Wednesday, October 21, 2015

About my Tom

Thank you Ella, I love doing meme and I hope no one minds me joining in. I’m not to the end of Lily’s story. Just looking for more time to write.

1.  Name a favorite movie of his.  Do you like it, too?  If he doesn't have a favorite movie, substitute a TV series.

Two of Tom’s favorite movies are John Wayne’s the Quiet Man and Jimmy Stewart’s Shenandoah. I enjoy watching them with him too.

2.  Tell us something you cook or bake that gets him so happy.  Do you add something special that makes your recipe unique?

What a funny question! It made both Tom and me laugh.

3.  What does he wear to bed?

Boxers, if he wears anything.

4.  Does he have or has he ever grown a beard or mustache?  Did you (or do you) like it or not?

No, Tom has neither and I don’t want him to grow any, his face if just too beautiful to hide.

5.  If they were going to make a movie of your husband, what actor would you pick to play him?

Hmm… this is hard. Both that I can think of have mustaches. Now I could pick Tom Selleck to play Tom most of the time, but when he’s really upset with me and I get that squinty-eye stare they could use a brooding Sam Elliot.

 6.  Who is neater around the house, you or him?  Then give us a sloppy example.

I’d have to say we are both pretty neat. I certainly don’t like to clean, but I do want my clothes put away neatly and neither of us are what you’d call messy. Sometimes he doesn’t hit the hamper with his socks.

7.  If you could buy him tickets to any concert (even if it's from the past), what musician or group would be singing or playing?

I know Tom loves Celine Dion.  I’m sure that would be a wonderful concert.

8.  Does he wear a wedding ring?  Do you care?

Tom always wears his wedding band. I think I would be hurt if he didn’t.

9.  How old was he and how old were you on the day you met?  What else do you remember about that day?

I was twenty-nine when we met at a party at Sue’s home. Tom’s a little younger than I am. I thought he was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. It was a year later that I found out we had met before – it was the first time Tom took care of me.

10.  If he is the one to choose an ethnic restaurant for dinner out, would it be Chinese, Indian, Mexican, French, Italian, Greek, or ...........?

He’s not a big fan of Indian food, neither am I, but he’d love all the rest.

11.  Is there a photo of him as a child that you find especially endearing?  Tell us about it.

Oh yes, one of him and his parents and a new puppy. Tom was about eight and everyone in the family looked so very happy, even the puppy.

12.  If you were going to choose a dress in a color just to please him, what color would it be?

Tom has two versions of me. In the daytime he enjoys seeing me in pastels – pink or peach. But for an evening out he loves me in cobalt blue.

13.  Do you (or did you) love his mother?  Why or why not?

I never had the privilege of meeting Tom’s mother. But the way he speaks of her I think I would have loved her very much.

14.  Name a famous person he really admires.

Tom has always admired Thomas Jefferson.

15.  How does your husband take his coffee or tea?

He likes his coffee black and his tea with lemon, hot or cold.

16.  Does your man know how to dance? 

Does my man know how to dance? You better believe it! Dancing is something we both love doing. And we love watching Dancing with the Stars.

Thank you Ella, this was so much fun!