Friday, November 28, 2008

A change of focus

I have a lot I need to say today. First I want to say that I am married to the most incredible, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent man on the face of the earth. He is everything in the world to me. He talks to me; he has always talked to me. He has, by his insistence, helped me to live the last nearly 40 years as a lady – at least in public! He brought so many things into my life that had never been there before – consistency, friendship, discipline, and love. Always love. At the beginning I had no idea spanking would be so much a part of my marriage. But it has been a staple. And now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes of course there is still discipline but far more are just for the fun, the connection and the erotic pleasure it brings.

There is happy news, although I can imagine some of you will be shaking your heads at this. Sue and Steve have decided they are moving east. The cost of living in our area of the world is a great deal more reasonable than their area. We have also done much talking during this visit and we discussed at length that we are family to each other. Sue and Steve have no children either. Our other close friends have children and grandchildren but Sue and Steve have no more extended family than we do. Even with all the trouble Sue and I could potentially get into we are all comforted that we will all be near one another. There are several houses in our neighborhood for sale and they are already looking on line. You don’t know what this means to me. Tom is happy too, although he fully realizes our potential for getting into troub... umm, interesting situations! Now don’t worry, you know I am going to be as good as gold!

On a less happy note Tom is going to be working a bit longer than he had originally planned. I am not happy about this but it is something he wants very much. He has always given me everything I have ever wanted and now it is my turn to let him have this without excessive fussing – provided I get plenty of his attention too! I know it won’t be smooth sailing but we have talked about it at length and I agreed with his decision.

Of course this means I am going back to work too. Oh my, the corporate wife again. Not my favorite roll but one I know well. Do you see where this is going? While I am not giving up my blog you can see that I will not be here much. Just as it has been these past few weeks my time is going to be taken up with helping Sue and Steve find a house and get moved and settled, giving my lovely Willow the attention she needs and being there for Tom whenever he needs me.

I may be popping in and out but please don’t worry if I am not here often. I just wanted you all to know that I am fine and happy, just putting my energies in other directions.

I hope that those who come by will enjoy my archives (I’ll remind you that regardless of how old the post is you can comment on it and I will get it – I will try to reply too as I have time) but as you do read the old post please remember something. This blog has been my creation. Many of you have teased saying that ‘You want to be me when you grow up’. You realize, I hope, that I write looking at my life through rose colored glasses. I tell you the fun, funny parts of our lives from my point of view because I enjoy the stories and I enjoy sharing them. We are not some perfect couple and we don’t have everything right but why would I write about the negatives? When I first began writing all I ever wanted to do was share some stories here because there was certainly no where else to ever tell them. This is not a place to learn about how a DD marriage works or how it should be done. It is just a place to read about a crazy old lady’s love of life.

But there are two things I would like everyone to take away from here. First there is nothing wrong with an old fashion marriage where the husband is the guide and protector of the wife. There is nothing wrong with him being in charge. There is nothing wrong with him giving the occasional spanking to make sure his wife is fully aware of who is in charge. (And there is nothing wrong with the wife trying to get away with as much as possible!)

But the second, and most important thing, I have wanted this blog to point out is that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grow and change with age. But while aging bring on diminished eye sight, hearing problems, stiffness in joints and a smorgasbord of aches and pains – the love and passion between two people only grows stronger and better. Always remember that.

To all my reader – my friends and family,

I love you,


Sunday, November 16, 2008


I’m serious – like a child, I am ‘not to leave my room’. LOL if I wasn’t so exhausted I would fight him on it or just slip out but I am too warn out to argue. Sue and Annie and I have been busy these past few weeks. Doing nothing really wrong you understand but not always being on Tom’s time line, not always answering our cells (if we were having too much fun to stop), drinking more than he things I should, spending too much money and in general running wild.

I have been enjoying my freedom I will have to admit. Tom has had to work many days and even came back east for a few days. I didn’t like that but as I said we girls have managed to keep ourselves occupied. But I said something I really shouldn’t have this morning, I didn’t mean it, and I never meant for Tom to hear me but his uncannily timing was again my undoing.

He seemed to wake in lecture mode this morning. And since he and the boys were planning to golf all day he wanted to tell me how I was to act at brunch and at a tea I was to attend this afternoon. I was still in bed, trying to ignore him (in a loving manor of course) but he was just going on about how I had been acting and how a lady should act I was getting aggravated! If there is one thing I know after 38 years of marriage is how Tom thinks a lady should act!

So as he kept talking as he walked into the bathroom I said very quietly (yet unfortunately aloud) into my pillow “Kiss my ass”. Tom heard – he had walked back into the room – and suddenly lecture mode was gone!

He grabbed up the ivory brush and lit into me before I even realized he had heard! He hasn’t spanked with the brush in a long time but absence does not make my heart grow fonder in this case! He was pretty mad and he did a thorough job before he stopped. He said – still not letting me up – “I don’t know what has gotten into you lately but I am not going to put up with it. You are not to leave this room today for any reason. You may not call or text anyone except for me and yes ma’am I’ll check!”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying “But I have a brunch and a tea today. They are expecting me.” Tom gave me another half dozen hard swats as he said “Then perhaps your friends will be disappointed just as I am. You need a day to get hold of yourself and your behavior or so help me Cassie, this will have just been a warm up.” I was on fire and in no way did I want that to be a warm up!

Tom let me up and held me as I was snubbing. I finally asked “What will I tell Sue, she is expecting me to go with her. You know she’ll come up here.”

That won’t be a problem he said dryly and he called Sue from his phone. Now Sue knows I get spanked of course but I still don’t want it advertised and I was hissing at Tom, “Just tell her I don’t feel well. Don’t tell her you won’t let me.” I might as well have been talking to the wind!

The conversation went something like this “Sue I’m afraid Cassie won’t be joining you today she is not feeling well.” I was slightly surprised that he was going along with my request when he went on “She has a raging fever when she sits. I don’t want you coming up or talking with her today or I can promise you it will be contagious!” I really was annoyed at him but couldn’t help laughing in my head. Tom is so Tom and I do love him to death!

Deep down I know he’s right I have been a little wild on this trip and part of it is that I am very tired but I just keep going anyway. Tom brought me up a picnic basket for the day with plenty of food for breakfast and lunch a thermos of coffee and the paper. But he was dead serious about me staying put. He didn’t mention the computer possibly because he didn’t know I had brought it into the room last night. He has been keeping it in the room he is using for an office and once I am a free woman I may just put it back before he notices it! But I slept for 4 hours after Tom left so I know I really was tired. And I have played on here and watched old movies all afternoon.

I expect I’ll be behaving, mostly because I can tell Tom is not going to put up with much more. I don’t want to have to leave before Thanksgiving as he has threatened. So wish me luck! And I’ll go see if I packed my halo – it must be around here somewhere.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I want to thank every one who came by today. I will be answering my comments very soon because I want to talk to each and every one of you.

Welcome to love our lurker’s day! I guess we hope that by seeing heartfelt invitations everywhere you will take the plunge and leave a comment. My readers are very, very special to me. If you have read here often you know how much I love my husband, but Tom is my only family. Through this blog I have made amazing friends, many of whom are like family. I wish I knew everyone who has ever read one of my posts. I wish I could personally thank every one of you for taking time out of your day to read my stories. You just don’t know how proud that makes me.

And in case you didn’t realize it if you go back and read old posts you can comment on them. It comes straight to my mailbox with a link back to that post. So even if the post is several years old I will get the comment.

Whether you are a regular reader or just drop by once in a while please talk to me. I adore comments, this is where I can talk to friends I have actually made on my own. You are all special to me. If you are not comfortable leaving a comment for some reason you could email me at
Much love,