Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cassie, the angel

I’m so sorry to have been away for so long. I was just reading back over the comments to my last post and had to laugh. I read them to Tom and he was highly amused also.

“When they commend you for doing what you were told to do, do they realize I hadn’t given you any choice? Even back then I was pretty sure even you weren’t going to head out stark naked.”

I got to thinking about how my readers must view me. You all think I stay in trouble all the time. I think you believe I never listen to my sweet husband and constantly do whatever I want to do. Now let’s just look at this based on facts. I have to date 381 posts. Not all of those post and been about me getting in trouble, but for the sake of argument let’s say that they all were. If each post represents one day I got in trouble, then let’s say all the rest of the time I was good as gold. That would mean that, for all you know, I’ve been an angel for 38.9 of the past 40 some years!

So, is anyone buying this so far? LOL! But I do want you all to know that there are long stretches in our lives where the only spankings I get are the loving, fun ones. But seriously, how many of you come here to read how well behaved and angelic I can be? I know the real reason you all come here is to marvel at how unreasonable Tom can be about the most ordinary events.

I do have more stories that I think you might enjoy. As time permits I'll get them typed up and I promise to share them with you.

Now a word about word verification - I despise it! I had had it off for a long time and then I began getting more and more spam so I put it back on just before they changed it to where no one can read it! Ronnie was kind enough to let me know that you only have to type one of the two words and not both. I can usually read one of them. For now I’m taking it off again. If there is one thing I really want it’s to hear from anyone who is kind enough to want to leave me a comment.