Friday, November 28, 2008

A change of focus

I have a lot I need to say today. First I want to say that I am married to the most incredible, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent man on the face of the earth. He is everything in the world to me. He talks to me; he has always talked to me. He has, by his insistence, helped me to live the last nearly 40 years as a lady – at least in public! He brought so many things into my life that had never been there before – consistency, friendship, discipline, and love. Always love. At the beginning I had no idea spanking would be so much a part of my marriage. But it has been a staple. And now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes of course there is still discipline but far more are just for the fun, the connection and the erotic pleasure it brings.

There is happy news, although I can imagine some of you will be shaking your heads at this. Sue and Steve have decided they are moving east. The cost of living in our area of the world is a great deal more reasonable than their area. We have also done much talking during this visit and we discussed at length that we are family to each other. Sue and Steve have no children either. Our other close friends have children and grandchildren but Sue and Steve have no more extended family than we do. Even with all the trouble Sue and I could potentially get into we are all comforted that we will all be near one another. There are several houses in our neighborhood for sale and they are already looking on line. You don’t know what this means to me. Tom is happy too, although he fully realizes our potential for getting into troub... umm, interesting situations! Now don’t worry, you know I am going to be as good as gold!

On a less happy note Tom is going to be working a bit longer than he had originally planned. I am not happy about this but it is something he wants very much. He has always given me everything I have ever wanted and now it is my turn to let him have this without excessive fussing – provided I get plenty of his attention too! I know it won’t be smooth sailing but we have talked about it at length and I agreed with his decision.

Of course this means I am going back to work too. Oh my, the corporate wife again. Not my favorite roll but one I know well. Do you see where this is going? While I am not giving up my blog you can see that I will not be here much. Just as it has been these past few weeks my time is going to be taken up with helping Sue and Steve find a house and get moved and settled, giving my lovely Willow the attention she needs and being there for Tom whenever he needs me.

I may be popping in and out but please don’t worry if I am not here often. I just wanted you all to know that I am fine and happy, just putting my energies in other directions.

I hope that those who come by will enjoy my archives (I’ll remind you that regardless of how old the post is you can comment on it and I will get it – I will try to reply too as I have time) but as you do read the old post please remember something. This blog has been my creation. Many of you have teased saying that ‘You want to be me when you grow up’. You realize, I hope, that I write looking at my life through rose colored glasses. I tell you the fun, funny parts of our lives from my point of view because I enjoy the stories and I enjoy sharing them. We are not some perfect couple and we don’t have everything right but why would I write about the negatives? When I first began writing all I ever wanted to do was share some stories here because there was certainly no where else to ever tell them. This is not a place to learn about how a DD marriage works or how it should be done. It is just a place to read about a crazy old lady’s love of life.

But there are two things I would like everyone to take away from here. First there is nothing wrong with an old fashion marriage where the husband is the guide and protector of the wife. There is nothing wrong with him being in charge. There is nothing wrong with him giving the occasional spanking to make sure his wife is fully aware of who is in charge. (And there is nothing wrong with the wife trying to get away with as much as possible!)

But the second, and most important thing, I have wanted this blog to point out is that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grow and change with age. But while aging bring on diminished eye sight, hearing problems, stiffness in joints and a smorgasbord of aches and pains – the love and passion between two people only grows stronger and better. Always remember that.

To all my reader – my friends and family,

I love you,



Kelly said...

Hi Cassie,
I am a new reader to your blog- just discovered it a few days ago, but I am absolutely in love. After reading a few pages of your more recent entries, I went back to the beginning and started there and went forward, I got through a little over a year before I got in trouble for not doing school work! lol. But I just wanted you to know that I think you are both an amazing writer and an even more amazing lady. From the stories of your youth to your current stories, you wow me with your passion and zest for life.

I've been a spanko all my life, and have figured out that I want a dd relationship, but sometimes I fantasize about having that dominant guy that just takes you in hand, and have no choice. You actually lived that! It's a romance novel that actually happened. I was so amazed! It is definitely old fashioned and I can think of almost no guys that would be that bold today, but I find it so endearing and refreshing- though some of your stories make me grateful that I chose this life. :)

You mentioned that people say that they want to be you when they grow up, and that is exactly what I told my boyfriend when I started reading. I said she has been married 40 years and she is so alive! And as bratty as ever! So yes, people do want to be you! lol, we want to have husbands that love us more than the world, and take care of us, and we want to be as fun as you are. Hell I wish i was as fun as you are and I'm 19! lol

Anywho, I'm sorry that this message is so long, but consider it for every post. From at the very beggining when you were so worried about Tom not letting you keep the blog (which had me absolutely enthralled and SO nervous- I should have probably realized that since the blog continued, you got to keep it ;)) to now with your new puppy, your life has been a joy to read about, and I thank you so much for sharing. You give me hope for the future and the life ahead. I'm ashamed to admit that I was nervous about turning 20 (not a teen anymore!) but you've made me realize there is joy in every part of life- if we all just keep that spark.

So thank you for all you have given all of your readers and I wish you all the best. Come back and see us sometime! I mean, you helped inspire me to start my own blog! lol.

Can't wait to hear about more of your mischief and love.


Anonymous said...

What a great post. I'm happy for you and look forward to every post you do have time to write.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie...
I've recently discovered your blog...I haven't gone thru a lot of your archives yet, but I have read some of them. The prostitutes liscense was FANTASTIC to read. So while i am sad that u might not be posting as often as i'd like, I can comfort myself with your older posts everyday. I am still trying to wrangle up the courage to tell my husband (16 yrs of marriage 2nd one for both of us)of my interests in spanking hoh etc, but I havent been able to yet. Hopefully one day I will. I just dont know if its in his temperament to do so, but u never know. I am so happy for you that your friends are moving close to you. That is truly a blessing.
Take Care

Daisy said...

Oh, my dear Aunt Cassie, I am so pleased for you that you will have your friends near you; I am sad however that you are not going to be around much... I have been worried about you these past weeks, with no posts, lol, but told myself you may have gone away for Spanksgiving! I feel as though I just found you and now am losing you... :( but I am just being selfish...
I will content myself with reading through ALL your archives, but I just have to ask this...please, PLEASE post once a week, even if its just a quick "Hi, I'm fine, just busy" message, because I worry when I don't see a post for a while, thinking something could be wrong and I wouldn't even know! Hope going back to work is fun, and keeps you out of too much mischief.... lol
Love you lots, Daisy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

i started reading your blog recenty and like so many other i love it and look forward to your posts. i am so happy that your friends are moving closer and i do hope you and sue manage to stay out of trouble. :) i hope you enjoy your time with tom and your friends and i do hope you keep us all updated from time to time.


Anonymous said...

That's great they are moving near you. I can imagine all the fun you will have. Love the blog and hearing all about your life/ the posts on Willow are fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cassie,
i have so enjoyed reading your blog! I have not posted, but I am a big fan. I will miss you, but I wish you and Tom all the best. I will continue to check in regularly just in case you manage to have a free minute to indulge us with a glimpse into your life.

And, thanks to you, I feel confident that even as we grow older, we will not lose our desire for spanking and loving each other.

grace said...

Cassie! You know you are missed when you are gone, but I'll take what I can get. I'm so happy for you that your friends are moving near you. This is so exciting.

Stop by when you can to give us an update! Until then, I'd say be good, but heck, what fun would that be????


david said...

Mom, You are always close to my heart and with me. I will always be here reading but sending you emails of love as well.

Love and hugs,

Paul said...

Cassie sweet sis, this is good news and sad news.
I'm happy that Sue and Steve are moving close to you and sad that you won't be posting much.
Keep in touch dear girl, as you can.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

Caryagal said...

Love you Cassie! I will always check here every time I'm on the net! I'll miss ya! But will eagerly await your return!



Janice said...

Dear Cassie, what a delightful blog post. I do wish you all the best. I did really like this: 'It is just a place to read about a crazy old lady’s love of life.' Wonderful.



CeeCi said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,

What a beautiful and graceful farewell message...though I must say I hope it won't be forever!

You have brought laughter, smiles and hope to so many through sharing the highlights of your life of passionate love and spicy romance. God bless you and your dear love in your future endeavors. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for the invite, I will be back many times to read and read as I can find the free time - with a little one at home that's in short supply!

Oh, and you aren't a crazy old lady! You're a lovely, foxy lady in the autumn years of her life who shows us all that the fire just keeps on burning through the years! :)


PS: Of course I had to post this as "Anonymous" to preserve, well, my anonymity as we had discussed in email the other day. Otherwise a photo of hubby and me would have been here for all to see! LOL! A happy, happy Christmas to you, Tom and Willow!!

Cassie said...

I am glad you are enjoying. I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.