Thursday, November 02, 2006

Everyone is Welcomed!

To my silent friends, I wanted to join everyone today to invite you to please leave a comment to say hello. I am not supposed to be blogging yet. I know none of you will believe this but I had a passing thought of sneaking on here to blog this but I had a funny feeling that Tom might just check in to see that I was minding him. Although I don’t know why he wouldn’t trust me! I always do what he tells me to! So I got his permission for this only.

I was able to get his permission by explaining how important I thought this was. I would be thrilled to meet, through your comments, anyone who has ever come by my blog. I would love to read any comments you might leave, especially now that my time to type is very limited. Maybe you could keep me entertained for a bit. Please leave some name so that I might know you if you ever return. If you are not ready to leave a comment, email me. But please, it is safe. Just say Hello.

I am mending very nicely and as some of you have surmised being pampered to the hilt! But one hand, left handed typing is for the birds! This took forever. But if you comment or email I will respond, slowly, but I will.

Hope to hear from you,


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie...i have been boppin in now and then, but not had a chance to leave a comment. my Master brought me to your site, as He enjoys reading you. Sending good, healing vibes your way and hope you are back to blogging soon!


x said...

want to step out of the shadows today and say hello to you. I wanted to say hello to everyone participating in the delurk day. It's a great idea. :)
I've been to your blog a few times but I don't think I've commented.
Hello and TGIG and BIG HUGS

galros said...

I pop over now and then Cassie(actually most days!!) but I don't always comment - cos of time energy or lack thereof!!

I love reading your blog though. Keep it up!!! (when your fingers are better of course!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,

Not only do I read you every week, I comment when Blogger permits - but you know all this, don't you?!

Hey, I even dedicate posts to you - I must love ya!


Anonymous said...

How do we e-mail you please?

Anonymous said...

Ahh...Ive discovered atleast how to make the comment appear.Hello from the north of England where curently it is very cold.I enjoy your blog and hope youre feeling much better after your fall and healing nicely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,

I just wanted to say hello for de-lurking day.

Glad to hear you are on the mend.

Hope you get many more replies.

Take care,



Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,

Thank you for participating in our mass delurk. It seems to be going great so far.

Please take care!


Theresa said...

Gald you could make it Cassie. Honestly tell long did it take you to type this post?


Anonymous said...

I'm following the path Bonnie left and I'm so glad. I'll be back later to have a better look around.

With healing wishes ad thoughts,
The Butterfly Temptress

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie~

Hope you are healing well and having fun being pampered by Tom. I am making the rounds and saying hello to you gals. Thanks for the wonderful writing, the laughter and shared thoughts. Your friendship with each other is a joy to see and leaves me with a warm feeling each time I stop by.

You'all give me hope. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Cassie,

Hi love! How's the hand? I'm hoping you're healing perfectly and without complication and that you have no lasting effects from the concussion... and I'm sure Tom has spoiled you rotten (as if you weren't rotten already *grin*).

Your natural ambience around here is most welcoming to the shy ones and you really should be their hero (at least in that respect, LOL).

Love you, babe, and am sending lots of love and healing and peaceful energy your way!


Anonymous said...

Aww Cassie! I hope your feeling better! I miss you!

Now, remember, I don't care what you've heard, but I AM perverted. Oh, and I bite!


Anonymous said...

Cassie, Its great to hear from you! Hopefully you'll be back to two handed typing before long! Enjoy the pampering and have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your stories about you and Tom...

Paul said...

Love you babe, very brave of you to beard Tom, glad things are improving.
Sending you love and healing and a big warm hug,

CeeCi said...

Happy LOL Day, Cassie! It's good to know you're on the mend.

I don't comment here as often as I should, but I do check in often. Your writing is wonderful and the recounts of your life and adventures are great. I'll do my best to be a more active participant!

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie! I'm afraid I'm usually a lurker here, too, but I am a regular one! I'll be leaving comments more often. I hope you're back to two-handed typing soon! Enjoy the pampering while you can!

*hugs* SuZQ

frhe sjgg said...

Hi on Friday evening, Cassie !
It is amzing how much we rely on things we usually take for granted (such as hands and tyoing !).
Be good to yourself, and lots of ongoing light for your complete healing !
Hope you and Tom have a nice weekend.
Anne Elizabeth

Cassie said...

Oh I am so excited! The has been a wonderful day! Bear with me I will answer everyone.

Mian- I am so happy that you and your Master read here. Please come by again!

Padme- Thank you, I will be visiting your site.

Cuddlybum- Pop in anytime! I don't alway leave comments either but I usually want to.

Sky, Sky!! I miss you. I did love the beautiful outfit the other day. Wish we could shop together sometime! Keep in touch.

Anon - About emailing. For some reason all my links and everything is near the bottom of my site. Go to the picture click on 'View my complete profile' On this page go to the box that says contact and click on email. This will show you my email address. I can't find any way to send the email from this page but just get my address and email me from your regular email site. And please do!

Anon - You stay warm now. Curl up with your computer and come back and visit.

More later!!


Anonymous said...


Wanted to stop by and say hello and tell you what a wonderful blog you have!


Caryagal said...

Hi Cassie!

I guess I probably don't qualify as a lurker anymore, but I wanted to say I am glad your repairing in a wonderfully pampered lifestyle! I just wanted to say hello! Email me when you get a chance, but don't hurry! take care of you first!


Anonymous said...

***the only reason i'm not commenting is cuz i don't wanna make you have to type anymore than is necessary... you didn't even see me here***

Cassie said...

Lily, Bonnie and Theresa,
Always love it when you come by. This has been fun. But Theresa you really don't want to know how long this is taking!

TBT, please come again.

Shy, I am being pampered to death! Please join us anytime, we would love it!

Tiggr, My head is fine but the hand is a nuisance! Miss you!

Grace, Perverted? I'm not sure but I will take your word. I read the BJ post and I was just wondering, dear, what is it you bite?

Maggie, I wish we could get Tom and MrC together, then your problem would be solved!

Anon, I am glad you enjoy the stories. Please come back.

Paul, you are still my second favorite man! I bet you would let me drive! Thank you so much for visiting so often and for the lovely things you have sent!

CeeCi, So happy you came by. I never miss a day in the garden.

Suzy, I love you site and I have enjoyed reading about your trip.

Anne Elizabeth, such a loyal friend. Thank you for checking in daily. You have such wonderful stories on your site!

Katie, You are such a talented young woman. I am honored you dropped by.

Carye, my friend! I love it when you are able to drop by!! Talk with you soon.

Believe it or not I typed all this only to have blogger tell me there was a problem and I lost it all. I burst in to tears and Tom said I could work on it again this morning. Even blogger is against me!

AngelBrat said...

Cassie, I've never commented her, but I've had you linked and been reading you for a while now. I waited with baited breath to find out if Tom would let you keep blogging, and I'm so glad things turned out the way they did!



kitten said...

Hi Cassie! I haven't been here before but it looks great and I'll definitely be back. *waves*

Cassie said...

Please come by anytime. It will be slow going for a while but I'll be in and out.

Please come again!


Anonymous said...

hi cassie. i come by from time to time. enjoy reading about you and tom. as far as leaving comments if i have time and something to say. anyway hope your wounds heal up quickly. take care. jammin33333

Sierra said...

I just started reading your blog recently. I'm not in a dd relationship but I'm slightly interested. I stumbled among your blog because after much internal conflict I decided to google my secret fantasy of spankings. I'm a college student and a mother to a nearly 2 year old. I find your stories great fun to read. I love the way you describe the relationship between Tom and you. It sounds like such an amazing connection. I know this blog is years old but I thought what the heck... :-)

Btw I'm so intrigued to read other blogs but haven't found any others I like. I hope to read that you've linked your friends in a future or unread blog in this case.

Cassie said...

Thank you so much for your comment. Each comment I get, even on old posts, comes right to my email. I'm so glad you are enjoying my stories. You can find anything you want our here if you look around. Discipline blogs, those who spank just for fun and many in between. My blog is just for the fun of a good story and it brings me great joy. I hope you'll come back often and if you have any questions you can emailed to