Saturday, November 28, 2015

Have I ever? Well probably.

I love joining in on question posts like this. Thank you Ella for giving me the chance.

1.  Said something very rude to a doctor during childbirth?

I’ve said a rude thing or two to the occasional doctor, but not during childbirth.

2.  Seen someone pop their eyeball out?

 Heavens no!

3.  Had your stomach pumped?

 I have. I don’t recommend it.

4.  Been to a drag show with a very large gay man?

Absolutely! It was all Sue’s idea, she forced me. I had no choice in the matter. And I hope Tom never finds out.

5.  Eaten a worm?

 I have not.

6.  Run a nifty, little money-making business when you were 11-12 years old buying girlie magazines for the boys in the neighborhood?

I don’t think that was approved of in the circle to which my family belonged.
7.  Crawled through an underground storm sewer for 5 blocks?
I don’t think so, but I have woken up a time or two and felt it might have been a possibility.

8.  Lied about your weight?

Just a little. Tom fusses if I lose a pound so I just tell him I’m staying the same.

9.  Needed your husband to help you up the stairs because you were inebriated?

Everyone has to throw in an unnecessary question like this.
10.  Seen a movie star in an airport?

We shared a lounge once with Maureen O'Hara (wonderful woman, spanked by John Wayne himself) an once with Clint Eastwood.

11.  Walked out of a movie?

I did once, but it was the man I was with and not the movie. I poured my drink on him as I left. Pre-Tom any man who made me angry was fair game.

12.  Sat on a jury?

No, but I always thought it would be very interesting.
13.  Told a child, "Because I said so."

I tell Ryan and Allie that often, but they ignore me.

14.  Ran a cash register in a small grocery store when you were 8 years old?

I’d never even handled money at that time.

15.  Wrote a eulogy for a parent?

I was specifically not invited to the funeral of either of my parents. 

16.  Heard a song you were sure was written and sung just for you?
That First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, by Roberta Flack, had to have been written about Tom and me.

17.  Roasted chestnuts on an open fire?

We do this every Christmas.

18.  Eaten 44 shrimp at one sitting?
I never counted, but I do love my shrimp. 

19.  Thrown all phones in a drawer for the entire weekend?
I’d be fine with that – most of the time I’ve had a cell phone I’ve wanted to throw it in the river.

20.  Gone on a vacation all by yourself?

No! That sounds horrible. I’d want to be with Tom or the girls.

I so love reading what everyone else posts, and I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I’m so happy to have you

I know you have many places to stop by today and I’m delighted to be one of your stops.  I realize my blog is different from most and perhaps a little off the norm, but I still love visitors and I still try my best to answer every comment. Should you by chance have a question for me or Tom or Sue or Lily or any of us feel free to ask and I promise to get back to you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

About my Tom

Thank you Ella, I love doing meme and I hope no one minds me joining in. I’m not to the end of Lily’s story. Just looking for more time to write.

1.  Name a favorite movie of his.  Do you like it, too?  If he doesn't have a favorite movie, substitute a TV series.

Two of Tom’s favorite movies are John Wayne’s the Quiet Man and Jimmy Stewart’s Shenandoah. I enjoy watching them with him too.

2.  Tell us something you cook or bake that gets him so happy.  Do you add something special that makes your recipe unique?

What a funny question! It made both Tom and me laugh.

3.  What does he wear to bed?

Boxers, if he wears anything.

4.  Does he have or has he ever grown a beard or mustache?  Did you (or do you) like it or not?

No, Tom has neither and I don’t want him to grow any, his face if just too beautiful to hide.

5.  If they were going to make a movie of your husband, what actor would you pick to play him?

Hmm… this is hard. Both that I can think of have mustaches. Now I could pick Tom Selleck to play Tom most of the time, but when he’s really upset with me and I get that squinty-eye stare they could use a brooding Sam Elliot.

 6.  Who is neater around the house, you or him?  Then give us a sloppy example.

I’d have to say we are both pretty neat. I certainly don’t like to clean, but I do want my clothes put away neatly and neither of us are what you’d call messy. Sometimes he doesn’t hit the hamper with his socks.

7.  If you could buy him tickets to any concert (even if it's from the past), what musician or group would be singing or playing?

I know Tom loves Celine Dion.  I’m sure that would be a wonderful concert.

8.  Does he wear a wedding ring?  Do you care?

Tom always wears his wedding band. I think I would be hurt if he didn’t.

9.  How old was he and how old were you on the day you met?  What else do you remember about that day?

I was twenty-nine when we met at a party at Sue’s home. Tom’s a little younger than I am. I thought he was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. It was a year later that I found out we had met before – it was the first time Tom took care of me.

10.  If he is the one to choose an ethnic restaurant for dinner out, would it be Chinese, Indian, Mexican, French, Italian, Greek, or ...........?

He’s not a big fan of Indian food, neither am I, but he’d love all the rest.

11.  Is there a photo of him as a child that you find especially endearing?  Tell us about it.

Oh yes, one of him and his parents and a new puppy. Tom was about eight and everyone in the family looked so very happy, even the puppy.

12.  If you were going to choose a dress in a color just to please him, what color would it be?

Tom has two versions of me. In the daytime he enjoys seeing me in pastels – pink or peach. But for an evening out he loves me in cobalt blue.

13.  Do you (or did you) love his mother?  Why or why not?

I never had the privilege of meeting Tom’s mother. But the way he speaks of her I think I would have loved her very much.

14.  Name a famous person he really admires.

Tom has always admired Thomas Jefferson.

15.  How does your husband take his coffee or tea?

He likes his coffee black and his tea with lemon, hot or cold.

16.  Does your man know how to dance? 

Does my man know how to dance? You better believe it! Dancing is something we both love doing. And we love watching Dancing with the Stars.

Thank you Ella, this was so much fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ami's questions

I love answering questions and I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass. Here are my answers.

Stood on top of a very high mountain or cliff, looking down at the countryside or out to sea?

Yes, and it was breathtaking.

Lay on your back on a hot summer's night, listening to the crickets chirping and watching the satellites as they chase each other across the heavens?

I never gave much thought to satellites, but I’ve lay on the grass and watched the stars many times.

Skinny dipped at midnight?

You better believe it! Oceans, rivers, lakes, pools – you name it.

Intentionally or inadvertently swum with sharks?

As much as I love swimming in the ocean or sea I’m sure I have. But I’ve never seen one.

Broken a bone in your body?

Interesting way you phrased the question. I have never broken a bone in my body, my arm was broken twice – but not by me. Also a bone was broken in my foot when I got shot, again not my fault.

Driven a car at speeds in excess of 120 mph?

Yes, I’m afraid so – but it wasn’t much in excess.

Played "Pooh Sticks"?

Not a clue in the world what you’re talking about here.

Run in a "pancake" race?

I’m going to have to give this one a no too.

Have your eyelashes dyed?

All right, now you are just making things up!

Ridden a horse naked?

There are many things I’ve done in this world naked, however, riding horse back is not one of them. Although I put up with shedding with my cats and my sweet Willow, there are simply some places I won’t tolerate animal hair!

Punted down the river?

No, but I’ve skied, knee boarded, canoed, and several other things down our river.

Playing tennis in a short white tennis skirt whilst wearing minimal knickers?

No I’ve never been much of a tennis player and now my time for wearing minimal knickers is for a very private audience.

Helped an inebriated husband up the stairs at 2 in the morning?

The picture this painted in my mind made me laugh. The answer is no. And don’t you dare answer this question in reverse.

Been too scared to get out of a swimming pool whilst on holiday, due to a very large Doberman sitting on the edge watching you?

No this hasn’t happened, but I was on holiday in Florida floating peacefully in the pool once when an alligator decided to join me. I claim no divinity, but I did walk on water a bit that day.

Sat in a deck chair happily whilst the sound of leather on willow echoes distantly in your ears?

I have sat in many a deck chair, not sure I’ve heard those sounds though.

Taken a ride on the Maid of the Mist under Niagara Falls?

Yes many years ago – although I love visiting the Falls, this wasn’t one of my favorite experiences.

Climbed up something and been too scared witless to climb back down?

Yes, I climbed a tree to get one of our cats and then I was scared to come down. I was so embarrassed when fire and rescue came to get me.

Too liberal with "Eau de Cologne" which then ran down where it shouldn't inside knickers?

Now I don’t believe I’ve ever done this. But I’ve used a bit of perfume in the general panty area at times.

Made snow angels?

I have, but would you believe not until we moved to the river, I’d never even heard of them until Drew showed me how to make one.

Lost a shoe in a ploughed field in a moonlight walk home after a party?

I’d love to hear your story behind this one! I once walked across a plowed field in France in the wee hours of the morning and if I remember clearly (and I really don’t) I lost more than my shoe.

Shrieked loudly, due to being spanked hard, and frightened away a visitor who ran back down the drive and now you will never know who was about to knock at your door?

After forty years of this, I’d have to say probably. But I know of no specific time and I hope I never do.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

Ella's Meme - I didn't want to be left out

Ella, thank you for creating this meme. I hope you don't mind me joining in.

Take a look at your walls at home. Which picture/object is your favorite and why? Bonus points if you post a picture.

Tom bought this picture for our bedroom when we moved to the river. It’s in the bedroom over the fireplace.

What is/are your favorite perfume(s)?

Chanel Coco Noir and White Diamonds 

How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Have you ever hidden new shoes from your spouse?

Tom has thrown the name of Imelda Marcos around in the past, but he’s given up the fight now. My shoes have their own closet and I put them in there. Is that hiding them?

Snacks - Sweet, Salty, or Both?  If you could choose 1 snack, and it magically had no calories, what would it be?

I’m more likely to snack on sweets. I’d love it if a good rich Napoleon didn’t have any calories.

What are your favorite cut flowers?

I’m not sure there are any flowers I don’t love. But lilies are just beautiful.  

Without using a real name, describe one person in your life with whom you have a hard time being patient.

I am often irritated by one of Tom’s friends. He is bossy and opinionated and feels he has the right to comment on my activities at times. His only good quality is a lovely, young wife.

What food do you love that your spouse hates?  What food does your spouse love that is "yecch" to you?

I love fast food occasionally – McDonalds, Wendy’s, Bojangles, Tom does not. Tom likes his vegetables, all of them. I'm more selective.  

What is a song you associate with meeting your honey?

Not so much when we were dating, but early in our marriage we woke one morning to hear Roberta Flack singing First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. We were both captured by the song and I still usually cry when I hear it.

Do you have a favorite movie that you like to watch every few months or once a year?

I love to watch old movies. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorites and I watch it every month or so.

What collection(s) do you have?  How did your collection start?  (Add a picture if you like.)

I have some Gone with the Wind figurines, as well as some of the houses, but it’s not a large collection.

Where would you like to go on your next vacation?  Is there somewhere else on your Bucket List?

I really like going to the island anytime we can get away, but I’d love to go back to Greece some day. Tom doesn’t seem anxious to go overseas these days.

If you could only buy clothes at one store, at what store would you shop?

Gracious, this is like asking me to pick a favorite child! Shopping is my favorite sport, if you make me pick one I’ll go with Eddie Bauer.

What gift(s) from your spouse have been the most loved and appreciated?

Tom gives fantastic gifts – but nothing has been much better than our home on the river.

Name one item of your spouse's clothing that you would love to throw away.

There’s a slipper that needs to be trashed immediately.

What is the submissive action (or inaction) of which you are most proud?

Did you have to ask this question?

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I’m sorry to disappoint – this is a message from PK. Usually only Cassie’s voice is heard here (or occasionally Sue’s), but I need to talk/explain/ask what should be done here. There is another Cassie book coming out next month and it’s one that is very special to me – but to my friends here, to the loyal handful that read Cassie’s blog, it will still be what you have read here. I’ve always wanted to turn Cassie’s life into a series of books. When the first ones came out I did much rewriting to shape them into better stories adding things and letting you in on more stories and dialogue. As the blog continued over the years I felt the writing got better and now when a book comes out it’s not new to you truly loyal blog readers.

This book coming still relies on the stories Cassie has told here, the next one also. But there are new stories in the future if my publisher is willing to continue the series with me. I’m uncertain as to what to do. If I post them here then there won’t be any surprised for you when subsequence books come out, yet I don’t want this blog to die. I can’t have them here if BB is going to be gracious enough to publish them for me later. There is my dilemma.

I don’t have a solution yet, but I wanted those who have read here regularly to know you may know most of the stories in this new book, well if you read back in 2012. I have tried to expand and add detail, but I wanted you all to know before you decided about buying the new book.  When there is completely new stories that none of you have heard I will be sure to make you aware. If any of you have ideas or suggestions for me – I’m all ears.