Monday, August 25, 2008

I want it now!

Tom has new hobby – tormenting me! I made a comment a while back that I wondered what he would give me for my birthday this year. I laughed and told him I didn’t believe he could top the past two year, first a sports car and next our beloved home on the river. He gave me a small smile and said “So you don’t think I can top your past gifts? You don’t have much faith in me do you?”


I had just been kidding but what could possible top the house? I love this place and have never been happier anywhere. But now he spends part of each day teasing me about my gift and how much I am going to love it. I can honestly say that I do not have a clue! And I am tired of waiting! I want it now!! I have gone through his drawers and even through his study – nothing! We have already taken our trip; the cruise was a birthday gift itself.

I would pout and pitch a fit if I thought it would do any good! But somehow I don’t think it would get me the desired results. But if that man does not stop teasing me … well, he may find his socks tied in a knot, and the sprayer taped down and if I put my mind to it I am sure I can come up with another trick or two!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting started

As I told you we did make it home. Our trip was wonderful. I loved seeing and spending time with everyone. The food was great, the entertainment was great and I was nearly an angel! Nearly. Tom may beg to differ but if so he can get his own blog! You know I am just teasing. Tom has been wonderful and we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more!

On our first night away from home we were to meet Sue and Steve in Florida I had still been grumbling on and off about being mad at Steve (for that phone call that got me an unfair spanking) but Tom told me to drop it. Well I thought I could drop it, until Steve walked into our room. He came to hug me but I stepped away and said “Don’t you try to make up to me, I am mad at you!”

I got a sharp “Cassie, I told you…” from Tom but I ignored him as I went on. “Even if I had been doing something wrong, which I wasn’t, you had no business calling Tom and tattling. I would think that being in our 60’s we are a little old for that!” Now I wasn’t really mad and everyone knew that but I wasn’t letting him off scott free.

Steve grabbed me and hugged me tight. “Cassie you’re right! I blew it and I am very sorry. You have got to let me make it up to you!” “Great” I said “see that Tom gives me a free pass on the cruise. Since I was spanked unjustly I shouldn’t have to worry about getting another on this trip!”

“Oh Cassie I can’t help you on that one darlin’ but I will buy dinner for you and Tom tonight, will that help any?

“I don’t know” I told him “You should never…”

“Dinner would be very nice Steve, we would appreciate it. Wouldn’t we Cassie” Tom cut in with one of his ‘stern’ looks.

“Well yes, of course” I agreed, but I couldn’t help adding “You wouldn’t believe how hungry I am!”

We made plans to meet later and they left. Tom fixed me with an evil eye “Girl you better plan on minding your manners, and me, better that that or you are going to be over my knee right quick. You hear me?” Blah, blah, blah I was in the right!

Dinner was wonderful. And I did make Steve pay but good. I had stuffed shrimp as an appetizer, steak and lobster as my entree along with a baked potato with all the trimmings, two expensive bottles of wine and cheesecake to round off the evening!

Tom was less than thrilled with me, thinking I went a little over board and when I teased about ordering a third bottle of wine Tom said “Cassie Jane, that’s enough.” And he was not talking about wine!

Steve caught the ‘Cassie Jane’ too and said “For goodness sakes Tom don’t get on to her for this! If I have to apologize to her again I’ll have to declare bankruptcy!

Sue and I finished off the wine. By the end of the second bottle I will admit I was feeling no pain. And Sue and I were still fussing a bit about the unfairness of our treatment about the last trip. Tom said no more and let me ramble. It was getting late and we headed to our rooms.

I was so tired I barely remember my head hitting the pillow. I woke the next morning feeling a bit groggy but excited about the trip. I was coming out of the bathroom when Tom was coming into the bedroom to bring me a cup of coffee. We sat in bed and talked for a while. He asked me if I was feeling alright and although I have a slight headache I told him I was fine – wrong answer!! Not that telling him I wasn’t up to par would have helped any either.

He pulled me over his lap and just about tore me up! For some reason he saw the evening before as a clear warning that I needed a major attitude adjustment! (I didn’t) We have really had a very calm summer and while there have been many good girls, he hasn’t felt he had to be serious in a long time. He was quite serious that morning. He seemed to feel the need to remind me exactly who was in charge in our household! (He evidently thinks he is.) He had already talked to Steve and they had discussed that Steve had been wrong in the situation and Tom felt that I said too much about it after Steve apologized sincerely. He also felt that I had ignored his ‘that’s enough’ and that I had way more that I needed to drink.

When he finally let me up he seemed to enjoy the ‘just spanked’ dance. Yes this calm summer has left my old butt out of shape! He gave me a hug and helped me with rubbing the sting, which he had just caused, away. He laid me over the bed again and soothed me with my favorite lotion as he talked to me.

“Cassie I want this to be a wonderful trip for all of us. I don’t want you running wild and looking for ways to get yourself in trouble. I am not going to spend this whole trip worrying when we are not together. You are going to have to act like a grown up even if you are with Sue and the other girls. Have I made myself clear?

Owww! And yes! He doesn’t like to worry about me and evidently had been thinking about all of us girls being together. Now what would make him think we were going to get in trouble I would like to know? Well I won’t give you anymore details now but I will say again that it was a wonderful trip!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Again

Tom and I made it home safe and sound and even though the trip was just wonderful I am very happy to be back home. I hope to make some time to write soon but I am not sure when. Tom is talking about adding a bit more onto the house. Kate started back to work Monday and we are helping out with the children until they get back in school.

They do not need much looking after but I like being with them. I took them both school shopping, with Kate’s permission, and a spending limit too dog-gone-it!! I think they had a good time but I loved every minute or it! I have never gotten to take children out and shop with them before. I would have bought them everything in the store if I hadn’t known Kate and Andrew would have skinned me alive!

I have been doing my reading and catching up out here and I do know what all is going on. I will be back to writing soon. Lots happen on the trip but you all know I was as good as gold! Much love to you all!