Saturday, October 14, 2006

For Paul

Paul, I feel you have taken on an awesome responsibility befriending, guiding and encouraging these lovely ladies through your comments. While I will not be joining you, I do admire your courage. Best wishes on your birthday.

Cassie’s Tom

Dear, dear Paul, Happy Birthday! You are such a special man. You are always such a calm voice of reason. As Tom said, you are a guide to us all.

When I first began reading Bonnie I assumed that she and all those who commented were in their twenties, maybe thirties. Maybe they are a bit older than that, but I was still pleased to find a peer close to my age. This was another big step in feeling normal. I love reading every thing you have to say about Mel and the magical marriage you shared. I hope we can enjoy many years of sharing our ups and downs and our views on life, love and spankings!

Hugs and love to the 2nd most wonderful man I know!



Theresa said...

Ahhh Cassie you put it so well.

Happy Birthday Paul...I second Cassie's wishes!


Anonymous said...

Tom~ I, for one, do wish you'd occassionally chime in. My Adam is always looking for male bloggers, the male point of view, etc. There aren't enough men out there willing to guide the men who might not be quite as secure and sure of themselves as gentlemen such as yourself and Paul. So please know your comments are VERY welcome in this world of ours.


Anonymous said...

Tom, I always appreciate hearing your take on things... the men are definitely in the minority representation around here and yet your thoughts are often the ones we are most interested in and sometimes even confused by... please think of stopping in a bit more often.

Paul, I third Cassie's thoughts to the letter... and yes, for me, too, you are my second most favoritest man (excepting the little guy, of course, who isn't a man yet). Happy Day!

Hugs and love,

Paul said...

Dear Cassie, thank you so much for the good wishes.
Please thank your Tom for his words.
I'm still not sure how I became a mentor to all you lovely ladies, I do know that my Mel is having a good laugh and sticking her tongue out at me, not something she would dare to do, had she still a butt. WEG.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Tom chimed in! I second everyone when I say, chime in anytime Tom. *waves*

Cassie, you said it beautfully!

Happy B-day Paul,