Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Dinner Party

You know in most of my stories I don’t plan to get my self in trouble, it just happens. But I admit this one was my fault and I loved it and I may do it again someday. It was worth everything I got!

Back when Tom was working full time he had to go off for one trip that lasted eight days. EIGHT DAYS do you realize how much I hated being alone for that long. It was awful, I was lonely, he was gone eight night too you know. He was to come home on Saturday around noon and that night we had to go to a formal dinner party. Now I hate formal dinner parties. When I was much younger I liked them fine but after I married Tom and became a real person I realized that the usually dull people there only cared about how high you held your nose and your pinkie. But it was Tom’s work and I played my part very well.

I would have preferred not to go out his first night home but at least I knew we would have the whole afternoon for our reunion. However it did not turn out quite that way. Delays and missed connections kept pushing his arrival time later and later. When he finally called from the airport to say he was on his way home he told me to lay his clothes out and to be ready when he got there. I begged him to skip the dinner but he said that it was important that we go and he promised we would not have to stay late. He was right about that!

I felt like I barely got a hug and a kiss as he raced upstairs to get ready. I didn’t have much to say on the way to the dinner. But as we walked in I whispered “I just wanted you to know honey, I’m not wearing any panties tonight”. His eyes narrowed a bit which is his signal for “don’t start”. We mingled and small talked for awhile then we were seated. As the first course was served and people were talking all around us I looked at Tom and said very quietly into his ear “If we were home right now I would be on my knees loving you like never before.” Now while this is something I certainly might do, I would usually never say such a thing even if we were alone. I immediately turned to the man on my left and began more small talk. Minutes later I turned back to Tom and exclaimed “Why, Tom, you looked flushed! Are you sure you are feeling alright?’ I chatted with those across the table from us about his late flight and how perhaps we shouldn’t have come but that Tom didn’t want to miss the dinner. Tom was still somewhat speechless.

I gave him about 5 minutes to compose himself but as the conversation got louder around us, I leaned close and started again “If we were home you could tie me to the bed and do anything you wanted to do to me!” he managed to get out a terse “Cassie stop it!” as I turned to continue my other conversation. As we were finishing up the main course Tom was talking with the women on the other side of him when I reached over under the table, laid my hand between his legs and gave a little squeeze. Tom actually dropped his fork and turned to look at me. I can’t even begin to describe that look!

Tom turned to our companions and said. “I’m really not feeling like myself, perhaps we should leave. Please give our regrets to our host.” As he held my chair all I could think was, ‘Oh dear, I've really done it now!’ Tom did not say one work as our car was brought around. We got in and he pulled away still silent. I was quiet too, I figured I had said enough already! He drove about 3 miles and then pulled into a Wal-Mart. We weren’t that far from home and I couldn’t believe he was going to spank me in the parking lot by a busy street but I was at a loss as to what he was doing. Still holding onto the wheel he shook his head and said “You little devil!” He then started laughing so hard he cried. We both laughed until I finally managed to say “I’m sorry I made you leave before dinner was over” he grinned back and said “Not as sorry as you’re going to be!” With that we headed for home.

We came in through the kitchen and I didn’t make it past the table. He bent me over the table and started with his hand before switching to a wooden spoon. I thought it was pretty hard for warm up after an 8 day break but I didn’t think I had better complain. He was fussing from the first. “It’s high time you learned to conduct yourself properly in public. I know you wanted to skip the dinner, but that was the most unladylike display I have seen from you in a long time… blah, blah, blah.” Shame on me, but I knew all that. I just didn’t care.

When he finally finished with that horrible spoon he took me upstairs and took off my dress. He stood and stared at me a minute when I finally saw a small grin and he said “I believe you said something about being on your knees?” I am nothing if not a woman of my word! Although he was soon a very happy man he informed me that the spanking for my behavior was far from over. He picked up a little thin paddle with a wicked sting and put me over his knee. Boy he seemed to want to make up for his weeks absence with that one spanking! My bottom was lit up!!

By the time he tied me to the bed I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was a fantastic evening. It didn’t make up for eight days alone – but it was a great start! In the wee hours of the morning I was finally drifting off with my burning bottom pressed against Tom and I thought that for once Tom had been wrong… I wasn’t sorry about a darn thing!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I got tagged by Elis so I thought I would give this a try.

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a post with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself and say who tagged you. In the end, you will need to choose the 6 people you tag and list their names. No tag backs

- I regret not having children; I really regret not having grandchildren.

- We have 3 cats. Two are spanko’s and one is vanilla. One runs and hides at the first sound of a spanking. The other two run in when they hear the first pop and watch intently from the dresser.

- My driver’s license was suspended for 30 days because of the stupid ticket I got last month. More about that in the blog soon.

- In general, I rarely play is safe. I like to take risks and see what I can get away with.

- I’ve smoked pot. After all it was the 60’s!

- I have my professional prostitution license, but my regular readers already know that.(LOL)

- My grandmother was the only one in my family I ever liked until I met my niece. Actually my nephew's wife.

- I have met 3 former presidents.