’t go as far as to say Tom found our actions amusing, he didn’t seem overly upset about the pot smoking.  It was certainly featured in the lecture I received while being spanked, but Tom felt the more serious transgression, by far, had been shutting him out and not telling him why I was feeling so guilty.
I was even beginning to see Cal in a slightly better light. Although I tried my best to deny it, he and Tom were quite similar. Cal was very strict with Jenny on certain things, but I could, everyone could tell how very much he loved her. That went a long way in my eyes. Cal and I also took a step back from baiting one another. We still spared, but most of it was in a much more teasing mode than we had begun.
I know he was grateful for the way we had all taken Jenny to our hearts, even if I had led her astray a time or two and I also managed to gain Cal’s respect in one department. He had been at the house often enough to hear me complain to Tom about wanting my pistol back and to be allowed to go to the newly rebuild firing range. Each time he would roll his eyes at the thought of me running around armed. But finally, I think to shut me up more than anything, he invited us all to go shooting with him the next Tuesday. That was the day the range was opened only to peace officers.
Tom laughed at the invitation, “Cal, you don’t know what you’re doing. She’s not kidding when she says she can shoot. She’ll show you up if you’re not careful.”
Cal snorted, “If Cassie can out shoot me, I’ll sing ‘I Am Woman’ in front of my whole squad.
It was Tom’s turn to snort, “You better either take that back right now or start brushing up on the words.”
“I’m not worried,” he said with a smirk.
I said nothing, though I was elated. Arrangements we made to join him the next Tuesday morning and Tom, not wanting to miss the show took the morning off.  I was only sorry the girls wouldn’t be able to come see me humble the arrogant young sheriff.


We still had quite a crowd at the range that morning. Most of the deputies know me know, not that that’s always a good thing. Annie, Sue and the boys were there along with Tom and me and we had even persuaded Lily to join us.
Our spectators took their seats and Tom stood with me. Cal and his deputies were practicing. There were a few good shots in the group, including Cal, but I was shocked at how poor a shot some of them were.
Cal soon came over, “Miss Cassie,” he said in a most condescending voice, “glad to see you. How long’s it been since you’ve been shooting?”
“It’s been nearly a year since Tom let me come,” I admitted.
“You sure you want this contest today? I don’t mind giving you a few weeks to get back in the swing of things.”
“Did you learn the words to the song you’re singing?” I asked. Not waiting for an answer I took my place where a target – the outline of a man – was ready. I slipped on my ear protection and turning to Cal commenting, “I guess I could use a little practice.” I loaded my little gun and then taking my stance I rapidly fired six shots. The jeering officers and Cal himself were silent as they saw my shot pattern, it was my ‘I’m showing off’ pattern. I’d put two in the head, two in the heart and two in the crotch.
“That’s enough practice,” I told a stunned Cal. “Shall we get down to some shooting now?”
Poor Cal didn’t stand a chance. He was a fine shooter, no doubt about it. But I was better. I won each time. I even beat every deputy there who challenged me although one truly gave me a run for my money. I was the hit of the day.
I must say Cal was truly impressed and generous with his praise. Tom was inordinately proud of me, which thrilled me to no end. But that wasn’t quite enough. “Cal, this is as good a time as any, how’s your singing voice?” I asked sweetly. “I know this isn’t your whole squad, but once it hit Youtube it won’t matter. Sing for us dear.”
Cal blushed violently, “I…I’m sorry Cassie. I really don’t know the words.”
“Don’t worry,” Sue called. “I got it on my phone last night – words right on the screen for you Cal.”
It was all I could have dreamed of, Sheriff Cal singing Helen Reddy’s most famous women’s right song,
I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend 'Cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor No one's ever gonna keep me down again
Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained If I have to
I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible) I am woman
He sang it through, but the laughter drowned most of it out. Finishing he came to me, kissed my cheek and raising my hand he declared, “The winner!”
Cal improved my image of him, I thought he was quite gracious in loss. In fact I got a text from Jenny later that day which read, “Cal said you spank his ass on the shooting range!” I thought that was a wonderful way to put it and an image I’ll carry with me.
In addition to all the well wishes I also received something I valued just as much. That came a few days later when Cal stopped by the house. He had a question for Tom and me.
“Cassie, I now know how good a shot you are, but how are your teaching skills?”
“Teaching?” I grinned at him. “What do you want me to teach?”
“You keep complaining that Tom doesn’t what you out there shooting with the rednecks that are there most days. How about you coming on Tuesdays and giving some of my deputies shooting lessons. I think you saw that several of them could use some help. She’ll be surrounded by law enforcement,” Cal said, looking at Tom.
“I know she has a permit to carry,” he went on giving me a slight frown, “but she could also have a locker at the firing range if you’d rather her not travel with the pistol.”
I simply loved the idea and Tom seemed pleased too. Cal went on, “I could really use your help and as for the salary, with the state funds I’m allotted I can pay you exactly nothing. So how about it, you want the job?”
Looking over at Tom I got a slight nod. I turned back to Cal telling him, “If you’ll double that salary I’ll take it.”
“Done!” he agreed with a laugh.

I’ve been going for several weeks now and I love every minute I spend there. A few officers were reluctant to take my help, but I seem to be winning them over either by flirting or shooting which ever it takes. Tom seems most happy that all the deputies are getting to know me. I don’t suppose I’ll ever be able to make a move without some body hovering over me, but I’m still enjoying it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Fools, part two

You can find part one here

Believe it or not, Tom, Steve, Andy and Ryan took a boys trip. This has happened over the year, but very seldom. Of course this was Ryan’s first chance to join in on one. They had a chance to visit an exclusive golf course. Had I pushed it, I suppose we ladies could have gone, but the area was so golf and golf only, I wasn’t that interested.  I knew Tom would be focused totally on his game.
Annie was planning to visit with her old college roommate that weekend and Sue and I planned a quiet weekend doing as we pleased. All was well until Lily’s niece’s baby came two weeks early. Lily had promised to stay with her for a week after they got home and now she would need to be gone while the boys were away.
The furor this piece of news caused had me more than a little annoyed. You would have thought they were planning to leave two three-year-olds home alone for the worry Tom and Lily went through.
“I just don’t like the thought of leaving you here with no one to cook.” Tom told me.
“Tom Duff, if I told a lie like that you’d have me over your knee,” I stormed. “You really do see Lily as my babysitter, don’t you? Good grief, she’s barely been here a year. What do you think I did all those times you’ve abandoned me to travel for work? Did I starve to death?”
Tom at least had the good graces to look embarrassed. “I know you can take care of yourself, girl. But I do feel bad going off and leaving you just for a pleasure trip. And,” he added, sounding much more like him, “there’s no telling what you and Sue will get into left completely on your own.”
But before Tom and Lily could become completely unglued Sue and I received an invitation. Allie and Jenny had mentioned several times they would love for us to come spend a weekend with then at school. While I wanted to make a stand that Sue and I would be more than fine on our own, a weekend with the girls did sound like fun. Everyone seemed more relaxed with that plan and headed off to their various pursuits. In hindsight, we should have stayed home.

Jenny and Allie seemed so happy to see us. It might have been a small apartment, but it was truly their home and they enjoyed playing hostess.  We didn’t go until Saturday morning. I’m made my stand to stay one night home alone, even though I hated it. But Saturday the girl took us on a campus tour and we treated them to a fancy lunch. That evening Allie was cooking. The girls had invited Daniel and Justin, a lovely gay couple that live below them, to join us for diner. They were friends of Ryan’s and in their mid-twenties. We all felt better with them living on the ground floor. We visited and drank wine as delicious smells emanated from the kitchen.
We ate out on the terrace that over looked a small park. As we were finishing our meal a girl walked by and called up to Allie. “Allie, Kyle’s having a party over at his place tonight. You and Jenny need to come.”
“Not tonight,” Allie told her, “we have company.”
“Bring them along, Kyle won’t care.” She insisted.
“It’s my mother-in-law and her friend. I think we’ll stay home.”
I was looking down at the girl and I saw her eyes widen. “Cassie and Sue are here? I’m coming up!”
Sue and I turned to look at Allie, who blushed slightly. “You two are more interesting than most of my friends. I can’t help talking about you guys some.”
The girl popped in and came right out to the terrace.  Stopping at the doorway she scanned us briefly. Coming over to me she said, “You have to be Cassie and you’re Sue,” she announced, glancing Sue’s way. “I’ve been wanting to meet you two for years now.
“And you are?” I asked with amusement.
“Oh, I’m not anybody, just Erin. I was on Allie’s hall freshmen year. “She says you’re the best shot in the world and saved her from a kidnapper this summer and that Sue attacked a policeman that tried to arrest you for something, and…” the girl then launched into a string of more of our exploits, many that I’d nearly forgotten about.
Allie finally got her stopped. “Damn it Erin, you’re going to get me in trouble. They’re going to think I talk about them all the time. Just shut-up!”
 “She doesn’t really, but we all pump her for information. You two are famous around here.” Erin told us.
“You go to college with a bazillion young people and you waste your time talking about two little old ladies – child, you all need to get a life,” Sue told her chuckling.
Nothing seemed to slow Erin down. “Allie, Jenny, you have to come to the party tonight and bring Cassie and Sue – everyone wants to meet them. Please come,” this girl was positively bouncing with excitement.
Jenny, who seems a bit more forceful than Allie got up and took Erin’s arm. “Sorry you have to go so soon,” Jenny told her, leading her out. “You’ve invited us. You’ll know we’re coming if we show up. By-by now,” she added as she led her out and shut the door behind her.
“Erin sometimes gets carried away,” she added unnecessarily as she joined us again.
“What in the hell have you been telling about us?” Sue asked.
Allie was blushing and looked decidedly uncomfortable. “They know nothing that they couldn’t read in the paper,” she assured us. “But come on, you all do lead interesting lives.”
“Hardly.” I told her, rolling my eyes. At least I didn’t really think of our lives that way.
“I’m for going to the party,” Sue exclaimed.
“I second that!” I agreed. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a college party. It’s high time we added that to our resumes.  Daniel, Justin will you join us?”
Daniel looked over at Justin who gave an emphatic no. “I’ve been to plenty before, too loud and too much cheap beer. I’d rather stay home and have a quiet glass of wine. You all feel free to party hardy.”
“We’ll stand by with bail money,” Daniel agreed.
Although it took some persuading on our part, the girls took us to the party. Daniel and Justin hadn’t been wrong. It was loud and the beer was terrible, not that that stopped us from drinking, but Erin had also been right and Sue and I were big hits. And you know I don’t exactly shun attention. We had a wonderful time talking with the most interesting young people. All was well until Sue and I noticed an old familiar smell wafted through from the kitchen. Sue caught my eye from across the room and I merely gave a shrug and followed her.
Sue was immediately annoyed as we came through the door that two or three of the children in there tried to hide what they were doing. She snapped at some boy near the door. “You ass, I was smoking pot when you momma and daddy were in diapers. We rolled our own, now what have you got there.
The young man brought out a small pipe. Sue and I watched intently as he lit a ‘bud’ he called it, in the bowl. Intriguing …
My eyes widened as Sue took the pipe from him and took a hit. Her cough was immediate and racking. “Haven’t done that in a while,” she finally managed to say. She offered me the pipe.
“No thanks,” I told her, “I just came for the second hand effect.” But unfortunately, the combination of being away from home, Tom out of town, Allie and Jenny out not around at the moment and all the young people asking about out pot smoking days of our youth, well…

Friday, February 07, 2014

The Spat

I guess many of you know I’m doing some different type of writing these days that’s taking way too much of my time – yet, I’m quite proud of the books. I’ll put up a link at the bottom of this. But for today I just wanted to share another story with you. I am not going to give up my writing here any time soon.

As for what I’m writing about today – this was Allie’s idea. She thinks I should share all my old stories. I think some should remain in the closet with the other skeletons. But she’s badgered me so here goes. One day this past summer Tom, Andy, Steve and Ryan were golfing so we girls had gathered at my house. The weather had been so warm lately, but it had rained that morning and that had brought in a cool front. We girl were on the deck watching the river and talking.

Allie was complaining mildly. Stretching her long legs out she told us, “ Look at these scars,” she fussed, pointing to her knees. Daddy used to tell me I’d never be a rockette just because I use to beat the heck out of my knees when I was little – skating, biking, just running around, it seemed I kept them beat up. I’ve got a scar in my arm, too where I caught it on a snag when I fell skiing.”

I glance over and rolled my eyes, “You’re hideous.” I told her without emotion. “You look just like the bride of Frankenstein. Girl, do you really want to compare scars with three old broads like us?”

“Where do you have scars?” she asked.

We all three started laughing. “My tummy looks like a road map.” Annie said sounding pitiful. “Back when I had my gallbladder out and a hysterectomy they had to cut you opened. But Andy doesn’t seem to mind so I don’t.”

“And of course Cassie has her bullet hole scar from when she shot herself that woman.” Sue started.

“Shut up.” I snapped I’ve told you a million times, she shot me, and you know it.” I glared at Sue. But as I stared I began grinning, “I do have this scar on my cheek bone.” I said, lightly stroking the spot, although the scar could barely be seen these days. I continued, staring at Sue, “And I have a scar on my earlobe too.”

He eyes narrowed, “Too many damn wrinkles to see the one on your face any more.” She growled. “And how about the scar I have on my shoulder and my ear nearly got torn off. And it was your damn fault.”

“You started it!” I snapped.

“I did not!” Sue said her voice rising.

“Law, what you’ll fussin’ bout now?” We hadn’t heard Lily come in through the garage door.

“Nothing.” Sue and I answered in unison.

“They were too. Lily come on out I think we’ve got another story coming.” Allie called laughing. “And it sounds like a good one.”

“I have nothing to tell.” I said primly.

“Me either.” Sue agreed.

Sue and I sat stubbornly silent as Allie looked crestfallen.

“I’ll tell it,” Annie jumped in. “I probably tell it wrong and I’ll put my own spin on it. But I think I remember most of it. Of course, you tell things best Cassie.” She added grinning.

“I guarantee she’ll tell it wrong.” Sue said icily.

“If I’m going to tell this I need something to drink.” I told them.

“I’ll get us some ice tea,” Lily said heading back inside.

“No Lily, I need something stronger than that. How about a little wine?”

“Me too,” Sue chimed in.

“You don’t need no wine. You know you’ll have some at supper.” She fussed.

“Fine, if you don’t want to hear it,” I said smugly.

“Oh, come on Lily, give in.” Allie said jumping up and heading inside with Lily.

They were soon back with three ice teas and two glasses of wine. Taking my wine I looked over at Sue with a small questioning grin. She shrugged, and then gave me a slight nod.

I laughed as I looked back to Allie and Lily, they looked like they were waiting for a movie to start. “This is a girls only story.” I told them firmly. “I don’t want any of the men to know we’ve even told you about it. Deal?” They nodded and I began.

This was way, way back. Tom and I had only been married a few years. I think it was the same year as the cruise. We were all at one of the conventions and Sue had spent the day before ‘the incident’ getting me in trouble.

“Stop right there, you big liar.” Sue growl at me.

“Just hush, I’m telling this.”

“Fine,” she snapped, “I’ll tell them the truth later.”

Sue and I spent the day together getting ourselves in trouble, I amended. Annie was there too, but she wasn’t feeling well or something. I know she stayed in her room. We’d planned to hang around the pool all day, but it was raining so we made the tour of all the hospitality rooms. There were always tons and I guess we drank pretty steadily from before noon until I headed back to the room to meet Tom and get dresses for the cocktail party.

“You two been bad girls all your life.” Lily interjected.

 I ignored her and continued on with my story. “I’ve always been pretty good at hiding how much I’m drinking from Tom, as long as I keep my mouth shut. And he didn’t expect as we headed out. But the more I had to drink the more my old habits began to resurface. Tom told me later that it was bad.  He said the first noticed something when he heard me laugh and cursing with a bunch of men. When he got me away from them he said I was coming on to him, um… loudly and somewhat less than discretely.”

Allie’s eyes were wide and I grinned at her. “You can just imagine how that went over with Tom. He whisked me out of there pretty quickly and put me to bed.”

“Didn’t he whip your butt?” Lily wanted to know. “He sure should have.”

“Whose side are you on, Lily?” I asked.

“I ain’t never gonna be on yours when you’re drinking like a fish. That’s for sure.”

I continued, to answer your question, no, not that night, however, the next morning when I’d sobered up some the man flat wore me out. He wasn’t angry, but he was a man on a missions and that mission was to convince me of the evils of drinking. Tom doesn’t exactly spank gently these days, but I know it was worse back then. He spanked long and hard and I was sore as a boil when he finally felt he’s gotten his point across.

But we talked a long time too, I expect I cried more from the talking than the spanking. I knew I’d embarrassed Tom, though he never said that. But I so wanted to make him proud and I felt guilty. He was so sweet, he put lotion on me and he joined me on the bed and held me and eventually made me feel like the most perfect wife in the world. I still don’t know how he managed to do that.

Later, after another little nap, Tom told me, “I’ve ordered room service to bring up lunch got you and Sue and Annie. Steve, Andy and I have to get our presentation ready for tomorrow morning. I’ve ordered ice tea for you all – that’s it, no more drinking on this trip. Are we clear?” I agreed with no argument.

Tom headed to Andy’s room and the girl joined me. Sue looked a little worse for wear, as I’m sure I did. Annie was kind enough not to ask how we were feeling. Sue seemed to be in a foul mood almost the moment she walked through the door. She was mad as hell about something, but I had no idea what.

Lunch came and, somewhat reluctantly, I sat with the other. It hurt. Tom had spanked me thoroughly and I’m sure I winced as I sat, I couldn’t help it.

Annie kept up a little small talk, neither Sue or I helped much. We had barely gotten started when Sue simply explode.  “That sorry son-of-a-bitch! I’m gonna kick his ass!”

Annie and I were completely taken off guard by how vehemently she spoke. I was at a total loss. What in the world had Steve done to her? He certainly didn’t spank at that time. I’d shrunk back in my chair from her unexpected anger. Looking at her almost in panic I asked, “What in the hell did he do?”

Sue had jumped to her feet, too agitated to sit. “That bastard beat you and I’m not putting up with it this time.” She shouted.

I knew I was a little hung-over, and my brain might not have been following as fast as it could have been, but I was lost. I stood too, I wanted to help her – she was so distraught, but she wasn’t making any sense.

Looking at me with fire in her eyes she spat out, “I know that asshole Tom beat the shit out of you, but you don’t even tell us? You just take it? We’re supposed to ignore the fact you’ve been crying? That you wince every time you move? You need to leave the bastard until he gets his temper under control. I can’t go though this shit again.”

I finally realized what she was saying. Actually she was saying two things – one was crazy and the other… the other, I couldn’t even let myself begin think where she was going with that.

Poor Annie sat staring not knowing how far this was going. But I’d heard all I was going to listen to, trying my best to rein in my anger I said, “That’s a lie and you can shut your damn mouth. Tom did not beat me. That’s absurd and you know it.”

“He didn’t beat you? Sit down!” she shouted. “I want to see you plop down in that chair.”

“Get out.” My voice was menacing. We were both so angry, breathing hard and staring each other down.

“Cassie you know I love you. Can’t you see he’s hurting you? I can’t ignore that.”

“Tom doesn’t beat me. Our marriage is different. We do things our own way. I’m fine with it. You know we’re happy. Why are you doing this?

“I can’t stand to see you take up for him like you’re some little door mat. He’s convinced you that he has the right to beat you and you’re such an idiot that you’ve bought into it. I can’t stand by and watch this again. Tom’s no better than _______________.”

And then she did it.

She said my first husband’s name.

It’s not a common name. I never hear it and I never want to. I’ve never mentioned his name here and I won’t. But she didn’t just say the name, she said it in the same breath as my wonderful Tom. She had actually said that Tom was the same as … him.

I don’t know if she expected me to take a swing at her – the fool certainly should have. She should have run like hell. My fist caught her right below the eye and she staggered back in shock. But she didn’t stay shocked long. She came at me her first punch split my lip and then, boy howdy, it was on. It was your typical girl fight after those first few blows. We’d knocked the cart with the food on it completely over. We were on the floor rolling, kicking, scratching, biting, hair pulling. Part of me wishes I had a video of the whole thing. I know we were a sight to behold.

Poor Annie was terrified. She realized there was no way she could possibly get us apart and she ran down the hall shouting for the men. They heard her cries and were all ready coming. Andy grabbed her, but Tom and Steve were heading for the noise we were making. I guess you can just picture what then walked, or rather ran in on. Each fellow tried to grab his own wife, but we weren’t quite ready to give up the fight.

I’d been in my share of brawls during my time on my own. I’d learned quickly, don’t stop fighting until your opponent wasn’t moving. When Tom tried to pull me away the only thing that registered in my mind was someone was trying to stop me, and that meant it was an enemy. That’s why I head butted him – I had no idea at the moment it was Tom. That was how, unfortunately, I managed to give him a bloody nose in the process.

Finally Tom got me locked in a bear hug, and by saying my name over and over I finally stopped struggling. Steve was helping Sue to her feet. She looked rough. Her blouse was ripped nearly off, blood was running down from her shoulder and dripping from the back of her ear. Her face was also bleeding from her lip and her nose.

I had faired little better. My cheek was split open over my cheekbone, and my mouth and nose also dripped blood. One earring had been torn through my ear, which added to the bloodletting.

Even Tom was bleeding as we stood there all of us in shock. It seemed quiet for a moment, all you could hear was Sue and I breathing heavily.

Then into the quiet I heard Steve ask, “What the hell?” Tom seemed at a loss for words.

“Andy, get some wet cloths,” Annie told him taking command. “Sit, both of you,” she barked at us.

Responding to the authority in her voice we both sat side by side on the sofa as she and the fellow huddled around. Annie and Andy were the one cleaning the wounds and pressing the cool cloths to our faces. They worked for a few minutes before Andy spoke, “We need to get them to the ER.”

Sue and I both looked at him, startled. Then we turned and looked at one another. Sue and I said a lot with that look. Sue and I love one another, it’s deeper than a friendship, it always has been. She stood by me and tried her best to protect me during the first marriage. That marriage wounded her as well as me. After that she had Annie had probably kept me alive for those five years before I met Tom. The fury was spent. The look we shared was only love. And gently, because of our wounds, we hugged briefly.

“What, what … what caused this?” Steve asked in bewilderment.

Sue and I immediately turned to Annie each of us gave a slight shake of the head. This didn’t need to be discussed with the men. This was just between us.

“No,” Tom snapped, “You have to tell us what in the world happened here.”

“Tom, we need to get them to a doctor, some of these places are going to need some stitches.” Andy insisted.

He was right. Once we got to the emergency room my cheek and ear were stitched. Sue got a few stitches to make sure the ear I tried to rip off would stay and they cleaned the bite wound on her shoulder.

Back at the hotel we all gathered in Annie and Andy’s room – neutral territory, I suppose. “Should we just head home?” Steve asked.

“Why?” Sue and I asked together. “We can’t go, you all have a presentation in the morning,” Sue continued.

“Presentation? You two just tried to kill one another and you’re worried about our presentation?” Tom asked in bewilderment. “Tell us what happened. I want to know and I want to know now.”

I looked Tom straight in the eye, “I’m not going to tell you.” I said simply. Sue reached over and took my hand.

“I’m not telling either,” Sue said quietly. “Annie?” Sue reached out to take her hand also, “Will you promise.”

Annie turned a troubled look toward Andy, and then agreed. “I promise.”

When I came out of reverie my, I realized I was again holding Sue and Annie’s hands. I gave them each a squeeze. I had to laugh as I looked to Allie and Lily, their eyes were big as saucers. They had obviously been enthralled.

Allie found her voice first, “Mom, I cannot believe you an Sue could fight like that. I…” The child truly seemed dumbfounded. Lily still sat with her mouth opened, saying nothing.

“How long did Tom let you get away with not telling him the reason?” Allie wanted to know.

I smiled at her. “I’ve never told him. None of us have,” I glanced at the girls and got a nod of conformation. “They rarely ask anymore. I can understand their curiosity. One minute we were best friends, the next enemies in vicious combat, then with not one word spoken, back to loving one another. Yes, they have to have been bewildered. I suppose we could tell them now, it wouldn’t matter anymore, but somehow I like the bond of just girls knowing. I’m not even sure why we told you all. I guess it’s just that we’re all family and I trust you both not to tell the boys. Don’t even tell them you heard the story.”

“Law it’s a wonder Mr. Tom let you get away with not telling. If I’d walked in and see something like that, I’d had to know what got you to fightin’ one another,” Lily finally spoke up. “How could you to make up without talking?”

Sue laughed, “We just seemed to understand one another at that moment. I think we both felt in our minds then that the other one had actually started the fight. I think we feel that way still,” Sue told them, looking over at me.  I nodded.

“I think we both felt we’d been justified in the fight and that it was over.” I added. “Of course the irony of the whole thing wasn’t lost on us either. I mean, Sue beating the crap out of me for not leaving a man she was worried was beating the crap out of me. If that’s not irony, nothing is.”

“Sue was scared for me – I guess she had worried a bit ever since the cruise and that day, being hung over, realizing that she had been at least part of the reason I’d been in trouble with Tom in the first place, she just let her fear take over. Sue always gets mad when she’s worried or scared.”

“I was scared.” Sue agreed, “I didn’t like it for years after, but that day… I don’t now maybe it was because I was hung over. I knew how bad I was feeling and then to see Cassie hurting when she sat – I lost it. I calmed down over the years. I suppose Tom does have his good points.” She admitted grudgingly.

“Ya think?” I laughed

Story time was over. Allie got came over to me and gave me a kiss. “Love you Mom. I can’t wait until they make a movie of your life. I hope they pick someone amazing to play your daughter-in-law.”


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