Thursday, November 10, 2011

I DO love my lurkers

I can’t think of a single day I enjoy more in blogland than Love our Lurkers Day. I know my blog is somewhat on the ‘different’ side but there is probably no one out here who enjoys hearing from my readers more. I love writing here and I’m always anxious to know if others like my stories. Each time one of my readers is gracious enough to leave me a comment I become excited about writing more.

I know that I have many lurkers when I post. I would so love to hear from you. You’re welcome, no matter what. But anytime, anywhere you leave comments you are telling the blogger that you appreciate the time and effort that they put into their blog. I see my comments as a little bit like a hug – so welcomed, so cherished.

For those special few who are here so often and leave comments I want you to know that I feel you are all family. Your loyalty and willingness to take the time to comment means the world to me and I thank you so much.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wardrobe malfunction, the conclusion

Sorry this part of the story is a little long. There wasn't a good breaking point. Then again, come to think of it, that spanking seemed pretty long too!

This story began back here.

I could feel waves of anger coming from Tom as we headed to the room. I was torn, I felt I needed to keep my mouth shut but, I also wanted to plead my case. Unfortunately, during the silent ride up the elevator, I realized I didn’t really have one. Well, not one Tom would understand.

We stepped in to the room and Tom took Sue’s pool jacket and tossed it onto the chair. Within seconds Tom sat and pulled me across his lap. It was abrupt even by Tom’s standards. Tom sailed into that spanking with a hand hard enough to pound nails. He didn’t bother removing my bathing suit, not that it would have made one bit of difference. He was burning me up! It seemed he would spank forever without a break. I was struggling to get away but I was in an iron grip. When he finally stopped I felt like I was nearly at my limit.

“If I have your attention now, I’ll repeat myself one more time. Go get that bathing suit off the floor and in the trash. Then I’m going to wear you out.”

“You’re going to WHAT? Tom you just wore me out! I won’t be able to sit for a week. You can’t spank me again.” I thought he had lost his mind.

“Are you going to do what I tell you or should I continue to try and get your attention?”

He had my complete attention. I headed to the bedroom, grabbed up the suit (wishing with all my heart that I had done that earlier) and threw it into the trash in the bathroom. When I came back into the bedroom Tom was standing at the door. His look of pure anger had changed to one of determination. The look did not bode well for me. Standing there in that tiny white bathing suit, my bottom throbbing I gave Tom what I hoped was a ‘please take pity’ look.

“Have a seat Cassie.” He told me. I didn’t want to. My seat wanted no contact with anything but I sat gently on the edge of the bed. “I want to be sure I know what went on today. I want us both to be clear on what happened.” Tom continued. “Let me tell you what I’ve seen today and you tell me if I’m wrong. This morning I feel I made it very clear to you that I didn’t approve of the bathing suit choice you’d made and that I did not want you wearing such a small suit in public. I know you disagreed. But I think I made myself clear. Did I?”

I gave Tom the smallest nod.

“Where did this suit come from?”

Oh I didn’t want to tell him. You have no idea how much I didn’t want to tell him. He waited, not saying anymore.

“Sue and I went out and bought it this morning.”

“You’re telling me that after I told you the other suit was too small you deliberately went out and got one even smaller? Tell me why, Cassie.”

I took a deep breath trying my best to remember. “I… I’m a grown woman. I can pick out my own clothes. You’re too bossy. There’s nothing wrong with either of these suits…” My voice trailed off as Tom walked over and picked up the ivory brush.

“No Tom wait…” I began but he might as well have been as deaf as a post. I was already hurting when he pulled me across his lap and began full force with that hateful thing! Wild horses couldn’t have kept me from reaching back but Tom just grabbed my hand without comment and continued spanking. I was howling – unfortunately back then hotels were well built and fairly sound proof. There would be no rescue. It truly seemed like forever until he stopped.

When he paused I was frantic for some relief. I needed to rub and I was trying to jerk my hand from Tom’s hold. I got another hard pop to the top of my thighs. “Be still.” he commanded. Tom began rubbing for me then. I was sobbing and he gave me a minute to get hold of myself. Soon he began talking as he rubbed.

“I’m your husband and you will listen to me and do as I say. You are not going to run wild as you used to. I give you plenty of free rein but when I tell you ‘no’ – you better mind me. I told you this before we were married. Ours may not be like every other marriage, I may be old fashion, but you’ll just have to accept that. I am the head of this family and you will listen to me.”

Yes, I admit Tom told me all this before we were married. But I wasn’t paying attention, so it just shouldn’t count. Tom went on, “This morning you didn’t get your way and you let your temper tantrum take over. And that’s exactly what got you in this position” Tom then gave the following ‘commandments’ each punctuated with a dozen or so hard swats from the devil brush.

“I will not accept defiance from you.”

“You will listen to me.”

“You will do as I tell you.”

I had felt overwhelming relief when he had stopped to rub a little for me. I soon realized that all he had done was allow enough time to let the numbness that had started to completely dissipate and once again every swat was excruciating.

“And now,” Tom continued. Good grief, how much more was on his list? He let go with a torrent of spanks on my upper thighs that nearly had me coming straight up off his lap!

“What the hell was that for?” I couldn’t help shouting. Two more hard pops followed as Tom said, “You don’t want to go there girl. That was for hanging up on me. Do it again and you’ll get worse. Are you clear on that?”

The fire on my rear was way too intense to be clear on anything at the moment but I assured Tom I understood anyway. Tom resumed rubbing, but I steeled myself as he said one last thing. “This new suit you had to run out and buy – what did it cost?”

Good Lord!

Tom and I are blessed; finances have never been something we have had to worry about. I came into the marriage with a great deal of my own money and Tom was well off. Tom never says one word about what I spend on anything from clothing to jewelry with two acceptations. I’ve been in trouble over more than one bar tab and when I buy or do something directly against what Tom has told me.

The suit had been expensive. This was back when you could buy a nice bathing suit at most any store for a mere $25. This suit had been more than twice that. I just couldn’t tell him.

“I don’t remember.” I gasped.

I jumped as Tom laid the brush gently against my sore, swollen bottom and said quietly. “I’ve always found your memory to be excellent when necessary. Would you like me to help you remember?”

“NO! NO! Tom don’t! It was $60.”

“Sixty dollars? For a few triangles and some string? Fine, that will be an appropriate finish. The last 60 he gave with his hand and not nearly as hard as he had at the beginning. But when you feel raw and burnt all touching is agony – even a fairly mild spanking.

Tom finally finished and let go of my hand. He reached for the lotion and I swear it felt like he was pouring on liquid fire. “No, stop! Don’t!” I cried But Tom merely said “hush’ and continued with the after care.

When Tom stood me up I was too tender to even reach back and rub for myself – I was fairly dancing on my toes it hurt so much. Tom’s arms went around me and pulled me into a tight hug.

“We’re going back to the party in a bit, Girl.”

“Tom no, I don’t want to go anywhere.” I was wiped out.

Tom continued, “I should make you go wear what you have on – let everyone see what happens to wives who don’t listen to their husbands.”

He couldn’t possibly mean it! I whipped around to look in the mirror. My whole backside was scarlet with a few places that would undoubtedly bruise. “You wouldn’t da…” I managed to choke off my words before completing ‘You wouldn’t dare!’ Even that early in our marriage I sensed that there was a chance he would see it as a challenge rather than a cry of disbelief. I had stopped myself in time. I leaned against him and said, “Please Tom don’t do that to me. I’m so sorry.” I believe that was what Tom had been looking for all along – for me to stop and think before I acted or spoke. He hugged me tight, but he wasn’t quite finished with me yet.

Tom released me from my hug and took my face in his hands and delivered by far the most painful consequence I’d faced that day. Looking me right in the eye he told me “Cassie girl, you are the most important thing in my life. I am more proud of the wife I chose that anything else I’ve ever done. Bringing you around my friends and colleagues and showing off my lovely wife is a joy to me. You hurt me today. Your stubbornness and your anger turned you into another person. You hurt me and disappointed me.

Well that tore it! I bawled. I loved Tom more that you can imagine, and I did then. I could be bratty, I could fight against what he told me, but to know I had really hurt him and disappointed him tore me up. I cried for a long time while Tom just held me. Finally he told me to go wash my face and put on some make up. I didn’t want to go back to the party, but I made no protest. I took off the new suit and threw it in the trash too. I came into the bedroom to see that Tom had laid out an outfit of Bermuda shorts and my new blouse. I didn’t put a bathing suit on for the rest of the trip – I just didn’t feel like it.

I was grateful to realize, as we came out, that it was heavy dusk. The poor lighting around the pool, as the food was served, well hid my somewhat swollen eyes - from most people that is. Annie and Sue weren’t fooled. I was standing close by Tom as he spoke with others when Sue hissed in my ear, “You’ve been crying. What did that SOB do to you?” Had it not been for my first marriage, Sue wouldn’t have worried so. That experience had left her deeply suspicious.

“He told me he was disappointed in me and that I’d hurt his feelings.” I was tearing up even as I said it. Annie seemed satisfied but Sue started to say something else. But I looked her dead in the eye and said “I really am fine. I don’t want to talk about it.” She wasn’t happy but she subsided.

After we went through the line to get our food, Sue told us that they already had a table and to come on over. I looked to where they were sitting – metal folding chairs. I couldn’t do it. Tom was watching me. Tom told Sue, “If Cassie doesn’t mind I’d like to eat over here by the wall. The moon’s beautiful.” I was grateful, we sat our plates on the wall and stood while we ate and watched the moon. I realize some would think Tom a brute for doing what he did. But I really understood. Tom had told me what to expect before we married and I did agree. And it didn't change how much I loved him. It never will.

Oh my, that was so very long ago. For me it’s good to go back and remember these old stories. It helps me realize that, although Tom still doesn’t seem to let me get away with a thing, he has mellowed. I rarely go a day without at least a swat to my butt, but the horrid, ivory brush often remains untouched for months and months. It still hovers in the back of my mind. Perhaps it’s a deterrent but I see no reason to admit to any such thing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wardrobe malfunction, part 2

You can find the beginning of this story here.

The phone rang and I snatched it up still angry. It was Sue. “Where did you run off to in such a hurry?” she wanted to know.

“Never mind.” I told her shortly. “Get dressed, were going shopping.”

“Shopping? What for?”

“A new bathing suit.” I told her “And I know just what I want.”


Sue didn’t ask any more questions until we were in the cab and headed to a department store. She could tell I was mad about something. Finally she looked and me and said “Okay, spill it. What’s got you so steamed?”

“Tom didn’t like my new bathing suit. He said it was inappropriate for a married woman to wear in public.”

“Oh good grief!” Sue moaned, “What’s his problem? He’s more old fashion than my granny. That suit looks great on you. Just wear it and tell him to kiss your ass.”

“I can’t – it’s cut up in little pieces.” I told her.

“What! That son-of-a-bitch! He didn’t? Cassie, you need to kick his ass to the curb.” Oh yes, Sue was steamed. I liked her being mad on my behalf, but I told her I was the one who cut it up. She laughed then. “In that case, good for you! But tell me why in the world, after all that, are you going out to find a bathing suit he’d approve of?

I turned to give Sue a small smile. “Who says he’s going to approve of it?”

Sue howled with laughter. “Ahhh … Cassie. I thought for a minute you’d gone soft on me. There’s nothing like spitting in the eye of the Tiger!”

It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for since I only had two criteria, tiny and inappropriate. I found one I thought fit the bill perfectly and called Sue back to have a look. Her look was one of shock. “You’re not really going out in public in that thing are you?” she asked, a little hesitantly. It did cover everything it was supposed to, but barely, I admit. I was slim back then, but it was an era when women were expected to have curves to look sexy, the skeleton appeal hadn’t taken hold, and I had curves. This little suit showed each and every one.

“I’m going to get it!” I told Sue. “He can’t tell me how to dress!”

“You’re going to get it all right. Come on Cassie, that on might be pushing it a little. Look for something that covers a little more.” Sue, being cautious? That didn’t usually happen but I had my mind made up and no one was changing it.

I got my suit and headed to the shoe department. “What are we getting here?” Sue wanted to know.

“High heel sandals, that’s just want I need to make this suit standout.” I told her.

“Honey in that suit everything stands out already.”

“Whose side are you on?” I asked, “These shoes will complete the look I’m going for.”

“And what look is that?” Sue asked “Whore’s R’ Us?”

I gave her a withering look, not that she cared. “Look, no kidding," Sue wanted to know, "why do want to go out of your way to make him so mad?”

I ignored her question. I wasn’t sure myself anymore but I couldn’t give it up. “He has to learn he’s not going to control me. I’ll do what I want, say want I want and wear what I want. I’m not his child or his possession!”

“Suit yourself.” Sue told me, “But I think you’re just asking for trouble.” As you know, Sue didn’t know the half of it.


I took special pains with my makeup and hair for the late afternoon pool party. The bathing suit I had destroyed lay on the floor where I had thrown it at Tom. His parting words were for me to clean it up. But I chose to let it lay that as further proof that he could not tell me what to do. Seeing my beautiful new suit in pieces on the floor helped me hang on to my anger. And I needed my anger to carry through on my defiance. Once the anger left common sense would often take over and I wasn’t ready to go there yet. But later how I wished I had handled it differently.

To say I made a splash at the pool party would have been an understatement. When I pulled off my beach cover I believe every woman there gasped and the men simply stared. I loved it. I was an attention hound before I had met Tom and old habits die hard. I was having a ball! Normally I would have the waiters bring me my drinks but I was enjoying walking to the outdoor bar and getting them myself. Andy was there with Annie, Steve and Tom had had to stay for the later meeting. Andy came up to me.

“Cassie, please go change before Tom gets here. I know what you’re doing. Just grow up and put something decent on.” Andy always tried to take care of me but I rarely listened. And I was in too far to listen now. So I lashed out at him.

“I am a grown up! I’ll do as I please. Stay out of my business!” I snapped.

Andy tried one more time. “You know Tom’s going to blow a fuse. Cassie he’s likely to…”Andy stopped and just started at me. “Fine, do it your way.” He said shortly. I’ve wondered since then if he knew exactly what Tom would do. This was well before the cruise when I thought most of my friends learned the truth. But maybe Tom had shared his beliefs with the men much earlier.

I was drinking freely. I had a feeling I wouldn't get much more once Tom showed up. I was standing at the bar when the phone rang. When the bartender called out my name I froze. Taking a deep breath I took the phone. It was Tom who had gone back to the room to change.

“Cassie you have two minutes to get up here and get this bathing suit off the floor. I wasn’t kidding this morning and I’m not kidding now. You better move.” Tom demanding tone set my blood to boiling again.

“If you want it picked up, do it yourself!” I snapped in fury.

“Cassie, so help me I’m going…” I had absolutely no interests in hearing what he was going to do so I hung up on him. I grabbed my drink and downed it in one gulp. Turning to scan the crowd I saw Sue looking at me and shaking her head. She took one finger and slid it across her throat. Maybe that was when reality crashed down on me. I wasn’t worried about a slit throat – that might have been quick and painless. I suddenly realized that what was coming, and I knew it would be neither quick nor painless.

Sue saw my look change from defiance to panic and hurried over. “Let’s go to my room. You can change and give everyone a chance to calm down, okay.”

“Yes. Hurry!” We rushed to the door but it was too late. Tom was headed toward us his face already angry before he saw me. When he saw me and what I was wearing, his face took on an even darker look and I felt my knees go weak. Tom’s was staring directly into my eyes, leaving them briefly to scan the crowd where every man (according to Tom) was still ogling me.

Dear brave Sue said, “We’ll be right back guys. We have to run up to my room for a minute.” She tried to pull me along but Tom had reached us by then and had hold of my hand. As Sue had come to me she had grabbed up her little pool jacket and wordlessly Tom took it from her and put it around me. Tom then headed back toward our room with me in tow. I said a quick pray. But I knew my fate was sealed.

More soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ryan has his say

Happy Birthday to me! Actually my birthday was last week but there has been much too much excitement to take the time to write about it. I’m still absorbing it myself. But never fear I will be sharing the details with you soon. I was so pleases to have a birthday greeting from my dear brother Paul – he remembered, and I was just delighted.

Today I am taking a day to rest and catch my breath. I thought it was high time to finish up the story on Allie taking the boat out by herself. Katy also reminded me I never told you what happened to the other girls after out last trip and our ill fated decision to venture into the world of henna tattoos. I haven’t forgotten and I will give you an update soon. Meanwhile you can find the beginning of Allie’s story here.

The next morning, before heading off to work, Tom had woken me with a hard pop to my bottom, a delightful kiss and a stern warning to behave myself. I had no objection to any of the three. I knew I had more than dodged a bullet the day before, and I had no plans to give Tom any reason to be upset with me in the near future.

I was headed to the deck with my coffee the next morning as Allie headed out of her house. How that girl can drink cold Dr. Pepper in the mornings rather than coffee is beyond me, but to each her own. She eased into a chair and I had to grin.

“Little sore dear?” I asked sweetly.

She glared at me for a minute before laughing, “Sore and a boil!” she admitted. “I really enjoy it when Ryan spanks me for fun, but this ‘I’m dead serious and I’m going to spank you until you see it my way’ crap has to stop!”

I nodded in sympathy and full understanding. “I want to hear everything he had to say but first tell me what in the world you were talking about when you left here yesterday. What is it that Sue and I don’t have and you do and you’re not happy about it?”

Allie gave me a blank stare. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She told me. “I didn’t say anything about you guys not having something.”

“Allie! I heard half the conversation right out in my drive way and I’ve been dying to know ever since, don’t tell me you don’t remember.”

“Sorry Cassie, not a clue.”

Grrrrr… I had been wondering all night. “All right, never mind. Just tell me what happened yesterday.”

I’ll let Allie share in her own words but you know I’ll have to slip in my comments along the way.

You know I was really ticked with Ryan yesterday morning, she began. I mean, what was wrong with taking a little time off for fun? But Ryan was a lot madder than I was I guess. He was mad about some of the things I said when I stomped off, he was mad I took the boat out alone and he was really mad about me running out of gas. You know the men – they have to see the dangerous side of everything.

(I could certainly vouch for that!)

I was going to take your advice and try not to make him any madder but one of the first things he said was, “When we get to my house you’re better get your butt in the corner while I take a shower and try to cool off.” I hate standing in the corner! It’s stupid and I told him so. I told him you guys didn’t have to and I shouldn’t have to either! But he said he didn’t care, I did have to.

Suddenly Allie stopped and laughed “That was it Cassie – I said you guys didn’t have to stand in the corner and Ryan said ‘Well you do!’”

I laughed with her, “Mystery solved! Go on.”

I fumed all the way back to his place. I was not standing in any stupid corner and when we got there I told him so.

“You have no right to tell me to do that.” I told him as we came in the door. “It’s stupid and childish! And I won’t do it.”

He just stared at me for a minute before answering me. Finally he said “You are going to stand in that corner and let me tell you why. For ninety-five percent of our relationship we’re equal. I don’t try to boss you or tell you what you can do or not do. But we agreed on a few rules and when you break one of them, then I’m in charge and I’ll handle things the way I see fit. That’s going to include corner time and after that I’m going to spank your butt. Your temper tantrum put you out on the river, drifting, no gas, no way home. If you had forgotten your phone you would have been really screwed, wouldn’t you? You think standing in the corner is childish? You tell me one thing about your actions today that weren’t childish. When you screw up like that you give up your right to say what you will and will not do. Get it?”

“Ahh… Cassie, I knew he was right but I just couldn’t make myself give in. I just stood there glaring at him.”

Finally he said “Fine, I give you your choice in this corner thing.”

Great, I thought, I am going to have some kind of out.

“Here’s the deal. You can stand there with a white butt or a red one – you pick.”

“That’s no choice!” I spat at him.

“Fine” he answered. “Red it is!”

“Don’t even say it Cassie, I know I was stupid, and it gets worse.”

Remember I was just wearing my bathing suit – about zero protection. He pulled me over his knee and started with his hand just about as hard as he could. I was realizing fast that I should have just let him take his stupid shower and calmed down. He was spanking really fast and I finally yelled. “Stop. I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

“You’ll do what?” he stopped and asked me.

“I’ll stand in the damn corner!”

I stared at Allie in horror. What on earth had the girl been thinking?

Don’t look at me like that Cassie – I know I’m stupid! Boy I didn’t think he could take that spanking up another notch but he did. “Do you really think this is a good time to start cussing at me?” He wanted to know. I was crying by the time he finished. But when he said “Now get those bottoms off and get in that corner.” I didn’t argue any more.

As I stood there rubbing all I could do was hope and praying that he took a nice long shower. I needed time to recover. I was pretty sure he was going to use that friggin hair brush he has. He only uses it when he’s really pissed and he was. I wasn’t sure I could take it on top of what I had just gotten. I have to admit I wasn’t thinking about why I shouldn’t have taken the boat out. I was really wondering why Tom had ever mentioned spanking to Ryan in the first place and why the hell did I agree to do along with it?

I had to chuckle. I’m sure she has asked herself that more than once.

He didn’t shower every long. I could hear him getting dressed. I heard him come into the room but I didn’t turn around. He finally said “Allie, come over here.”

Cassie, when I turned around he looked so hot! Tight jeans, no shirt, that beautiful six pack, his hair wet and combed back. He was gorgeous except for that hideous black brush he was holding. I went to him and gave him a really good kiss and said “Please Ryan, I’m really sorry. But you’ve already spanked me. Can’t you just forgive me and skip any more. Maybe we could just spend the afternoon in bed.”

He stopped me from kissing him anymore, and told me “You know you’re forgiven but that doesn’t make the spanking you’ve got coming go away.” He took off my bathing suit top. I mean geeze, I was completely naked and he’s more interested in spanking than making love. What’s wrong with him?

“Oh, honey” I interjected. “If you find an answer to that question please tell me. It seems once they decide they’re going to spank nothing changes their minds. And you can trust me, I’ve tried everything!”

We shook our head and the shortcoming in our men and Allie went on. He pulled me over his lap again and then asked me why I was getting spanked. I told him it was because I did something he thought was stupid and dangerous.

“It was stupid and dangerous.” He told me. “Specifically, you cussed at me when I told you no about taking the morning off.” He started with the brush and I was about to jump out of my skin! “I wouldn’t ask you to blow off the restaurant one night on a whim.” I could have told him that that was different - I mean his schedule is more flexible than mine. But I thought just begging him to stop was about all I could handle at the moment. Geeze, Cassie that damn thing really hurts!

I knew it did and I nodded in sympathy.

The next thing he said was that it was also for taking the boat out when I had a rule from him and Dad not to do it. That brush was about to ignite my butt, I didn’t think I could take it. I threw my hand out but I managed to keep from reaching back. Ryan said, “You get that hand in my way and you’ll be sorry. Don’t they know how hard it is not to reach back? I did stop myself but I was kicking some. He put his leg over mine and just kept going. I was just sobbing finally saying I was sorry and I would never do it again. When he stopped he rubbed the back of the brush over my butt. And I just collapsed over his lap.

“There’s one more thing…” he started to say.

“No, please. No more with the brush. I can’t take it!” I told him.

“All right, no more brush.” he agreed. He started rubbing my butt. He was rubbing lightly but it still hurt. He helped me up. “Allie we’re still going to talk about your carelessness. Going off in a huff and not checking the gas put you in real danger. Sometimes there are assholes out on the water that would like nothing better than to find someone like you alone and stranded, if that had happened what would you have done? Tell me that.”

“Cassie that never even occurred to me, I think Ryan has an over developed imagination .”

“He must have caught it from Tom.” I told her, “That man can turn anything into a reason to spank. I could be reading quietly in a chair and he’d decide to spank me for putting myself in danger of getting a paper cut!” Allie and I laughed together but sometime I think there is some truth in it than Tom will admit.

Anyway, Allie went on. He took me around to the back of the couch. Then he started unbuckling his belt. All I could think was ‘no, No, NO!!’ But my thinking wasn’t stopping him. I had to bend over the stupid couch and he swatted me with that belt HARD about five times. I could hear the damn thing whistling through the air. I was about ready to jump the couch when he stopped. That thing left bruises.

When it was over he hugged me and just let me cry. I was sorry about everything, that I’d cussed him, and that I’d taken the boat out alone and that I hadn’t checked the gas. And I was really sorry that I’d gotten spanked for it all.

As she finished her story we sat in silence for a while. I finally told her “I’m really sorry honey. Every time you get a serious spanking I feel so guilty. It’s directly our fault that your relationship is like this. I wish I could take it all back. But you can’t un-ring a bell”

“Cassie! Are you kidding me? Don’t you dare say that or I’ll never tell you one more thing about Ryan and me. You guys brought Ryan into my life! I couldn’t be more grateful, and the spanking part, well most of them I really love too. Even the really hard ones like this are worth it to have Ryan in my life.”

“Besides,” she went on. “He was a real gentleman afterwards and offered to kiss anything that hurt and make it feel all better. And he did!” she told me with a slight blush.

I didn’t tell her right then that I had Tom’s full consent to take the boat out alone. When I told her later she was jealous but decided not to tackle her dad or Ryan for the same privilege.

Well that was one of our summer adventures. Both Allie and Ryan are back at school now and the neighborhood is just not the same without them. Although do manage to have some pretty good times on our own. I’ll definitely work to fine more time to write and keep everyone more up to date. But my birthday present will be occupying my attention too! Perhaps the two, my gift and my need to write, can be combined. You’ll hear from me soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

You can find the beginning of the story here.

How could I have been so stupid? I had told no one I had had an extra boat key made at the beginning of the summer. I hadn’t even used it before that day because Tom had been very relaxed about the boat this summer. It was this past summer he had taken the keys away after one of my solitary jaunts. This was more than just not telling him something. I know Tom, in his mind this was pure defiance and lying, two things of which he is the least tolerant. My mind went numb seeing them in his hand. I was still staring at Tom, not saying anything.

“Cassie, I asked you a question. Where did this key come from?”

My knees felt a little weak and I abruptly sat in the chair, feeling, with dread, the recent round with the wooden spoon. We’ve been married for decades – I can always come up with a somewhat convincing ‘it’s not my fault’ story, but nothing was coming. Nothing. The only thing running through my mind was ‘stupid, stupid, stupid’. I’m no angel but I’m usually pretty good at covering my tracks. In my rush to get Allie I saw the boat key wasn’t hanging in its usual spot and I grabbed my secret key and went. When I got home I hung it in the normal spot not giving it another thought. I continued to stare at Tom without answering.

“Did you have another key made without telling me?” Tom’s eyes and tone demanded an answer.


I guess that wasn’t much of an answer but it was all I could come up with at the moment.

“When did you have it made?”

“Early this summer.”

My complete lack of defense seemed to be throwing Tom off. He waited another minute then asked, “Did you have this key made so you could sneak off in the boat anytime you felt like it? In case I locked the key away you could just defy me and take it out?”

I couldn’t answer. Tom waited for me to say something else and when I didn’t he picked up the ivory brush from the dresser. I closed my eyes. I felt deep remorse for what I’d done. To many of you it might seem like a very little thing in the long run. But it wasn’t a little thing to Tom. I do things to irritant Tom all the time, often on purpose – more teasing than anything else. But I knew things like this really hurt him. This was the type activities that damaged, however slightly, the true bond of love and trust we have with one another. Maybe that was why I offered no defense.

Tom removed my shorts and panties at the same time. I still offered no protest; I only reached out to hug a pillow to my face as Tom put me over his lap. Tom began spanking hard. It hurt. I know that sounds like stating the obvious but there are many ways to lessen the pain, mentally and physically. I wasn’t trying to use any of them. I was just accepting, I wanted it to hurt. I had hurt Tom and I hate myself when I do that. Tom paused; I knew he couldn’t be finished. He hadn’t even starting talking yet. But Tom stood me up; I brought the pillow with me still sobbing into it.

“Cassie, talk to me.” I wouldn’t look at Tom. He took the pillow and hugged me to his chest. “Talk to me.” he repeated.

I just cried as he held me. I finally go out a gasping “I’m sorry.”

Tom tried to get me to look at him but I just couldn’t. “Girl, what is wrong with you? I know you’re sorry. But this isn’t like you. Tell me what’s going on.” He was right, I wasn’t myself but I really didn’t understand what I was feeling.

“Come on,” he said helping me redress, “I still what to go out on the boat.” I came with him silently as he grabbed the picnic basket. In the boat I took a seat near the front, the farthest from Tom. Willow kept nudging me as we headed out but I was too wrapped up in my thought to ever pet her. During the ride I was digging in my mind. I was trying to grasp what was really bothering me. It certainly wasn’t the spanking – which should have been worse. Tom was acting more concerned than angry, why was I feeling overwhelming sadness?

Giving me time, I think, to gather my thoughts, Tom drove a long way. Eventually I turned to look at him driving the boat and it hit me. The reason I was so upset. As it hit me I began crying again. Tom stopped and secured the boat before coming back to me. He didn’t say anything, he just waited.

“I want to keep my boat key.” I blurted out. Tom’s eyes widened in surprise. I don’t think that was what he’d been expecting to hear. “Tom I shouldn’t have gone behind your back. I feel terrible, but when I did it I wasn’t feeling rebellious or sneaky, I felt… I felt young.”

I went on before I lost my nerve. “Tom I’ve taken the boat out alone several times this summer.”

Well that surprised him! Confession may be good for the soul but it’s not something he hears from me very often. He opened his mouth to say something but I rushed on, not really wanting to hear what he had to say. “Let me tell you how it happened then you can have your say.” I took a deep breath and went on. One morning early this summer I got up, ate, read the paper and then headed back to get ready for the day. I walked into the bathroom and there, out of nowhere, was this old, old woman staring at me from the mirror. Oh Tom, it was horrible. I just stared at her wondering how she had snuck up on me so completely unaware.”

“I began putting on my make-up, trying to cover her up. But all I was thinking was ‘that’s what Tom has to wake up to each morning.”

“Cassie, you are…” Tom began.

“Stop.” I told him, “I’m not looking for reassurance I just wanted you to know what happened.” I went on with my story. “I was feeling so bad I went out in the yard to sit with Willow and suddenly I want to go out on the boat – alone. And I just went, well with Willow too. Tom I can’t tell you what it did for me! It was wonderful. I felt young! When I got to back to the house my mood had changed completely. Tom, I felt like ‘me’ on that boat ride, I feel like I did when I was 30. There are no wrinkles on my mind!

“And honey,” I went on, “I know what you’re picturing when you think of me alone out there. You see me giving it full throttle with one hand and a wine bottle in the other going 90 miles an hour while doing figure 8s! And that’s not how it is. I always wear my life vest, not just on, but clipped closed. I take my phone in that little neon, water proof bag that floats and I clip it to my live vest – I even have a spare ID and phone numbers in there.”

I could tell Tom was somewhat surprised by my safety measures but this was still something he was dead set against and I wasn’t sure what he would do. I went on trying to make him understand.

“Tom the freedom I feel on the boat when I take it out does more for my mental health than all the antidepressants taken by all those women at the club combined. It’s the best thing I know to keep that ugly, old woman in the mirror from jumping out and yelling ‘gotch ya’ every time I walk past.”

Tom finally stopped my rambling explanation with a stern “That enough, Cassie. I’m trying to understand what you’re telling me about the boat. But, so help me, if you insult my wife one more time you’ll get your third spanking of the day and it will be way worse than the other two combined. You are the most beautiful thing in my life and you should know that. I’ve never seen a woman who has aged more beautifully than you. I won’t let you talk like that.”

My sweet Tom. He’s sincere. Sometimes I think if his eye sight is that poor he shouldn’t be driving. I would give anything to have a bit of attention from a plastic surgeon on my face and neck – and several other places could used a hand too, but honestly I’d have better luck talking Tom into letting me have my chest tattooed. I said no more about the face in the mirror. I just sat in silence with Tom’s arm around me wondering what he was thinking about all I’d told him.

He wasn’t letting me know anything at the moment. He gave me a brief ‘hmmm…’ and then opened the picnic basket and we ate our bread and cheese and drank our wine and watched the sunset. It was a beautiful ride back home. Tom seemed calm and relaxed as we came in and I felt reasonable certain that my bottom was safe for the evening. After he had slept on all I’d told him, I wasn’t sure what his attitude would be.

I was heading to the bedroom when Tom said from behind me “Here, I think these are yours.” I whirled around. Tom was holding my boat key out to me. I couldn’t believe it. “Honey, you have to know I worry about you all the time, but if those boat rides are doing you that much good I can’t take them from you. Please keep taking all the precautions you were telling me about and one more thing, leave a note in the house letting me know if you are going up or down river and what time you left. Will you promise me that?”

“I… you…”I was nearly speechless. “Yes, of course, you have my word Tom. I can’t believe this.”

Tom hugged me and gave me a kiss. “You are beautiful Cassie, you have to know that. You’re beautiful when we dress up and go out and you’re beautiful when you come in covered in dirt and sweat from your flowers and you’re beautiful when you first wake up each morning. And if you were any younger acting there’s no way I could possible keep up with you. No more talk of mirrors or you won’t be pleased with the results, I promise you.”

I love Tom. I don’t give him enough credit. When I talk to him and really explain myself I can get farther than when I try to sneak around him. Old habits die hard I guess.

I had a message on the machine when we got back. It was from Allie. “I’m coming for coffee in the morning. I’ll tell you about my day. Let’s use the cushion chairs.’”

I had forgotten about poor Allie! But she sounded fine. I was anxious to clear up the mystery of what Sue and I had that she didn’t and why she was upset about it.

I’ll tell you about Allie's story one day soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picky men!

This story began back here.

We both slowed to a putter and docked safely. Ryan tied my boat securely and then gave me his hand to climb from the boat. As Allie cut her engine I said loudly,

“Thanks Allie.” Turning to Ryan I added “We both needed gas so we decided to go together since you and Tom are so picky about going out on the boat alone.” It might have been a feeble effort but I wanted to try.

“Don’t even start Cassie; I know Allie took the boat out alone. I call Ned at the station. He said you’d been there filling the tanks but he hadn’t see Allie.”

Oh, shoot! And it could have nearly worked too. Allie jumped out of the boat and right into defense – which I didn’t really need.

“Ryan, did you call Tom? You better not have. Cassie was helping me out – you were too busy working today. I wouldn’t have dared called you for help.”

Wooo… I felt like ducking for cover. Ryan looked angry enough without Allie attacking him. He was silent for a long minute just staring at Allie. I’ve noticed lately that Ryan has become quite good at using silence – perhaps something else he’s picked up from Tom. It seemed to cause Allie to lose much of her bravado and drop her eyes.

“I haven’t talked to Tom. You are the only one I want to talk to right now.” He told her.

Oh my, that didn’t sound fortunate for Allie. I stood looking at the two of them. Being a married woman I shouldn’t admit this, but I just think Ryan is the best looking thing! His hair has lightened from being in the sun so much. He is deeply tan from the same. In his sleeveless shirt, his muscles looked so chiseled. Allie is a tall girl but Ryan is taller by several inches. I swear I think he is the only man I ever notice other than my Tom, but at times this beautiful boy has made me blush when I see him. Tom has noticed too and teases me unmercifully about it. But as I watched him now, with his jaw sit, all I could see was a young man who would make a formidable spanker and I didn’t envy Allie for one minute.

“Don’t worry about Tom.” I told them trying to break the tension. “I’ll tell him when he gets home. He won’t be upset.”

“Good.” Ryan answer “I don’t like keeping secrets. I’m no good at it. Allie, you ready to go?” Ryan asked.

“Go where?” Allie asked with hesitation.

“I want to talk to you. Let’s go to my house.”

Allie gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “That’s for coming to my rescue Cassie. But I think I’m screwed now.”

I gave her a squeeze and whispered back “Just don’t make him any madder. Be sweet and tell him you’re sorry.”

I wanted to say something to Ryan, to go easy on her or something but I do occasionally learn from past experience to leave them to work things out between the two of them. I know it’s the only way but it’s hard for me not to meddle.

They walked to the end of my drive hand and hand. They stopped there for a minute to talk and I headed to the house. I couldn’t really hear much of what they were saying when I saw Allie take a step back in shock and loudly stated ‘NO! Cassie and Sue don’t have …’ I couldn’t catch the rest of what she said but I clearly heard Ryan answer with ‘Well you do!’

I was dying to know exactly what they were talking about. It took supreme self control to just go on in the house. I was sure Allie would tell me later. What could she have been talking about? What do Sue and I not have that Allie does that had upset her so. I couldn’t get the mystery off my mind. I was hoping to hear from Allie later in the afternoon but I hadn’t by the time Tom got home.

I greeted him as he arrived. We talked for a minute as I fixed him a glass of sweet tea – the house wine of the south. As we settled down on the deck to talk, I started right in on my day. I know he wouldn’t have really minded me going to help Allie but I wanted to tell him up front and not have someone else spill the beans.

“I did something today you don’t approve of, but it couldn’t be helped.” I began.

“And want was that?” My sweet husband asked instantly.

“I took the boat out by myself. Now just keep that spanking hand still.” I hastened to tell him as his eyes got that squinty, annoyed look. “I had to and here’s why…” I proceeded to tell Tom the whole story. “So,” I concluded, “I couldn’t leave the poor child stranded in the river. But we both got back safe and sound. You’re not mad are you?”

“Hmmm…” Tom began noncommittally. “I think Ryan needs to warm that little girl’s behind.”

“Well you just stay out of it.” I told him. “I sure from being under your tutelage Ryan has certainly thought of that himself. I haven’t seen Allie all afternoon since Ryan took her to ‘talk’.”

“Now as for you young lady…”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” I interrupted.

“Cassie I’m glad you were here to help Allie out but you should have called Ryan or someone to go with you. You should have called me to let me know what was going on. I’m not mad, Allie needed help and I’m happy you were able to help her, I’m just pointing out that you still didn’t have to go alone.”

“She didn’t want Ryan to know.” I pointed out. Tom’s look told me that excuse didn’t hold much water with him. “And I didn’t call you because you would have been all upset over nothing and trying to take charge of the rescue from 50 miles away. I just went and got her – problem solved.”

Tom held out a hand and we went into the kitchen to begin preparing for dinner. “I don’t know. I still wish you’d called me to let me know what was going on. Wait…” Tom turned to look directly at me with piercing eyes, “Where were you when I called you?”

For goodness sakes, I’d been good as gold and he was going to find something picky to fuss about. “I was getting gas.” I repeated not quite meeting his gaze.

“For the car or the boat?” Tom asked, coming directly to the point.

“The boat – but I didn’t lie to you Tom. I told you I was getting gas; you can’t be upset with…”

“I am upset. Cassie you know that’s kind of deception that annoys me. Why didn’t you just tell me then what was going on. Did you think I’d tell you not to go get Allie?”

“I was in a hurry thinking about getting to her. I didn’t want to go into it all.”

Tom had quit listen by that time. I hate being in the kitchen when he decides it time for an impromptu spanking. Wooden spoons are not my friends. Tom tucked me under his arm and proceeded to address the seat of my shorts with some unnecessarily hard swats. If you aren’t familiar with the feel of being spanked with a wooden spoon let me point out that it carries a lot of power in each swat and that all the sting lands in one small spot.

I was rubbing for dear life when he let me up. “That hurt.” I couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Cassie, don’t keep things from me. That’s the bottom line. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes.” I answered shortly, turning away.

Tom wasn’t really angry and he pulled me into a big hug. Resting his head on top of mine he said “How about taking some bread and cheese and wine and have a picnic on the boat. Would you like that?”

My bottom was still stinging but the evening he was planning sounded too good to waste time pouting. “If you’ll leave that horrible spoon here you have a date.” I told him. I’ll be ready in a minute. I left Tom pulling out picnic supplies and I headed to our room.

It seemed like only a few minutes when I heard Tom at the bedroom door. He spoke calmly but the words crashed in my ears all the same.

“Cassie Jane, where did this boat key come from?”

Oh no!

My boat key, the spare I had had made without Tom’s knowledge, my keys to freedom that I NEVER wanted Tom to know about, the one he would kill me for having it he ever found out, was dangling from his hand.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Allie has a temper

I’ve wanted to write for quite a while now. I’m enjoying my summer to the utmost. Tom has taken enough time off work to keep me mostly satisfied. We’ve done a little traveling, had some visitors and enjoyed the river to the fullest. And, as always, it’s been a joy having Allie and Ryan here.

Believe it or not I have managed to stay out of trouble for long stretched this summer. Oh now I’ve managed to land on Tom’s bad side a time or two but I’m still standing (if not always sitting). My sweet Allie is a doll and rarely gets herself into trouble but we have a few things in common. Those things include a very low tolerance for being ignored by our men and the tendency to fall into a temper with that happens. Perhaps in the throes of that temper our best judgment does not always come to the forefront.

I do try to stay out of their squabbles. For one thing I love them both so much I always find myself torn. In addition to that, Tom often promises to warm my fanny if I don’t stop meddling. But there are occasions when I get pulled in before I know it.

For some reason the other day Allie got it into her head that she wanted Ryan to take off work and spend the day with her. Although it’s not an official business yet Ryan stays extremely busy with lawn maintenance and landscaping for many in our neighborhood. He has his days, even his weeks, planned out to keep everything running smoothly. So when Allie decided she wanted a day for just the two of them, Ryan didn’t feel like he was at a place where he could just drop everything and indulge her.

Allie is usually a very sensible girl but, when Ryan turned down what she made a very attractive offer, she got mad. I later learned she had hurled some very unkind words his way and stormed off to her home. Allie’s two best girlfriends work days while she has her waitress job in the evening, so they weren’t around to commiserate. Sue was out of town for the day and I was at the dentist. Poor Allie didn’t even have a car at here disposal that day. I really wish I’d been around. I’m sure having a sympathetic ear could have kept her from flying off the handle but as it was, she let her hurt feelings and anger over come her good sense.

Allie’s choice was to head off in the boat by herself. Now Allie’s no more allowed to go boating by herself than I am. This is her parents rule mostly but Ryan agrees with it completely. And as most of you know at 20 your boyfriend’s wishes often carries more weight than those of your parents. But Allie must have been thinking of neither as she roared off in a huff. Having done this on occasion myself I fully understand how she was feeling. But one thing I know for sure – don’t drive off in the boat mad until you see how much gas you have!

I hadn’t been home from the dentist long when I got a call from Allie.

“Cassie! Thank God you’re home. I need help!”

“Gracious child, where are you?” I asked with fear clutching my heart.

“No, sorry, I’m fine, but I took the boat out for a run and I’ve run out of gas. I don’t want Daddy or Ryan to know I went out alone. Daddy will ground me and never let me out on the boat again and Ryan will…”

“Say no more. I have the picture. Where are you?” She had gone a long way. “All right honey, I’m leaving now but I’ll have to go fill our tanks before heading your way. It’s going to be a while. Are you going to be all right?”

“I’ll be fine, but hurry!” She pleaded.

I knew she was in little danger one the water but I also knew the panic she was feeling about getting back without anyone knowing. I was having the gas cans filled, as well as our boat when Tom called as he often does at lunch time.

“Hey Sweetie, how’s your day going? Are you home?” he greeted me.

“No honey, remember I had the dentist this morning. I’m just getting gas now.” I told him, being 100% truthful. How your morning been?”

We chatted on for a while. I knew he would certainly not mind me rescuing Allie but there was no time to get into it over the phone. “I need to go now Tom, I don’t want to be talking and driving. Will you be on time tonight?” After assuring me he would we hung up and I roared off to help my girl.

Allie seemed thrilled to see me. We tied up together and I transferred the gas cans to her. While she was gassing up her phone rang but she ignored it. A few minutes later her phone chimed that she had a text. Sighing she looked at it.

“It’s Ryan.” She acknowledged. “He just said ‘Where are you?’”

Allie texted furiously for a second, looking up at me she said “I told him it was none of his business and that if he had wanted to know where I was today he could have spent the day with me.”

“Are you trying to make him madder?” I asked worried.

“Well you and Sue always say the best defense is a good offense.”

Heaven help her if she continues to use Sue and me as role models. About that time my phone rang. I looked to see who was calling and nodded at Allie’s worried look. I didn’t answer it.

“Come on Cassie we have to get back or my Ryan is going to blister my ass.”

Gratefully her engine began with no trouble and we headed home. As we finally rounded the last bend in the river before home I was in the lead. My heart sank as I saw Ryan standing on the dock. I glanced back at Allie and she nodded to let me know she’d seen him.

I'll be back soon with more of the story.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A little fantasy

No false pretenses now, this isn't one of my stories. This little fantasy was sent to me by a friend and it was just too good not to share.

He grasped me firmly, but gently, just above my elbow and guided me into a room, his room. Then he quietly shut the door and we were alone. He approached me soundlessly, from behind, and spoke in a low, reassuring voice close to my ear.

"Just relax."

Without warning, he reached down and I felt his strong, calloused hands start at my ankles, gently probing, and moving upward along my calves, slowly but steadily. My breath caught in my throat.

I knew I should be afraid, but somehow I didn't care. His touch was so experienced, so sure. when his hands moved up onto my thighs, I gave a slight shudder, and partly closed my eyes. My pulse was pounding. I felt his knowing fingers caress my abdomen, my ribcage. And then, as he cupped my firm, full breasts in his hands, I inhaled sharply.

Probing, searching, knowing what he wanted, he brought his hands to my shoulders, slid them down my tingling spine and into my panties. Although I knew nothing about this man, I felt oddly trusting and expectant. This is a man, I thought. A man used to taking charge. A man not used to taking 'No' for an answer. A man who would tell me what he wanted. A man who would look into my soul and say . . . .

"Okay ma'am, you can board your flight now."

So now you know why Sue and I enjoy flying so much!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How does he do it?

What a wonderful summer we're having. Tom is working as much as ever but we are still getting time together. Ryan finished his short internship at Tom’s firm and seems more than happy to be back out in the summer heat working to get the beginnings of his future landscaping business up and running. The way the neighborhood has that poor boy running I think he will be well sought after when he graduates. Now he has the back breaking, and extremely hot, work of mowing and tending flower gardens. I’m happy to say, though, that he has adopted a siesta lifestyle. He will stop in the hottest part of the day for a swim with Allie and some rest in the shade.

I personally have been so good that there has been little to write about. I haven’t taken the boat out by myself one single time (that Tom knows about), and rarely at all. He’s stern admonishment at the beginning of the summer, ‘do not drink if I don’t put the drink in your hand’ has not been difficult to abide by. You see when we last stocked up on wine I positioned myself so that I put each bottle away as Tom unpacked it. Every drop of wine in those bottles was handed to me by my dear husband and thus, fair game!

Now don’t worry. Sue and I usually limit ourselves to one or two glasses in the afternoon and I’m pretty sure Tom knows. But truly I have been good and while I know Tom appreciated the effort I think he gets bored if I behave too well for too long. When this happens I think he sometimes gets picky and begins looking for reasons for a sound spanking. Goodness knows why, we have plenty of fun ones but then for no reason he gets all stern.

Here’s a case in point. Sue and I had plans to go to a pottery/craft show last week. Tom knew we were going. I didn’t really know what time we were planning to leave but that morning Sue called early – right after Tom left on his run. “How soon can you be ready? Let’s go to breakfast before we shop.”

I told her to come on as soon as she was ready and I’d hurry. I kept thinking Tom would be back before we left but evidently he was on a long run. Being a prefect wife I left him a note,

Sue and I left early for breakfast. We’ll be home around one.
Love you,

We were headed out the door when Sue began fussing at me, “You’re not planning to carry that suitcase around all day are you? We’re going to be walking a lot and you’re gonna break you back.”

Sue is always making fun of my pocketbook and claiming I carry everything but the kitchen sink. It’s certainly not true but for this particular outing I realized she was right and quickly changed to a smaller bag.

We had a great day. The weather had cooled off and the crafts at this show were amazing. I love the craft shows where you can visit with the artist. We talked with many and got to watch them create some of the lovely pottery that they were selling. We bought a few things, had a big lunch and arrived home around two. Sue let me off and headed on home without coming in.

That was probably for the best. Tom was not in a good mood. I could tell that the minute I walked in. Tom came over and kissed me but it wasn’t a lingering one. “Where have you been?”

“Where have I been? You know Sue and I were going to the craft show today. And I left you a note this morning. You know exactly where I’ve been.” I told him somewhat bewildered.

“You’re late. You said you’d be home at one.”

I couldn’t figure out what had put the bee in his bonnet. “I think I said around one and it’s not even two so that’s around one. Would you be mad if I’d come home around twelve?” I was starting to get aggravated.

“That’s enough, Cassie Jane.” Tom told me in his sternest voice.

‘Enough’, ‘Cassie Jane’ what was going on? He was really upset and I knew it wasn’t because I’d been a little late.

“Tom, what are you mad about?” I ask, truly not understanding.

“I’m not mad.” He stated shortly, “But you know one of the rules of this house is that you will not leave without your cell phone. I come back home this morning, you’re not here. The cell phone is and then you breeze in here late acting as if nothing’s wrong.”

Bingo! I finally found was had gotten him upset. Hidden in that statement was the real reason of his annoyance, him coming home and I wasn’t here. It bugs him to death. That was what had started all this, but I realized he was planning to spank me for not taking my phone – chalk another one up to ‘It’s really Sue’s fault.’ She was the one who made me change my purse and I just forgot the phone.

“Tom you know I always have my phone with me these days. I haven’t forgotten it in months. Now you just calm down and I’ll tell you all about the craft show.”

I was talking to myself. Tom took my hand and led me to the bedroom, with me protesting all the way! I had not done anything wrong, not really. That didn’t stop him for a minute. I was quickly bare bottomed and over his lap. He spanked with his hand and I know in my head that it wasn’t even that hard but I was fighting him mentally the whole time and that always makes it hurt more.

He stopped but before letting me up he said “I’ve told you before, being without your cell phone will get you spanked every time. I don’t what you to forget that.”

I hate cell phones! I wish the damn things had never been invented! The spanking hadn’t been harsh but neither had it been a good girl. I was still annoyed and very quiet when he let me up. He hugged me and kissed the top of my head, but now I was the one annoyed. I hate feeling this way after a spanking but I couldn’t help it.

Tom went about his afternoon and I took on the job of completely avoiding him and muttering to myself about his unfairness. Around four, Steve and Sue came over. Tom, Steve and Ryan, who had joined us, were in the yard chipping golf balls while Sue and Allie and I sat on the deck. We watched the men and they listening to me gripe. Both Sue and Allie were properly sympathetic. Sue continued on her old theme ‘You shouldn’t have to put up with that shit and why don’t you throw his ass out?’ It’s her way of showing support and as always we ignored what she was saying until she came to the following phrase, “He just need to cool down.” She was exactly right. He did need to cool down.

Do you ever do something and the instant you do, you are stunned by your own actions? What’s what I felt almost as soon as I turn the lawn sprinklers on. I couldn’t believe my own actions. I heard the men bellow and watched them sprint to the house. I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights.

They were soaked when they reached the deck. Everyone was staring at me in disbelief, even Sue and Allie. I made a grasp at behaving like any mature woman who was completely justified in going what she had done, I blamed Sue.

“I… I… Sue said Tom needed to cool down.” I stammered.

Sue was on her feet in a flash at my treachery. “You’re trying to blame me?

I’m sure the rest of what she had to say would have been most interesting but I wasn't around to hear it. Tom, now with a slight smile on his face, grabbed me with one wet had and marched me through the house to the bedroom. He picked up the school ruler – that darn thing is heavy and stings like hell. I was quickly pulled across Tom’s wet lap for my second spanking in two hours.

“Wait!” I yelled in a panic. “Tom you didn’t close the door! Close it, close it!” Tom had our suite soundproofed when we redid the house. While I know everyone on the deck was fully aware of what was happening, I still didn’t want them hearing it.

“I wasn’t the only one you just tried to drown.” Tom told me flatly, “Maybe they would like to hear you get your comeuppance!”

I couldn’t believe him! My embarrassment didn’t slow him for one minute. I know the pop that ruler makes could have been heard next door and I wasn’t exactly silent myself.

“Owww, Owww! Stop!” I couldn’t help shouting. He was spanking fast and hard. I finally managed to throw in a few ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I won’t ever do it again’ as his finally came to a stop.

Tom was in a fine mood now and he was laughing as he helped me to my feet and gave me a big hug. “Girl what am I going to do with you? Sometimes I think you’d spit in the devil’s face.”

“I thought I just did.” I told him sourly and I tried to rub the sting away. “You could have shut the door.”

Tom laughed at me again, “And you could have behaved yourself. Now you go out there and apologize to Steve and Ryan and Sue while you’re at it. Imagine trying to blame that sweet woman for your bad behavior. "And one more thing", Tom continued before I could get my indignant sputtering to come out in words, “whatever else you may do – don’t ever change. I do love you.”

What am I going to do with him? He can spank me for no reason, as many times a day as he feels like. Embarrass me in front of my friends. Order me to apologize when I don’t want to and laugh at me in the bargain. Yet with one smile, one touch, just the sparkle in his eyes and I could just melt with love for him. How does he do it? I guess I'll never know, but he’s a master at it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sprucing up

Spring is in full swing here and I’m loving it! You simply can’t beat spring on the river. Having Allie and Ryan home is the very best. We’ve all been working on my beautiful landscape and it has turned our amazingly well. I let Tom and Ryan work to get my beds ready but the flowers are mine to plant. And I must tell you I went wild this year. I have a mixture of every color of the rainbow. The front has my formal beds and boarders around the trees and a few hanging baskets. It’s neat and orderly and lovely. However the backyard looks like a young child was turned loose with a new box of 64 color crayolas.

I did most of it in one day – probably not the best of ideas as my body pointed out to me multiply times the next day. Of course I wore my gloves the entire time (that Tom was here) and when he was gone I enjoyed the feeling of good black dirt under my nails. But as Dr. Phil says – this ain’t my first rodeo, I had an appointment for a manicure at 4:30!

I was sitting on the swing in the yard when I heard Tom open the sliding door. I started to the house and saw Tom stop, his eyes sweeping the yard in complete amazement. I looked around too, trying to see it new through Tom’s eyes. Color was everywhere, deep scarlets and purples, vivid oranges and yellows mingled with the pastel pink and lavender. Spanish moss swayed in the breeze and the river was its usual magnificent self. Willow, freshly brushed, bounded across the lawn to greet Tom and the cats perched regally on the deck completed the picture.

Tom came down from the deck toward me. “Prettiest thing in the whole yard.” Was his greeting to me as he gave me a kiss. My Tom is a real sweet talker when he puts his mind to it. “Cassie this yard is magnificent. I don’t believe God Himself could have done much better in the Garden of Eden.”

We toured the yard hand in hand with Tom noticing every detail. I love impressing him. We circled around and came back to sit on the deck. I had wine chilling. “Girl did you do all this work yourself?” Tom asked.

“I did indeed, did it all with my own two hands.”

“Speaking of…” Tom reached for my hands to see if I had done any damage and laughed when he saw the fresh manicure. “Always thinking aren’t you girl? You do love trying to stay one step ahead of me.”

“Why honey,” I laughed back at him. “Trying to stay a step ahead of you is how I get most of my exercise!”

We sipped our wine quietly then letting the peace of the river and the beauty of the yard envelope us. After a time Tom asked “Shall we go out for dinner tonight?”

“No” I told him, “I figured you’d be tired and I ordered dinner from Raoul’s.” Raoul’s is our favorite catering service. I love to have them do dinner because their presentation is as detailed when they come in and prepare a candle light dinner for two on our deck as they would do preparing for a party of 500. “We’re having Silky Leek and Red Wine Soup and roast duck and then for desert Blueberry-Lavender Ice Cream.” Tom was watching me as I shared our dinner menu but as I finished his eyes took on a more intense, thoughtful look.

“Hmmmm… you’ve worked all day to turn this yard into a show place. You’re wearing the skirt and blouse I love the most. Your nails are beautifully manicured, you hair and makeup pristine for this time of day. You had the wine chilling when I got home and now you tell me Raoul is bringing our dinner. All right girl, let’s have it. What have you done?”

How dare he? I have been good as gold!

“Why Tom Duff, the very idea! When did you become so suspicious? I have not done one thing wrong.” I stoutly maintained, trying to work up some righteous indignation. “You make it sound like you come home every day to find me in sweats with curlers in my hair! I always try to look nice for you. And this is the thanks I get for trying to make our home a haven for my husband?” I put a hurt look on my face. “You act like you think I slipped in a few marijuana plants amongst the marigolds!”

Tom laughed and asked “Did you? All right, simmer down. My apologies. I can’t imagine where my suspicious nature comes from.” He teased. “The dinner sounds lovely, the yard is lovely and you are the loveliest of all. Forgive me?”

I snuggled back against him perfectly willing to keep our evening pleasant and happy. I waited a suitable interval before I spoke again “There was just one little thing I was wanting to ask you…”

You can find the next part here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Massage

There was one extra special evening on our trip that I want to tell you a little more about. Of course everything about the week was wonderful but this one evening stands out in my mind. This was the evening Tom decided to give me a massage.

I’ve never been a big massage person. Although I’ve very comfortable hugging the people I love I have never been very touchy-feely with people to whom I am not close. When we were first married and I seemed so flighty, Tom would often suggest that a massage might calm me down and he would book us both a time with a professional masseuse. Although we tried both male and female I found that having them touch me made me extremely tense. They were nice people and very professional but I was always a basket case of nerves once they were gone. Tom finally realized it wasn’t for me and any massages I get come from him alone. But it’s really not often that I get the full treatment.

One evening, on our trip, not long before sunset Tom led me to the bedroom. There was a plush robe on the bed and a hair brush (no not that one). Tom picked up the brush and sat in the chair with a small stool pulled up in front of it. Tom sat me on the stool and began brushing my hair. It felt so good. I could have sat there all evening and I told Tom so but he said he had other plans for me.

When he was finished Tom undressed me but made on moves to remove his clothes. “Should I put on the robe?” I asked him.

“Yes, do that.” He said but as I picked up the robe he said quietly, “Wait, not yet.”

I turned to look at him and he slowly began removing his belt. Now you just don’t know what watching Tom remove his belt does for me. I know there are some here that fear the belt. I understand that. I have been punished with the belt on occasion and can I know it can be something to fear. However, for me, the belt is the most sensuous of spanking implements. Watching Tom unbuckle and pull the belt from its loops caused me to catch my breath. I couldn’t have looked away for anything.

I was holding the robe as he folded the belt over and griped the ends in his hand. He came to me and with his other hand on my shoulder he gently bent me over the bed. My arms were under me as I clutched the robe. With the first sharp contact from the belt, as the pain and all the other sensations spread, I closed my eyes and buried my face in the bed losing myself in the moment. The sweet pain spread as the belt struck over and over and I cried out as an unexpected and utterly amazing orgasm coursed through my body in waves.

Tom laid the belt on the bed as he bent over me, gently kissing my back. It took me a moment to come back to my senses. Tom helped me up and I was nearly light headed. I started to speak but Tom laid his finger on my lips and holding my hand guided me to the small massage room in the house. One wall was glass and I watched as the Pacific slowly swallowed up the sun. There was a massage table and a shelf of candles warming various oils. Tom helped me lay on the table and slowly and gently entwined his fingers in my hair to massage my scalp. As he moved to my neck he used the warm oils and made my neck and shoulders feel as if no stress existed in the world.

He was especially thorough with my hands. Tom and my hands – now there's a love affair. He gave each finger undivided attention. As his hands moved down my back I realized that the world of massage had lost a true artist when Tom did not take up the call. He moved from my lower back to my feet where he rubbed the hot oils in with the same attention he had given my hands, in due time he was caressing my calf and finally my thighs. I was way past putty, I was liquid.

A gentle massage to my sit spot and bottom beautifully rekindled the heat from Tom ministering with the belt and I felt bathed in pure bliss. Tom carried me to the bed, though I barely remember him doing so. In fact I remember nothing until sunlight woke us the next morning although it’s rare for me to sleep through the night without waking at all. As I came awake I turned to look at Tom. He was smiling at me as he held me.

“Tom… last night… oh my! What did you… Did you know it was going to… I just can’t believe…”

Tom laughed with delight. “My Cassie, speechless! Can I assume you enjoyed your evening?”

“Oh Tom! It was… it was… incredible!” As I sat up I could tell that the belt had truly done its job the night before and that I would have reminders with me for several days. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

There was truly no way to thank him for such an evening but I can promise you I gave it my very best and Tom seemed completely pleased with my efforts. Tom and I have had some incredibly wonderful time over our many years together but the night of the massage will stay with me for a long time to come. I think you can see why it needed a post of its very own.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Trip

Our trip… I don’t even know if I can begin to describe it. I had spoken to Sue, kissed Willow and the cats and we were out the door. A plane from Tom’s office was going to CA. Once we got there we grabbed a commercial flight. A car picked us up at the airport and whisked us off to the house Tom had rented. I have to tell you it took my breath away! The back of the house – all glass opened onto an infinity pool that seemed to empty into the Pacific. Everywhere you looked the beauty overwhelmed.

I suppose depending on your outlook you could say this was 100% Tom’s vacation. He was completely in charge of every detail (including me) but at the same time the vacation seemed totally for me too. Tom rarely left my side – or backside it seemed – for the entire trip! It was his goal, done with good nature, to assure I saw him as the complete and unchallenged head of our household.

After our first look through the house Tom told me to unpack while he checked that all the food he had ordered had been delivered. But I couldn’t wait “No Tom lets swim first. Just look at that pool!”

Tom sighed. “I see that I’m going to be very busy this week.” Leading me to the bedroom, Tom had me over his knee and my panties gone before I realized that I was going to be spanked. “I said unpack – I didn’t say let’s go for a swim, all in good time, Cassie, my time.”

Oh so that was the way it was going to be! I had to laugh as he let me up and gave me one of his ‘stern’ stares. I could see the humor and delight in his eyes and I replied like the perfect, docile, submissive wife I truly am. “Yes dear, I’ll unpack right now. Shall I unpack for you too?” Tom rolled his eyes at my tone and told me just to unpack for myself. He’d do his later.

I was smiling and rubbing the sting away as Tom headed back to the kitchen. But as I got deeper into my suitcase I lost the smile. “Tom what have you done?” I shouted. In the suit case there was not one pair of slacks or shorts! There was no bathing suit and as I dug still deeper I realized that I was also had no panties!

Tom came back in the room and I let him have it! “No shorts? We’re in Hawaii for heaven sakes! I don’t like wearing skirts all the time and where are my panties? You did this on purpose. I don’t even have a bathing suit. Do you want me to go to the beach stark naked?”

“I packed what I want you to wear this week. I prefer you in skirts and I’m not allowing panties this week.”

“You won’t allow… I can’t wear…. I never heard of…” I was just sputtering and fussing when Tom stopped me mid-sentence with a long, slow, wonderful kiss. This was a kiss that made me wonder why I needed any clothes at all. And soon enough I didn’t. What a wonderful welcome to Hawaii! Some people get a lei at the airport, while others… Well anyway it was a lovely encounter!

Soon enough we made it to the pool. Lovely, just lovely. Tom was right that I had no need for a suit in the pool and I later found he had one in his suitcase for a dip or two in the ocean. Wearing a dress or skirt for the entire week wasn’t so bad but being without my panties – now that was something altogether different. It was unsettling to say the least.

Tom got exactly the reaction from me he wanted. His ‘I’m the boss campaign’ seemed to consist of spanking me three or four time a day! My poor bottom was sore and stinging most of the week. He was creative; I’ll give him that – I think I was spanked over every piece of furniture in the house! But the place he seemed most partial to was the pool! Oh, why does a wet bottom make it sting so much more? And why does Tom have to know that? He had brought several implements, both wooded and leather and I once made the comment at least he didn’t want to get any of the implements wet. Only to have Tom make the observation that water wouldn’t hurt ivory! Thankfully he was kidding and I never saw that horrible thing!

On our daily outings, every time we would leave the house, he would give me a ‘warning’ spanking to use his words “Assure you act like a lady”. His weapon of choice at those times was that darn slipper of his. I hate that thing too. It makes me feel raw and very much in need of silk panties afterwords. Not possible on this trip!

So off we would head to wherever we were going with me totally conscience of my freshly spanked bottom. There was certainly a naughty feel to it. It was also unsettling, annoying and embarrassing since, there is no other way to put it, Hawaii is breezy! But Tom seemed to love every minute of my discomfort, the old devil! Once as we sat on a bench taking in the lovely view he noticed me shifting a bit and ask me “Are you thinking of me now Sweetheart?”

Giving him a withering look, I replied “Yes I’m thinking of you. Would you like to know exactly what I’m thinking?”

Tom laughed out loud and put his arm around me. “I don’t think it would be in your best interest to tell me. Just thinking it has earned you a spanking as soon as we get home.”

And that was the way our week went. He was in charge yet he pampered me outrageously with long luxurious baths, swims under the moonlight, he cooked for me and often fed me. It was outrageously decadent on my part yet I never knew when I would be upended for a sound spanking for the least little thing. But even those, as painful as many were (and they were!), they were given in total fun. It was also a week of love making, whenever we wanted to, wherever we wanted to. We were together every moment. We talked and talked…about our past, our present and our future. I can’t remember a time in my life when I was more content.

We’re home now – back to the real world but my mind is often in Hawaii. I’m wearing skirts more often, I’ve been home every day when Tom arrives home, and I’ve even cut back on my activities. None of these changes has a thing to do with being spanked either. That week just reinforced in my mind how much in love I really am and that no matter what is going on in my life – my Tom is the most important thing in my world. I would say the trip was a complete success.

There was one very special evening on the trip. I’ll tell you about that soon.