Friday, April 15, 2011

The Massage

There was one extra special evening on our trip that I want to tell you a little more about. Of course everything about the week was wonderful but this one evening stands out in my mind. This was the evening Tom decided to give me a massage.

I’ve never been a big massage person. Although I’ve very comfortable hugging the people I love I have never been very touchy-feely with people to whom I am not close. When we were first married and I seemed so flighty, Tom would often suggest that a massage might calm me down and he would book us both a time with a professional masseuse. Although we tried both male and female I found that having them touch me made me extremely tense. They were nice people and very professional but I was always a basket case of nerves once they were gone. Tom finally realized it wasn’t for me and any massages I get come from him alone. But it’s really not often that I get the full treatment.

One evening, on our trip, not long before sunset Tom led me to the bedroom. There was a plush robe on the bed and a hair brush (no not that one). Tom picked up the brush and sat in the chair with a small stool pulled up in front of it. Tom sat me on the stool and began brushing my hair. It felt so good. I could have sat there all evening and I told Tom so but he said he had other plans for me.

When he was finished Tom undressed me but made on moves to remove his clothes. “Should I put on the robe?” I asked him.

“Yes, do that.” He said but as I picked up the robe he said quietly, “Wait, not yet.”

I turned to look at him and he slowly began removing his belt. Now you just don’t know what watching Tom remove his belt does for me. I know there are some here that fear the belt. I understand that. I have been punished with the belt on occasion and can I know it can be something to fear. However, for me, the belt is the most sensuous of spanking implements. Watching Tom unbuckle and pull the belt from its loops caused me to catch my breath. I couldn’t have looked away for anything.

I was holding the robe as he folded the belt over and griped the ends in his hand. He came to me and with his other hand on my shoulder he gently bent me over the bed. My arms were under me as I clutched the robe. With the first sharp contact from the belt, as the pain and all the other sensations spread, I closed my eyes and buried my face in the bed losing myself in the moment. The sweet pain spread as the belt struck over and over and I cried out as an unexpected and utterly amazing orgasm coursed through my body in waves.

Tom laid the belt on the bed as he bent over me, gently kissing my back. It took me a moment to come back to my senses. Tom helped me up and I was nearly light headed. I started to speak but Tom laid his finger on my lips and holding my hand guided me to the small massage room in the house. One wall was glass and I watched as the Pacific slowly swallowed up the sun. There was a massage table and a shelf of candles warming various oils. Tom helped me lay on the table and slowly and gently entwined his fingers in my hair to massage my scalp. As he moved to my neck he used the warm oils and made my neck and shoulders feel as if no stress existed in the world.

He was especially thorough with my hands. Tom and my hands – now there's a love affair. He gave each finger undivided attention. As his hands moved down my back I realized that the world of massage had lost a true artist when Tom did not take up the call. He moved from my lower back to my feet where he rubbed the hot oils in with the same attention he had given my hands, in due time he was caressing my calf and finally my thighs. I was way past putty, I was liquid.

A gentle massage to my sit spot and bottom beautifully rekindled the heat from Tom ministering with the belt and I felt bathed in pure bliss. Tom carried me to the bed, though I barely remember him doing so. In fact I remember nothing until sunlight woke us the next morning although it’s rare for me to sleep through the night without waking at all. As I came awake I turned to look at Tom. He was smiling at me as he held me.

“Tom… last night… oh my! What did you… Did you know it was going to… I just can’t believe…”

Tom laughed with delight. “My Cassie, speechless! Can I assume you enjoyed your evening?”

“Oh Tom! It was… it was… incredible!” As I sat up I could tell that the belt had truly done its job the night before and that I would have reminders with me for several days. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

There was truly no way to thank him for such an evening but I can promise you I gave it my very best and Tom seemed completely pleased with my efforts. Tom and I have had some incredibly wonderful time over our many years together but the night of the massage will stay with me for a long time to come. I think you can see why it needed a post of its very own.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Trip

Our trip… I don’t even know if I can begin to describe it. I had spoken to Sue, kissed Willow and the cats and we were out the door. A plane from Tom’s office was going to CA. Once we got there we grabbed a commercial flight. A car picked us up at the airport and whisked us off to the house Tom had rented. I have to tell you it took my breath away! The back of the house – all glass opened onto an infinity pool that seemed to empty into the Pacific. Everywhere you looked the beauty overwhelmed.

I suppose depending on your outlook you could say this was 100% Tom’s vacation. He was completely in charge of every detail (including me) but at the same time the vacation seemed totally for me too. Tom rarely left my side – or backside it seemed – for the entire trip! It was his goal, done with good nature, to assure I saw him as the complete and unchallenged head of our household.

After our first look through the house Tom told me to unpack while he checked that all the food he had ordered had been delivered. But I couldn’t wait “No Tom lets swim first. Just look at that pool!”

Tom sighed. “I see that I’m going to be very busy this week.” Leading me to the bedroom, Tom had me over his knee and my panties gone before I realized that I was going to be spanked. “I said unpack – I didn’t say let’s go for a swim, all in good time, Cassie, my time.”

Oh so that was the way it was going to be! I had to laugh as he let me up and gave me one of his ‘stern’ stares. I could see the humor and delight in his eyes and I replied like the perfect, docile, submissive wife I truly am. “Yes dear, I’ll unpack right now. Shall I unpack for you too?” Tom rolled his eyes at my tone and told me just to unpack for myself. He’d do his later.

I was smiling and rubbing the sting away as Tom headed back to the kitchen. But as I got deeper into my suitcase I lost the smile. “Tom what have you done?” I shouted. In the suit case there was not one pair of slacks or shorts! There was no bathing suit and as I dug still deeper I realized that I was also had no panties!

Tom came back in the room and I let him have it! “No shorts? We’re in Hawaii for heaven sakes! I don’t like wearing skirts all the time and where are my panties? You did this on purpose. I don’t even have a bathing suit. Do you want me to go to the beach stark naked?”

“I packed what I want you to wear this week. I prefer you in skirts and I’m not allowing panties this week.”

“You won’t allow… I can’t wear…. I never heard of…” I was just sputtering and fussing when Tom stopped me mid-sentence with a long, slow, wonderful kiss. This was a kiss that made me wonder why I needed any clothes at all. And soon enough I didn’t. What a wonderful welcome to Hawaii! Some people get a lei at the airport, while others… Well anyway it was a lovely encounter!

Soon enough we made it to the pool. Lovely, just lovely. Tom was right that I had no need for a suit in the pool and I later found he had one in his suitcase for a dip or two in the ocean. Wearing a dress or skirt for the entire week wasn’t so bad but being without my panties – now that was something altogether different. It was unsettling to say the least.

Tom got exactly the reaction from me he wanted. His ‘I’m the boss campaign’ seemed to consist of spanking me three or four time a day! My poor bottom was sore and stinging most of the week. He was creative; I’ll give him that – I think I was spanked over every piece of furniture in the house! But the place he seemed most partial to was the pool! Oh, why does a wet bottom make it sting so much more? And why does Tom have to know that? He had brought several implements, both wooded and leather and I once made the comment at least he didn’t want to get any of the implements wet. Only to have Tom make the observation that water wouldn’t hurt ivory! Thankfully he was kidding and I never saw that horrible thing!

On our daily outings, every time we would leave the house, he would give me a ‘warning’ spanking to use his words “Assure you act like a lady”. His weapon of choice at those times was that darn slipper of his. I hate that thing too. It makes me feel raw and very much in need of silk panties afterwords. Not possible on this trip!

So off we would head to wherever we were going with me totally conscience of my freshly spanked bottom. There was certainly a naughty feel to it. It was also unsettling, annoying and embarrassing since, there is no other way to put it, Hawaii is breezy! But Tom seemed to love every minute of my discomfort, the old devil! Once as we sat on a bench taking in the lovely view he noticed me shifting a bit and ask me “Are you thinking of me now Sweetheart?”

Giving him a withering look, I replied “Yes I’m thinking of you. Would you like to know exactly what I’m thinking?”

Tom laughed out loud and put his arm around me. “I don’t think it would be in your best interest to tell me. Just thinking it has earned you a spanking as soon as we get home.”

And that was the way our week went. He was in charge yet he pampered me outrageously with long luxurious baths, swims under the moonlight, he cooked for me and often fed me. It was outrageously decadent on my part yet I never knew when I would be upended for a sound spanking for the least little thing. But even those, as painful as many were (and they were!), they were given in total fun. It was also a week of love making, whenever we wanted to, wherever we wanted to. We were together every moment. We talked and talked…about our past, our present and our future. I can’t remember a time in my life when I was more content.

We’re home now – back to the real world but my mind is often in Hawaii. I’m wearing skirts more often, I’ve been home every day when Tom arrives home, and I’ve even cut back on my activities. None of these changes has a thing to do with being spanked either. That week just reinforced in my mind how much in love I really am and that no matter what is going on in my life – my Tom is the most important thing in my world. I would say the trip was a complete success.

There was one very special evening on the trip. I’ll tell you about that soon.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tom says ENOUGH!

Okay I’ve delved into the past long enough. I think it’s time to let you know what been happening more recently. First off I’ve been busy, very busy! The weather is getting warmer; I like to bike every day with Willow. I have spent hours at the club both active and sitting visiting. A new book club has formed in our neighborhood. Allie and Ryan were home for spring break and we had such fun. But to be honest I have been exhausted. Unfortunately, Tom noticed too.

Several weeks ago during one of my business times I came home close to six. Tom was already home. Normally he greets me at the door but he was nowhere to be seen. I called for him as I walked through the house but got no answer. Coming to the bedroom I saw he was at the French doors looking out.

“Why didn’t you answer me?” I asked as I went to him. As he turned toward me I saw he was holding the ivory brush and I stopped dead in my tracks. I had been a positive angel during that time. In fact I hadn’t even had a spanking of any kind in almost 2 weeks. I had not done one thing to deserve a spanking much less with that vile thing. I was at a total loss.

“Whoa! What’s going on? Tom I haven’t done anything.”

Pointing with the brush Tom indicated for me to have a seat. It’s been so long since I’ve been spanked with that thing I nearly took flight but since my conscience was clear, I sat. Usually I can sense Tom’s moods but I was not picking up anything. Was he angry? Annoyed? Teasing? The brush is not usually around unless it’s serious so I was at a loss.

“Where have you been?” Tom asked.

“Why Tom I had that doctor’s appointment this afternoon, you knew that.”

“The appointment was at 3:30. Did it last this long?” He asked, patting the brush gently into his palm.

“Well, no,” I answered. “But since I was in town already I thought I’d pick up a few things.”

“And you didn’t think of calling me to let me know you’d be late. Did you even have your phone with you? You didn’t answer it.”

“I didn’t … Oh Tom I’m sorry. I had to turn it off in the doctor’s office. I forgot to turn it back on. You’re not going to use that horrible thing just because I forgot to turn my phone on one time are you?”

Tom came over and sat on the bed across from me. “You know I like you to be home when I get here. Do you know how many times I’ve beaten you home in the last 9 days that I’ve worked? Seven!” he told me before I had a chance to reply. “Seven times! You are gone all day and then you fall asleep by 8 in the evening each night. You’re doing too much and I’m here to tell you ENOUGH!”

“Now you listen to me,” he went on, “after I’m through here you will have 15 minutes to call your playmates and let them know you will not be available for the next week at least.”

It was about that time I began to get hot! And by hot I mean steam was close to coming out my ears! Leaping to my feet I told him in no uncertain terms, “Tom Duff, you better rethink that and I don’t mean maybe! If you think you’re going to ‘ground’ me like a child you got another think coming. I haven’t done anything wrong and the only way you’re going to keep me in this house for a week it to tie me up!”

I wasn’t on my feet long. Tom had me over his lap in one smooth move and I realized the strategic error in getting out of the chair in the first place. “Tying you up, hummm… darn good idea.” Tom was saying as I struggled. He pulled me firmly to him and I braced myself for the first swat with my mortal enemy.

But it was not the brush but Tom’s hand that began peppering my behind with firm swats. “Cassie Jane,” he began, “do I have your complete and undivided attention? The brush is right here if I feel your mind is wandering.”

“I’m listening!” I hastily assured him. “You don’t need the brush!” I’m not sure he believed me because the spanking surely kicked up a notch. After a minute or two he began talking again.

“Then listen, you will not be going out with Sue. You will not be going to the gym. You will not be walking Willow. No book club, no baby showers, not even any doctor’s visits. Enough!” And before I could pitch another fit he continued, “Because you and I are headed to Hawaii for a week. Just the two of us – no golf clubs, no computers, no phones – just us. I want my wife back and I intend to have her.”

Had I heard him right?

Evidently I had because Tom sat me on my feet and laughed at my stunned look. “Now don’t think you’re getting off scott free! I plan to take the time on this trip to fully remind you of who is in charge of this family and exactly where your attention needs to be focused.”

I was still amazed. I mean we do travel often but this was simply out of the blue, Tom had said nothing about taking time off work. But as what he said sank in I was thrilled! A whole week alone with Tom! There is nothing in the world I wanted more.

“When are we going? I have to let Sue know we’ll be gone. I have to pack and we’ll have to see if Drew will look after Willow and then I have to…”

“Cassie” Tom said in a warning tone. “This is what I’m talking about. You relax; I’ve everything taken care of. Willow will stay next door with Drew and you are all packed. We are leaving the house in 45 minutes. All you have to do is call Sue and tell her you won’t have your phone with you. I’ll have my phone for emergencies and that’s it. You won’t need yours because you won’t be out of my sight!”

“Wait a minute! You packed for me? I don’t think…”

One stinging smack with the brush caused me to jump. “Who’s in charge here?” Tom asked sternly.

That was it! I gave in completely and laughed. I didn’t care what he had packed! I was going to spend a vacation with the most wonderful man in the world! And what a vacation it was! I’ll tell you all about it soon!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

A bit more of the past

I found this the other day and I wanted to post it. Now for those of you that have been reading here the very longest (my dear brother Paul) you may remember this story. I thought it was lost. This was my attempt to fictionalize some of the early years. I wrote at the request of a friend nearly 5 years ago. It was posted on her blog but I never got around to posting it here.

Most of the time when I write I just farble along with my daily life and what Sue and I or Allie and I are up to and, of course, Tom’s views on whatever that might have been. This story was written a little differently. I hope you’ll like it.

It wasn’t going to work, it was a nice try but it was not going to work. He wanted a submissive and that just wasn’t her style. It was romantic and exciting at first but he was serious. He would be in charge and if she broke his rules he was going to spank her – hard! Nope, too many rules. One of them had to move on, it just couldn’t work.

But the thought of losing him made her chest hurt. She would miss him. They were good together. Lying in his arms at night; talking during the day. So much was good! Why did he have to be so unbending? He had to know it wasn’t going to last. Why didn’t he get it over with? Why wouldn’t he leave? Everyone from her past had always left. Why couldn’t he go before she loved him even more? Didn’t he see it was no use? Why prolong the inevitable? Someone had to go.

So she left. He knew which friend would take her in so she avoided them. She could survive on her own. She didn’t need anyone. The cheap, seedy bars she frequented at night were not her usual haunts so she felt safe from discovery. They were rough places, but it was what she deserved. She missed him. She missed him so much, but she couldn’t to go back. No one was going to tell her what to do.

What was she looking for in the bars? She didn’t want sex, she didn’t want companionship, she just wanted the right to be there. She wanted the thrill of possible danger. What she found were scary, violent men. When the urge to bolt from home died away she couldn’t go back. She couldn’t let him see her with a black eye and split lip.

It had been nearly two weeks; would he have stopped looking by now? She called her friend for refuge. Her friend picked her up, she thought she was safe. But it wasn’t the refuge she had sought; he was there. She would rather have been back on the floor of the bar being punched that to see the pain on his face.

He didn't want to talk on the way home. He said morning would be soon enough. She woke to find him starting at her. He was quiet when he told her what he had to say; she wouldn’t be leaving him again. Whatever she needed, whatever she was searching for he was going to provide it. She tried to draw back into the pillows as he picked up the brush, tears came to her eyes. She shudder slightly, thinking of how the brush felt, how much it burned, how much she resisted being over his lap and how much she truly wanted to be able to let go of the fear and keep only the love. It would happen, it would come, but it would take time.