Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still around

I just wanted to poke my head up to let you know I was still around. And Lessa, thanks for checking in on me. I think Sue and Steve are all moved in now and seen quite settled in there new home. I still have a hard time believing that they are right here. We have lived across the country from them for the past 16 years so this is a true delight! Having a new home to decorate has kept Sue and I extremely busy. So busy in fact that the boys have threatened our lives, our access to credit cards and finally our butts if we spend one more dime on the house.

There is a true love story going on around here these days. Allie and Ryan are most definitely an item. Ryan is our guest anytime he has enough time off from college for a visit. Being surrogate parents is a new experience for us. Allie and her brother Drew are in and out of our house often but together with their parents a rule was made that when we are not home Ryan can’t invite Allie in. I hate standing in the way of true love but Tom feels strongly about not putting temptation or access to an empty house in their path.

Tom usually only works only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I still don’t want him working at all but I am adjusting. He goes out of town for about 3 days a month and that’s my time to break free and go wild. The only problem is that with out Tom here to catch me there seems little point. I am waiting for warm weather, I plan to get off my rear and find some way to keep Tom from being bored with me. Although Tom hasn’t really seemed to mind the relative peace lately, I can assure you that I have not become the angel he thinks I am at the moment. Keep checking back. I just had to help Sue get settled , I haven’t changed my ways, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie:
It's great that Sue and Steve are all moved in now and you can spend a lot of time together, I hope you both get to keep your credit cards :)
I love to hear about all the news in your life, so thanks for keeping us updated, and will wait as patiently as I can til your next post.
Take care

ronnie said...

Hey, thanks for keeping us updated. Sue needs plenty to do to keep her from getting you into trouble.
Looking forward to hearing about the new romance.


Jenny said...


I'm glad to hear that you and Sue get to spend so much time together now. How fun. Well, I do really hope you're not behaving TOO well. Tom would be bored out of his mind. He probably doesn't even realize how young you keep him with all of the fun things you do.

It's great fun having your blog updated and available. I look forward to hearing all about your fun adventures.



YaYa said...

Allie and Ryan seem so adorable. Young love is precious. Do you think Tom has passed on any advice to a happy marriage to Ryan.=-)

CeeCi said...

Hey there! Good to know you're still thinking of us as you help Sue and Steve get settled into their new home. I imagine you've had lots of fun helping and sharing your great decorating style.

A few years ago, a friend told me of something she and a neighbor had done (of course with the help and blessing of their husbands)... they swapped furniture. They went shopping in each others homes, knowing that anything was fair game. They tagged what they wanted to swap, then arranged for a moving day. They lived with their 'new stuff' for an agreed upon amount of time, then swapped it all back when the time was up. I've always wished I had someone I'd want to do that with, sounded like far too much fun.

Anyway, with summer coming, I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to keep Tom from getting bored with you. How about a pool party, you could invite all your friends for a long weekend of sun, fun, and slip n slide. Maybe a couple of rounds of corn hole, just for grins would get everyone into the mood.

Love you!

Cassie said...

Thank you honey! I still have credit card in hand and will try to hang on to it as long as possible. The house has kept us quite busy but we are beginning to have time on our hands so you never know...

How smart you are to realize that it usually is Sue that leads us into trouble. So many mistakenly think it me!

What kind of wife would I be if I let Tom get bored? Not for long, I promise!

I am so very happy you came by.

I love watching these two. Everything is so new and special with them. Tom and Ryan do seem to have long 'man talks' I am sure some advice is exchanged. But there are some thing Tom better just keep quiet about!!!

Sweet child! I love having you here!

Exchanging furniture - I don't think Tom would approve at all. So it's something I might have to consider! LOL!

A summer party. That sounds lovely. We have no pool but Sue does! I am sure we could find a way to keep everyone entertained!