Saturday, October 14, 2006

For Paul

Paul, I feel you have taken on an awesome responsibility befriending, guiding and encouraging these lovely ladies through your comments. While I will not be joining you, I do admire your courage. Best wishes on your birthday.

Cassie’s Tom

Dear, dear Paul, Happy Birthday! You are such a special man. You are always such a calm voice of reason. As Tom said, you are a guide to us all.

When I first began reading Bonnie I assumed that she and all those who commented were in their twenties, maybe thirties. Maybe they are a bit older than that, but I was still pleased to find a peer close to my age. This was another big step in feeling normal. I love reading every thing you have to say about Mel and the magical marriage you shared. I hope we can enjoy many years of sharing our ups and downs and our views on life, love and spankings!

Hugs and love to the 2nd most wonderful man I know!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm Back!

I’m back, I’m here, I’m legal, and I’m in the open! I feel like I could go on Oprah and leap onto her sofa!! Tom laid down some blogging rules that should be easy to live with. I can’t tell you when I have been happier. After an extremely rough time when I first told him he finally listened to me, he listened to you and while I know he still has some misgivings he is choosing to treat the whole thing with a sense of humor. My heart feel like it is filled with helium and I could just float away on joy!

After Tom read everything I had posted I could pretty much tell that he was going to let me continue. He thought much of it was funny although I could tell a few could still give me a warm rear. He wanted to know what else I had been reading so I took him to Bonnie’s site first, then Grace, Eva, Theresa, CeeCi and Elis. He agreed that they seem like nice, normal people. Then from the comments, he wanted to see Tiggr and Sky’s sites. I am not hiding anything but I told him that you guys sometimes posted pictures that might make him uncomfortable and that I would rather he not visit at this time (Tiggr and Sky I hope you understand.) He could know all he needed to know by reading your comments. I’m not sure why but he agreed. I really don’t think he wants to get mad again.

When he told me that he wanted to post something I was dumbfounded! I simple couldn’t believe it. He and I disagree about my state of mind when we met. I do not think I was in such bad shape. But who knows Tom’s memory maybe better than mine. In either case I thank God he did find me and took care of me. He is still taking care of me and I am still grateful. As I think back on events during the first few years of our marriage I guess I did give him cause to worry. I did make some very careless, downright dangerous choices sometimes. But that was so long ago. I will admit sometimes my choices these days might be foolish but I do not do anything intentionally dangerous. You would think the fear would ease after 30 years!

These are my new blogging rules, considering that I expected to never blog or possible email again I won’t be breaking any of these!

No leaving the bed in the middle of the night to blog, or touch the computer for any reason.

I had been doing this more and more when Tom was asleep because I was having trouble sleeping myself. I really don’t see how this is any different from getting up and reading or watching an old movie. But I’m not arguing.

Limit my time on line each day.

He left this open ended but I will be sure to give him no reason to complain.

Always write like a lady. One thing this means is no cursing.

Can you tell me one other blog that has as language any milder than mine?? He was annoyed about this. He said that he knew words might some times slip out when someone is upset (I get spanked when they do though!), but I had to make a conscience choice to type it. So I will try to watch it.

Absolutely no contact other than the internet!

He was adamant on this! If this rule is broken the computer goes once and for all.

I gave him one rule too. I told him that I didn’t want him reading what I wrote everyday. I want to be uninhibited in what I write on a daily basis but that I would show him the stories when I wrote them. He laughed and said I didn’t get to give him rules and he would read anything he wanted to anytime he wanted to. What a shock, but it was worth a try! He did say he didn’t plan on checking it on a daily but he would check it out when he wanted to.

Soon I will tell you exactly what happened when I told him. But for me it was miserable time so I wanted to tell you the happy ending first. I will say more about it but a special blessing to those of you that wrote letters. And an even more special thanks to Eva who started it all. There was a ton of talking between Tom and me to get to this point, but I don’t think he would have let me keep talking with out all the love and support he saw in the letter! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy to be home.