Monday, April 05, 2010


Its spring and I am doing the happy dance about that. Several of you were worried about me taking the boat out without Tom’s permission the last time I wrote. Don’t worry about that – I want access to the boat this summer so I am always good about the boat until late in the season. LOL! Don’t want him taking my boat key away (that is assuming I get them back from him this season). They were in his pocket at the end of last summer but surely I can sweet talk them away from him soon.

You might be wondering where I’ve been lately, I can tell you in two words – the club. They were just beginning to build this lovely club when we moved here several years ago. There have been delays and postponements but it is finally up and running. The golf course has been complete for 5 years but the parts I find interesting are now my second home. They have a game room for adults –cards and board games and well and an electronic one for the children, a fantastic gym (I’m told), indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs and spas, massage rooms, an indoor track and a superb out door one that goes all around the golf course. It is both a running and biking path and I have been an avid user of both.

They have a wonderful restaurant and bar, rooms that can be rented for large gatherings and they host dances weekly. Attached is also a dog park with attendants. Once Willow passed the ‘Use your best doggie manners’ course she is welcomed to stay and play with her friends while I’m inside. The whole club is a delightful addition to the area.

I’ve been so good this winter that I know Tom must be bored to tears with me. But while still being on my best behavior I did managed to get him all stirred up the other day through no fault of my own of course – stop laughing, I’m serious! Despite my active life style I sometimes have great difficulty sleeping and lately has been one of those times. I can go to sleep fine but I wake sometime between 2 and 3 and then it’s all over. I can’t get back to sleep. Tom knows I’m having this problem but with my history he is very reluctant to allow me to use sleeping pills of any kind.

I usually get up to read or watch an old movie or something but the other morning when the weather was much warmer I found myself drawn outside by the full moon. I put Willow in her yard because I wasn’t up to her morning exuberance. I grabbed my robe as it was still a bit chilly in the pre-dawn hours and wandered down to the dock to watch the moon over the water and wait for the day to begin.

It was lovely and still, much more soothing than any sleeping pill and I drifted back to sleep curled in a little ball in our patio chair.

Meanwhile my early rising husband was looking for me. I don’t suppose he was too concerned when I wasn’t in bed but then after looking through the house and deck he evidently became concerned. The car was there, my bike was there, the boat was there and Willow was there – but no wife. Sue and Steve were out of town so I wasn’t visiting them. He then noticed that the clothes I had laid out for the next day were there also but that my robe was missing.

Back he goes outside but and according to him he shouted for me but evidently I was soundly asleep by that time. He did scan the dock but as I was curled down in the chair there was nothing to be seen.

Let me break into my story here to tell you something I have realized about my husband. In the early day of our marriage Tom usually spanked me for not acting like a lady – cursing, telling off colored jokes, throwing temper tantrums and such. Mostly that has gone by the way side mostly because my behavior has falling into that of a lady – at least when Tom is around. He has always spanked vigorously and with passion if I lie to him (that hasn’t changed). And the same if he thinks I have put myself in danger.

In recent years I feel my serious spanking have come from one thing – scaring Tom. And for a big strong man it seems everything I do scares him! It’s just not fair. Driving the Toy on the highway, taking the boat out alone, not telling him where I am every blessed minute of the day, not answering my phone the second it rings – oh my, I could go on. I’m waiting for him to grab me from my chair when I’m reading, put me over his knee and wear me out for putting myself in danger of getting a paper cut by turning the pages. Sigh… It’s wonderful to be loved in such away but he needs to realize I have good sense and I can take care of myself!! I suppose my oldest readers might need to take a minute here to wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes before you continue.

Back to my story, just before six Tom called next door to see if Kate or Andrew had seen me. Everyone was up and getting ready for work or school and they all came out to help Tom look. By this time Tom’s anxiety and anger were about evenly mixed.

It was my sweet Allie who had the obvious solution. “Have you let Willow look?” she asked. “Cassie and I always play hide-and-seek with her and she always finds us. If Cassie anywhere around Willow will fine her.” I think Tom should have thought of this himself but evidently he didn’t.

Tom went over and let Willow out from her yard. She was delighted to have so many people in the yard to play with so early. Allie had her sit and then said “Let’s play Willow. Where’s Cassie, find Cassie.” Willow was so happy to be playing her favorite game that she dance in place for a few seconds then dashed to the dock and thrust and cold nose and a licking tongue into my face as her morning greeting. I sat up wondering exactly where I was and turned to see everyone walking my way. Tom looked angry enough to pitch me in the river!

When they arrived Tom took a moment to praise and pet Willow – who seemed extremely pleased with herself.

“What are you all doing out here?” I asked still somewhat sleepily.

“We were looking for you! Why didn’t you tell me where you were going?”

“Good grief, Tom was I supposed to wake you at 3 AM to tell you I was going to sit outside for a bit?” I was feeling a bit self-conscious with everyone staring at me and I wanted to go in before any further discussing. Tom gave Allie and hug and thanked her “I should have thought to ask for Willow’s help.” He told her.

He turned to me and said “Let’s go in, I want to talk to you.”

I doubt that his tone sounded ominous to Kate and Andrew but Allie picked up on it right away and whispered to me “Are you in trouble?”

“I shouldn’t be” I whispered back to her “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“That doesn’t always matter when they think we’ve done something” she answered.

I looked at her in a bit of surprise and asked “Is my boy Ryan being hard on you girl?”

“Oh no”, she laughed absentmindedly rubbing her butt; “we’re fine.” I need to have a long talk with that girl!

But there was not time then as I looked up to see Tom holding the door for me. I came in somewhat reluctantly and stopped to give Willow some attention as Tom strode on into the kitchen. I’ve lived with Tom a long time and this is not my first campaign. I have learned to guard my rear flank so to speak! Instead of going to him for a hug and kiss I took a seat on the far side of the table as Tom stood staring at me, arms crossed, eyes narrowed.

I didn’t wait for him to start. “Tom you just need to calm down. I can feel that itch in your spanking hand from here and it’s not going to get scratched! I did not do one thing wrong.”

“Why didn’t you answer me? I called for you several time – were you hiding on purpose just to make me worry?

I stared at him incredulously “Why would I do that? Tom, I couldn’t sleep. I got up and wandered in here for a while. The weather was pretty and it was a full moon. I went to sit on the dock and watch the water. It lulled me back to sleep and I never heard you calling. I slept until Willow woke me and that’s the truth.”

Tom looked a little less angry and began “Then why didn’t you tell me… You could have left a note… I mean I don’t like not being able to find you…”

I almost laughed at his frustration. He had obviously been planning to wear me out when he found me but even he was beginning to realize that I hadn’t done anything wrong. Poor man! LOL!

“Am I safe walking over there for a cup of coffee?” I asked. Tom just shook his head and started me a cup. I came over as gasped as Tom grabbed me and pulled me to him. I got a kiss and a bear hug and one hard pop on the rear. Snuggling into him I said “I told you all you spank for anymore is because you’re scared. You have to learn to relax!”

“I have to get ready for work – you made me miss my run this morning. I hope you will be prepared of help me burn off some energy when I get home.” Now don’t you all worry about Tom. I did help him burn energy once he got home – I even got a spanking although not the one he had been planning that morning while he was looking for me thank goodness. It was stingy but as long as Tom’s in a good mood I really don’t mind. But now I really need to talk to Allie! I’ll let you know what I find out.