Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still around

I just wanted to poke my head up to let you know I was still around. And Lessa, thanks for checking in on me. I think Sue and Steve are all moved in now and seen quite settled in there new home. I still have a hard time believing that they are right here. We have lived across the country from them for the past 16 years so this is a true delight! Having a new home to decorate has kept Sue and I extremely busy. So busy in fact that the boys have threatened our lives, our access to credit cards and finally our butts if we spend one more dime on the house.

There is a true love story going on around here these days. Allie and Ryan are most definitely an item. Ryan is our guest anytime he has enough time off from college for a visit. Being surrogate parents is a new experience for us. Allie and her brother Drew are in and out of our house often but together with their parents a rule was made that when we are not home Ryan can’t invite Allie in. I hate standing in the way of true love but Tom feels strongly about not putting temptation or access to an empty house in their path.

Tom usually only works only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I still don’t want him working at all but I am adjusting. He goes out of town for about 3 days a month and that’s my time to break free and go wild. The only problem is that with out Tom here to catch me there seems little point. I am waiting for warm weather, I plan to get off my rear and find some way to keep Tom from being bored with me. Although Tom hasn’t really seemed to mind the relative peace lately, I can assure you that I have not become the angel he thinks I am at the moment. Keep checking back. I just had to help Sue get settled , I haven’t changed my ways, I promise!