Friday, April 15, 2011

The Massage

There was one extra special evening on our trip that I want to tell you a little more about. Of course everything about the week was wonderful but this one evening stands out in my mind. This was the evening Tom decided to give me a massage.

I’ve never been a big massage person. Although I’ve very comfortable hugging the people I love I have never been very touchy-feely with people to whom I am not close. When we were first married and I seemed so flighty, Tom would often suggest that a massage might calm me down and he would book us both a time with a professional masseuse. Although we tried both male and female I found that having them touch me made me extremely tense. They were nice people and very professional but I was always a basket case of nerves once they were gone. Tom finally realized it wasn’t for me and any massages I get come from him alone. But it’s really not often that I get the full treatment.

One evening, on our trip, not long before sunset Tom led me to the bedroom. There was a plush robe on the bed and a hair brush (no not that one). Tom picked up the brush and sat in the chair with a small stool pulled up in front of it. Tom sat me on the stool and began brushing my hair. It felt so good. I could have sat there all evening and I told Tom so but he said he had other plans for me.

When he was finished Tom undressed me but made on moves to remove his clothes. “Should I put on the robe?” I asked him.

“Yes, do that.” He said but as I picked up the robe he said quietly, “Wait, not yet.”

I turned to look at him and he slowly began removing his belt. Now you just don’t know what watching Tom remove his belt does for me. I know there are some here that fear the belt. I understand that. I have been punished with the belt on occasion and can I know it can be something to fear. However, for me, the belt is the most sensuous of spanking implements. Watching Tom unbuckle and pull the belt from its loops caused me to catch my breath. I couldn’t have looked away for anything.

I was holding the robe as he folded the belt over and griped the ends in his hand. He came to me and with his other hand on my shoulder he gently bent me over the bed. My arms were under me as I clutched the robe. With the first sharp contact from the belt, as the pain and all the other sensations spread, I closed my eyes and buried my face in the bed losing myself in the moment. The sweet pain spread as the belt struck over and over and I cried out as an unexpected and utterly amazing orgasm coursed through my body in waves.

Tom laid the belt on the bed as he bent over me, gently kissing my back. It took me a moment to come back to my senses. Tom helped me up and I was nearly light headed. I started to speak but Tom laid his finger on my lips and holding my hand guided me to the small massage room in the house. One wall was glass and I watched as the Pacific slowly swallowed up the sun. There was a massage table and a shelf of candles warming various oils. Tom helped me lay on the table and slowly and gently entwined his fingers in my hair to massage my scalp. As he moved to my neck he used the warm oils and made my neck and shoulders feel as if no stress existed in the world.

He was especially thorough with my hands. Tom and my hands – now there's a love affair. He gave each finger undivided attention. As his hands moved down my back I realized that the world of massage had lost a true artist when Tom did not take up the call. He moved from my lower back to my feet where he rubbed the hot oils in with the same attention he had given my hands, in due time he was caressing my calf and finally my thighs. I was way past putty, I was liquid.

A gentle massage to my sit spot and bottom beautifully rekindled the heat from Tom ministering with the belt and I felt bathed in pure bliss. Tom carried me to the bed, though I barely remember him doing so. In fact I remember nothing until sunlight woke us the next morning although it’s rare for me to sleep through the night without waking at all. As I came awake I turned to look at Tom. He was smiling at me as he held me.

“Tom… last night… oh my! What did you… Did you know it was going to… I just can’t believe…”

Tom laughed with delight. “My Cassie, speechless! Can I assume you enjoyed your evening?”

“Oh Tom! It was… it was… incredible!” As I sat up I could tell that the belt had truly done its job the night before and that I would have reminders with me for several days. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

There was truly no way to thank him for such an evening but I can promise you I gave it my very best and Tom seemed completely pleased with my efforts. Tom and I have had some incredibly wonderful time over our many years together but the night of the massage will stay with me for a long time to come. I think you can see why it needed a post of its very own.


Paul said...

Cassie, I'm positively jealous of both of you.
And extremely well told.
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

Florida Dom said...

Oh a spanking and a massage. What a nice combination. I bet you are still glowing.


Anonymous said...

:)... Wow!

abby said...

tom need to write an how-to a beautiful, sensuous night!

Cassie said...

It was a most wonderful evening and fully worthy of jealousy!

Florida Dom,
Oh my, you would be right about that!

Swathi, I couldn't have said it better myself!

What a wonderful idea! That would be some pamphlet!

Anonymous said...

Lucky You =-)

Tiffany said...

what a wonderful evening or you, that was very sweet

Cassie said...

I surely agree with you about that!

Tom can be exasperating, picky and demanding but above all else he can be romantic! And I do love all sides of him.