Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sprucing up

Spring is in full swing here and I’m loving it! You simply can’t beat spring on the river. Having Allie and Ryan home is the very best. We’ve all been working on my beautiful landscape and it has turned our amazingly well. I let Tom and Ryan work to get my beds ready but the flowers are mine to plant. And I must tell you I went wild this year. I have a mixture of every color of the rainbow. The front has my formal beds and boarders around the trees and a few hanging baskets. It’s neat and orderly and lovely. However the backyard looks like a young child was turned loose with a new box of 64 color crayolas.

I did most of it in one day – probably not the best of ideas as my body pointed out to me multiply times the next day. Of course I wore my gloves the entire time (that Tom was here) and when he was gone I enjoyed the feeling of good black dirt under my nails. But as Dr. Phil says – this ain’t my first rodeo, I had an appointment for a manicure at 4:30!

I was sitting on the swing in the yard when I heard Tom open the sliding door. I started to the house and saw Tom stop, his eyes sweeping the yard in complete amazement. I looked around too, trying to see it new through Tom’s eyes. Color was everywhere, deep scarlets and purples, vivid oranges and yellows mingled with the pastel pink and lavender. Spanish moss swayed in the breeze and the river was its usual magnificent self. Willow, freshly brushed, bounded across the lawn to greet Tom and the cats perched regally on the deck completed the picture.

Tom came down from the deck toward me. “Prettiest thing in the whole yard.” Was his greeting to me as he gave me a kiss. My Tom is a real sweet talker when he puts his mind to it. “Cassie this yard is magnificent. I don’t believe God Himself could have done much better in the Garden of Eden.”

We toured the yard hand in hand with Tom noticing every detail. I love impressing him. We circled around and came back to sit on the deck. I had wine chilling. “Girl did you do all this work yourself?” Tom asked.

“I did indeed, did it all with my own two hands.”

“Speaking of…” Tom reached for my hands to see if I had done any damage and laughed when he saw the fresh manicure. “Always thinking aren’t you girl? You do love trying to stay one step ahead of me.”

“Why honey,” I laughed back at him. “Trying to stay a step ahead of you is how I get most of my exercise!”

We sipped our wine quietly then letting the peace of the river and the beauty of the yard envelope us. After a time Tom asked “Shall we go out for dinner tonight?”

“No” I told him, “I figured you’d be tired and I ordered dinner from Raoul’s.” Raoul’s is our favorite catering service. I love to have them do dinner because their presentation is as detailed when they come in and prepare a candle light dinner for two on our deck as they would do preparing for a party of 500. “We’re having Silky Leek and Red Wine Soup and roast duck and then for desert Blueberry-Lavender Ice Cream.” Tom was watching me as I shared our dinner menu but as I finished his eyes took on a more intense, thoughtful look.

“Hmmmm… you’ve worked all day to turn this yard into a show place. You’re wearing the skirt and blouse I love the most. Your nails are beautifully manicured, you hair and makeup pristine for this time of day. You had the wine chilling when I got home and now you tell me Raoul is bringing our dinner. All right girl, let’s have it. What have you done?”

How dare he? I have been good as gold!

“Why Tom Duff, the very idea! When did you become so suspicious? I have not done one thing wrong.” I stoutly maintained, trying to work up some righteous indignation. “You make it sound like you come home every day to find me in sweats with curlers in my hair! I always try to look nice for you. And this is the thanks I get for trying to make our home a haven for my husband?” I put a hurt look on my face. “You act like you think I slipped in a few marijuana plants amongst the marigolds!”

Tom laughed and asked “Did you? All right, simmer down. My apologies. I can’t imagine where my suspicious nature comes from.” He teased. “The dinner sounds lovely, the yard is lovely and you are the loveliest of all. Forgive me?”

I snuggled back against him perfectly willing to keep our evening pleasant and happy. I waited a suitable interval before I spoke again “There was just one little thing I was wanting to ask you…”

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