Sunday, November 16, 2008


I’m serious – like a child, I am ‘not to leave my room’. LOL if I wasn’t so exhausted I would fight him on it or just slip out but I am too warn out to argue. Sue and Annie and I have been busy these past few weeks. Doing nothing really wrong you understand but not always being on Tom’s time line, not always answering our cells (if we were having too much fun to stop), drinking more than he things I should, spending too much money and in general running wild.

I have been enjoying my freedom I will have to admit. Tom has had to work many days and even came back east for a few days. I didn’t like that but as I said we girls have managed to keep ourselves occupied. But I said something I really shouldn’t have this morning, I didn’t mean it, and I never meant for Tom to hear me but his uncannily timing was again my undoing.

He seemed to wake in lecture mode this morning. And since he and the boys were planning to golf all day he wanted to tell me how I was to act at brunch and at a tea I was to attend this afternoon. I was still in bed, trying to ignore him (in a loving manor of course) but he was just going on about how I had been acting and how a lady should act I was getting aggravated! If there is one thing I know after 38 years of marriage is how Tom thinks a lady should act!

So as he kept talking as he walked into the bathroom I said very quietly (yet unfortunately aloud) into my pillow “Kiss my ass”. Tom heard – he had walked back into the room – and suddenly lecture mode was gone!

He grabbed up the ivory brush and lit into me before I even realized he had heard! He hasn’t spanked with the brush in a long time but absence does not make my heart grow fonder in this case! He was pretty mad and he did a thorough job before he stopped. He said – still not letting me up – “I don’t know what has gotten into you lately but I am not going to put up with it. You are not to leave this room today for any reason. You may not call or text anyone except for me and yes ma’am I’ll check!”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying “But I have a brunch and a tea today. They are expecting me.” Tom gave me another half dozen hard swats as he said “Then perhaps your friends will be disappointed just as I am. You need a day to get hold of yourself and your behavior or so help me Cassie, this will have just been a warm up.” I was on fire and in no way did I want that to be a warm up!

Tom let me up and held me as I was snubbing. I finally asked “What will I tell Sue, she is expecting me to go with her. You know she’ll come up here.”

That won’t be a problem he said dryly and he called Sue from his phone. Now Sue knows I get spanked of course but I still don’t want it advertised and I was hissing at Tom, “Just tell her I don’t feel well. Don’t tell her you won’t let me.” I might as well have been talking to the wind!

The conversation went something like this “Sue I’m afraid Cassie won’t be joining you today she is not feeling well.” I was slightly surprised that he was going along with my request when he went on “She has a raging fever when she sits. I don’t want you coming up or talking with her today or I can promise you it will be contagious!” I really was annoyed at him but couldn’t help laughing in my head. Tom is so Tom and I do love him to death!

Deep down I know he’s right I have been a little wild on this trip and part of it is that I am very tired but I just keep going anyway. Tom brought me up a picnic basket for the day with plenty of food for breakfast and lunch a thermos of coffee and the paper. But he was dead serious about me staying put. He didn’t mention the computer possibly because he didn’t know I had brought it into the room last night. He has been keeping it in the room he is using for an office and once I am a free woman I may just put it back before he notices it! But I slept for 4 hours after Tom left so I know I really was tired. And I have played on here and watched old movies all afternoon.

I expect I’ll be behaving, mostly because I can tell Tom is not going to put up with much more. I don’t want to have to leave before Thanksgiving as he has threatened. So wish me luck! And I’ll go see if I packed my halo – it must be around here somewhere.


goodgirl said...


I always enjoy hearing your stories. It sounds like you needed the rest. Sometimes I need a day like that where I just stay in bed all day and read and watch movies and surf the internet and sleep. I'm going to make sure that I never buy an ivory hairbrush though.

david said...

Mom, I bet when you find that halo it's a little bent out of shape. Have a great week and thinking of you always.

Love and hugs,

PK said...

You know I love Tom. His phone call made me laugh! He seem to always know what to say. I am sure the only reason you were getting into trouble was because the halo was getting too heavy. Now that you have rested I'm sure everything will be fine!


Mina said...

Cassie, I hope you get plenty of rest so that you don't get any more groundings.


Spanked Italian Gal said...

I have to agree with PK Tom's conversation was funny. I have been were you are and thank goodness we have our men to snap us out of it. But you know good girl spankings are so much better ;)
I Gal

Anonymous said...

ouch! that is definetly not the way i like to start a day! i hope you are sitting a lil bit easier and feeling rested :) i would soooo be spending the day trying to find a hiding place for that brush!

Paul said...

Cassie dear sis, that was foolhardy to say the least.
Tom makes me laugh, he knows you so well, not surprising after thirty-eight years.
I suggest that you don't do what Lil Miss Trouble says Tom will only find something worse which you won't like one little bit.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

Anonymous said...

You could have told Tom that what you said was a loving suggestion? He probably wouldn't have bought it though. Hope you find your Halo, if not you can borrow mine. If I can find it...he he.


littlestangel said...

You can always borrow my halo if you'd like :)

Devin said...

Don't you just love a man with the authority to take you in hand? What a great story!

I'm a new reader and this was a great way to start out! Thanks Cassie!

Cassie said...

I wish that was what I had said. I'm still sore! I'll keep looking for that darn thing. I am sure I had one at one time.

The day really did do me good. I won't say Tom was totally right but I was really tired. Stay far away from any hairbrush!

you will find out that your Aunt Cassie does not find behaving an easy thing to do. If I am too good for too long I always fear Tom might get bored with me.

I found it, it's rusty and bent. What should I do?

You are always on Tom's side! LOL! I was funnier when I wrote it than when he made the call!

Well I am not confined to my room anymore but I don't have complete freedom.

I Gal,
I really don't get with the girls all that often and we do enjoy each other. Perhaps I did get a bit carried away.

Lil Miss Trouble,
I do hate that brush but I do not touch it - ever. Tom would not be amused if I were to hide it. I expect I would not sit until it was found!

I do know better both for what I said and knowing never to hide the brush. But I am not sure there is anything worse!

Now that was a wonderful idea! I wish i had thought of it at the time.

I could use one about now.

This man has been trying to take me in hand for 38 years! Some days I let him have his way!

I am so happy to see you here. Please look around all you like and I hope to hear from you again.

CindysDave said...

You make me smile so much! Although I've (we've) been absent from blogdom for months and months, I have kept up on your own blog.

I'm happy to report that tonight Cindy felt the urge to post again, so there finally is something new to read on our site.

Can't promise it will continue, but at least you get a more recent picture of where she (we) are at these days.


lessa{D} said...

ohhhhhhh Cassie... did he forbid you to order roomservice... cause I would have... grin... ice cream and other yummie things...

you know, there is something called Olfen gel... don't know if you know it... I always buy it in Switzerland... it's a gel and an instant pain relief... grin, the colour stays but the pain goes... now isn't that nice... I bought it for my neck originally (whiplash pain) but it sure works on a sore bumm to... apply it as soon as he is gone and within minutes that burn is gone...

now I am sure some of the Dom's might find that a waste of their energy.. but why if they are gone out and enjoying golf or other activities should we still feel that pain... no fun I say... *weg*

love, lessa

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie
I am relatively new to blogging; I don't have my own, but I have discovered yours and a few others that I just love to read. It's a beautiful blog very romantic looking. This is the first post that I've read where the wife (I like reading blogs about commited "spanking" relationships) was grounded! That fascinated me. Your husband is great, he is firm and loving not to mention creative. You are sooo lucky. I am going to have to go back and read your old posts to catch up on your whole history. Is there a particular post that explains how you and your husband met and how the spanking or DD theme came up in your relationship? Thank you for taking the time to blog or post, it's really helpful for me.

Anonymous said...

Cassie where are you?