Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Real life blows in

I want to tell you all about getting home from the trip but real life jumped into the middle of thing and nearly blew us away! We lost several trees and had a bit of damage to the house and no power for a time. My school was closed yesterday and today because of some damage and loss of power. It has been hectic but it was also wonderful to be with Tom on the first few day of his not working.

Believe it or not after all my whining and complaining about Tom working I am going to work tomorrow and leaving him home!! I really can’t believe it myself. This was one decision that Tom left entirely up to me. He said he really wanted me home with him but that he thought the school had been good for me. I was planning to work just a few days a week but the teachers want me as much as I am willing to come so we shall see. I have never felt needed before, not by anyone other that Tom. It is a nice feeling. The teachers seem to think I am really helping and the children are so sweet to me.

Tom is driving me to school tomorrow. When he picks me up we have a special errand to run! I will be sure to tell you all about it!