Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Maybe Ryan was right...

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written. We’ve had such a lovely summer. Tom is as sweet and wonderful as ever. And with a few noticeable exceptions he’s been pretty reasonable this summer. I can’t say he hasn’t been bossy but he’s certainly been worse in the past. And although he had me sitting sensitively a time or two over the summer, I can’t complain. We’ve been out west with Sue and Steve where we met up with Annie and Andy and our other friends. We had adventures and got all caught up on one another's lives. We’ve also spent long lazy days here on the river. And even as we have grown closer and closer, I’ve watched my sweet Allie getting ready to leave us and head to college. I miss that child more than I could have imagined I could.

She left this past week and I’m not sure who was the most upset, her mom Kate, or me. Allie is extremely happy. She is going to the same college as Ryan and it’s really not that far away, just under an hour. I know Ryan will take care of her. He loves her in a way that makes my heart swell when I see him look at her. He did take my advice to heart. He eased up to give Allie a bit of breathing room. That is until Allie herself went and messed that up.

Allie’s dad Andrew travels often and this summer Kate was away several times looking after her mother. Drew usually went with his mom and sometimes Allie did too but her job kept her here most of the time. So Allie was staying home alone and Kate asked me to watch over her and make sure she behaved herself, the thought of which never failed to make Tom chuckle. Allie and Sue and I visited a great deal during the day and Allie was either at work or with Ryan most evening. But she was usually at home by midnight and we had a signal that she would turn off the outside lights when she came in so I would know she was home safe and sound. If she planned to be late she would let me know.

She was usually with Ryan so I seldom worried. But one weekend this summer Ryan was back on campus for the weekend and Allie was on her own. That Saturday evening I invited her over but she wasn’t feeling well. She told me “I’m just going to run down and get my check and then I’m going on to bed.” I made sure she wasn’t really unwell and she assured me she wasn’t she was more just tired and bored. I saw her pull in after picking up her check and shortly thereafter her house was dark and quiet.

Tom asked me for a date – a movie, just the two of us in our little theater. We watched John Wayne in ‘The Quiet Man’ an old one we both enjoy. If you've ever seen it I'm sure you can understand why Tom likes it!

The movie was even better snuggling together eating popcorn and drinking wine. The movie ended just before 1:00 AM and as we were getting ready for bed my cell rang, a very unusual occurrence for the wee hours of the morning.

It was Ryan calling from college and he sounded concerned “Gosh Cassie, I hate to bother you so late but I was wondering if Allie was over there. I’ve called her cell forever and she’s not answering. Do you know where she is?”

I had to laugh at the boy. “Ryan I swear you are as bad as Tom! She’s safe and sound in her bed. I saw her come home around 9:00 and she told me she was going to bed early. She probably has her phone off. Just because you’re out of town you’re turning into a regular worry wart. Allie’s fine!”

“Cassie” Ryan voice sounded agitated, “I’m not at school. I decided to drive back tonight. I’m standing in Allie’s bedroom. Her car’s here, her pocket book’s here, but she not!”

Come back soon, I’m typing whenever I get the chance.