Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tom says ENOUGH!

Okay I’ve delved into the past long enough. I think it’s time to let you know what been happening more recently. First off I’ve been busy, very busy! The weather is getting warmer; I like to bike every day with Willow. I have spent hours at the club both active and sitting visiting. A new book club has formed in our neighborhood. Allie and Ryan were home for spring break and we had such fun. But to be honest I have been exhausted. Unfortunately, Tom noticed too.

Several weeks ago during one of my business times I came home close to six. Tom was already home. Normally he greets me at the door but he was nowhere to be seen. I called for him as I walked through the house but got no answer. Coming to the bedroom I saw he was at the French doors looking out.

“Why didn’t you answer me?” I asked as I went to him. As he turned toward me I saw he was holding the ivory brush and I stopped dead in my tracks. I had been a positive angel during that time. In fact I hadn’t even had a spanking of any kind in almost 2 weeks. I had not done one thing to deserve a spanking much less with that vile thing. I was at a total loss.

“Whoa! What’s going on? Tom I haven’t done anything.”

Pointing with the brush Tom indicated for me to have a seat. It’s been so long since I’ve been spanked with that thing I nearly took flight but since my conscience was clear, I sat. Usually I can sense Tom’s moods but I was not picking up anything. Was he angry? Annoyed? Teasing? The brush is not usually around unless it’s serious so I was at a loss.

“Where have you been?” Tom asked.

“Why Tom I had that doctor’s appointment this afternoon, you knew that.”

“The appointment was at 3:30. Did it last this long?” He asked, patting the brush gently into his palm.

“Well, no,” I answered. “But since I was in town already I thought I’d pick up a few things.”

“And you didn’t think of calling me to let me know you’d be late. Did you even have your phone with you? You didn’t answer it.”

“I didn’t … Oh Tom I’m sorry. I had to turn it off in the doctor’s office. I forgot to turn it back on. You’re not going to use that horrible thing just because I forgot to turn my phone on one time are you?”

Tom came over and sat on the bed across from me. “You know I like you to be home when I get here. Do you know how many times I’ve beaten you home in the last 9 days that I’ve worked? Seven!” he told me before I had a chance to reply. “Seven times! You are gone all day and then you fall asleep by 8 in the evening each night. You’re doing too much and I’m here to tell you ENOUGH!”

“Now you listen to me,” he went on, “after I’m through here you will have 15 minutes to call your playmates and let them know you will not be available for the next week at least.”

It was about that time I began to get hot! And by hot I mean steam was close to coming out my ears! Leaping to my feet I told him in no uncertain terms, “Tom Duff, you better rethink that and I don’t mean maybe! If you think you’re going to ‘ground’ me like a child you got another think coming. I haven’t done anything wrong and the only way you’re going to keep me in this house for a week it to tie me up!”

I wasn’t on my feet long. Tom had me over his lap in one smooth move and I realized the strategic error in getting out of the chair in the first place. “Tying you up, hummm… darn good idea.” Tom was saying as I struggled. He pulled me firmly to him and I braced myself for the first swat with my mortal enemy.

But it was not the brush but Tom’s hand that began peppering my behind with firm swats. “Cassie Jane,” he began, “do I have your complete and undivided attention? The brush is right here if I feel your mind is wandering.”

“I’m listening!” I hastily assured him. “You don’t need the brush!” I’m not sure he believed me because the spanking surely kicked up a notch. After a minute or two he began talking again.

“Then listen, you will not be going out with Sue. You will not be going to the gym. You will not be walking Willow. No book club, no baby showers, not even any doctor’s visits. Enough!” And before I could pitch another fit he continued, “Because you and I are headed to Hawaii for a week. Just the two of us – no golf clubs, no computers, no phones – just us. I want my wife back and I intend to have her.”

Had I heard him right?

Evidently I had because Tom sat me on my feet and laughed at my stunned look. “Now don’t think you’re getting off scott free! I plan to take the time on this trip to fully remind you of who is in charge of this family and exactly where your attention needs to be focused.”

I was still amazed. I mean we do travel often but this was simply out of the blue, Tom had said nothing about taking time off work. But as what he said sank in I was thrilled! A whole week alone with Tom! There is nothing in the world I wanted more.

“When are we going? I have to let Sue know we’ll be gone. I have to pack and we’ll have to see if Drew will look after Willow and then I have to…”

“Cassie” Tom said in a warning tone. “This is what I’m talking about. You relax; I’ve everything taken care of. Willow will stay next door with Drew and you are all packed. We are leaving the house in 45 minutes. All you have to do is call Sue and tell her you won’t have your phone with you. I’ll have my phone for emergencies and that’s it. You won’t need yours because you won’t be out of my sight!”

“Wait a minute! You packed for me? I don’t think…”

One stinging smack with the brush caused me to jump. “Who’s in charge here?” Tom asked sternly.

That was it! I gave in completely and laughed. I didn’t care what he had packed! I was going to spend a vacation with the most wonderful man in the world! And what a vacation it was! I’ll tell you all about it soon!


Paul said...

Cassie, how wonderful, what a man you have, lucky girl.
Love and warm fraternal hugs.

ronnie said...

A lovely surprise though I couldn't let a man pack for me:)


Anne said...

What a DREAM! - oh and to have him take care of everything WOW...

Cassie said...

I am lucky! And this was a fantastic trip!

It certainly wasn't my choice! Tom definitely had his own ideas about what he wanted me to have with me.

It is wonderful when he takes care of everything - scary at times, but wonderful!

Anonymous said...

A spanking AND a trip to Hawaii - SIGH!

Thank you for the lovely fantasy. :)

Cassie said...

It doesn't get much better. Thank you for reading and commenting. Come back any time.

Katy said...

I love Hawaii! I keep trying to get my man interested in taking me there. The last time I went I burst an eardrum and got "stuck" for an extra week. Yeah, it was real rough!

Cassie said...

I've always love Hawaii and this trip was the best ever. I hope you get to go back soon and get an extra week. But hopefully not for the same reason!