Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ami's questions

I love answering questions and I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass. Here are my answers.

Stood on top of a very high mountain or cliff, looking down at the countryside or out to sea?

Yes, and it was breathtaking.

Lay on your back on a hot summer's night, listening to the crickets chirping and watching the satellites as they chase each other across the heavens?

I never gave much thought to satellites, but I’ve lay on the grass and watched the stars many times.

Skinny dipped at midnight?

You better believe it! Oceans, rivers, lakes, pools – you name it.

Intentionally or inadvertently swum with sharks?

As much as I love swimming in the ocean or sea I’m sure I have. But I’ve never seen one.

Broken a bone in your body?

Interesting way you phrased the question. I have never broken a bone in my body, my arm was broken twice – but not by me. Also a bone was broken in my foot when I got shot, again not my fault.

Driven a car at speeds in excess of 120 mph?

Yes, I’m afraid so – but it wasn’t much in excess.

Played "Pooh Sticks"?

Not a clue in the world what you’re talking about here.

Run in a "pancake" race?

I’m going to have to give this one a no too.

Have your eyelashes dyed?

All right, now you are just making things up!

Ridden a horse naked?

There are many things I’ve done in this world naked, however, riding horse back is not one of them. Although I put up with shedding with my cats and my sweet Willow, there are simply some places I won’t tolerate animal hair!

Punted down the river?

No, but I’ve skied, knee boarded, canoed, and several other things down our river.

Playing tennis in a short white tennis skirt whilst wearing minimal knickers?

No I’ve never been much of a tennis player and now my time for wearing minimal knickers is for a very private audience.

Helped an inebriated husband up the stairs at 2 in the morning?

The picture this painted in my mind made me laugh. The answer is no. And don’t you dare answer this question in reverse.

Been too scared to get out of a swimming pool whilst on holiday, due to a very large Doberman sitting on the edge watching you?

No this hasn’t happened, but I was on holiday in Florida floating peacefully in the pool once when an alligator decided to join me. I claim no divinity, but I did walk on water a bit that day.

Sat in a deck chair happily whilst the sound of leather on willow echoes distantly in your ears?

I have sat in many a deck chair, not sure I’ve heard those sounds though.

Taken a ride on the Maid of the Mist under Niagara Falls?

Yes many years ago – although I love visiting the Falls, this wasn’t one of my favorite experiences.

Climbed up something and been too scared witless to climb back down?

Yes, I climbed a tree to get one of our cats and then I was scared to come down. I was so embarrassed when fire and rescue came to get me.

Too liberal with "Eau de Cologne" which then ran down where it shouldn't inside knickers?

Now I don’t believe I’ve ever done this. But I’ve used a bit of perfume in the general panty area at times.

Made snow angels?

I have, but would you believe not until we moved to the river, I’d never even heard of them until Drew showed me how to make one.

Lost a shoe in a ploughed field in a moonlight walk home after a party?

I’d love to hear your story behind this one! I once walked across a plowed field in France in the wee hours of the morning and if I remember clearly (and I really don’t) I lost more than my shoe.

Shrieked loudly, due to being spanked hard, and frightened away a visitor who ran back down the drive and now you will never know who was about to knock at your door?

After forty years of this, I’d have to say probably. But I know of no specific time and I hope I never do.


lindy thomas said...

Great answers Cassie. I think the alligator would be worse than the doberman. You are very adventurous being able to answer yes to so many of these questions.
Lindy x

an English Rose said...

nice answers, I have had my eyelashes dyed! years ago and it was before a holiday abroad and I didn't want to wear mascara in the pool. I was young and foolish as opposed to old and foolish now
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

I love these answers Cassie, especially that 'you' haven't broken any bones lol. I too had my eye lashes tinted once.


Ella said...

I was excited to get up this morning because I knew we would be hearing from you! I totally believe the responses about the skinny dipping and the driving so fast. And I know Tom is like the perfect husband, so he has probably never even been tipsy. I just wasn't expecting the alligator!

Ella Saying Yikes!

abby said...

LOL..Love your answers, alligators would make me run on water, too...
hugs abby

Minelle Labraun said...

Perfume in the general 'panty area' ... Lol.
Enjoyed hearing your exciting answers!

Cassie said...

I'm an animal lover for sure, but I draw the limit at swimming with 'gaters!

I honestly thought this was a joke until I talked with Allie and Jenny. I would have never thought.

Tom may think I live dangerously, but I'm really very careful. I like my bones just the way they are!

You're sweet! I didn't think anyone would doubt my fast driving, but that alligator was something I'll never forget.

That thing was scary, I'm glad we live far enough north to not be bothered with such around our river.

Come now, surely you've done such.

Cat said...

Loved your answers Cassie. Oh my...gator in the pool? Would definitely see me moving extremely fast!!! Happy you weren't hurt.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Cassie said...

Cat, I'm grateful too. But once it was over it did make a good story.

Terpsichore said...

Loved your answers, Cassie! :-) Hugs

Cassie said...

I love you being here Terps

Ami Starsong said...

Never had your eyelashes dyed?! My! My!

I am still holding my sides at the vision of you inadvertently being joined by an alligator whilst swimming!