Monday, August 25, 2008

I want it now!

Tom has new hobby – tormenting me! I made a comment a while back that I wondered what he would give me for my birthday this year. I laughed and told him I didn’t believe he could top the past two year, first a sports car and next our beloved home on the river. He gave me a small smile and said “So you don’t think I can top your past gifts? You don’t have much faith in me do you?”


I had just been kidding but what could possible top the house? I love this place and have never been happier anywhere. But now he spends part of each day teasing me about my gift and how much I am going to love it. I can honestly say that I do not have a clue! And I am tired of waiting! I want it now!! I have gone through his drawers and even through his study – nothing! We have already taken our trip; the cruise was a birthday gift itself.

I would pout and pitch a fit if I thought it would do any good! But somehow I don’t think it would get me the desired results. But if that man does not stop teasing me … well, he may find his socks tied in a knot, and the sprayer taped down and if I put my mind to it I am sure I can come up with another trick or two!


grace said...

As much as I hate waiting for surprises, it does ruin everything if found out early.

Plus, you wouldn't want a sore behind on your birthday, would you?

Oh wait, I forgot! This is a spanking blog...LOL


david said...

Cassie Mom, I bet it's a jewelry store or an airplane of your own.

Love and hugs,

PK said...

I honestly cannot imagine what it could be but I have complete faith in Tom to come up with something incerdible! I can't wait to hear!

Is there possibly somewhere I could get my name on Tom's gift list? You just have to love a man who puts this kind of thought into gift giving.

Now behave yourself and stay out of his study so that he doesn't change his mind.


Paul said...

Cassie, sweet sis, now sit on your hands and have faith in Tom, he probably will surprise you.
It's not that long to wait, posses your soul in patience.
Love and brotherly hugs,

hestia said...

grinnnnnnnnnn Cassie... I can imagine you being curious.. DragonM did it to me to... I knew what mom and dad were gonna get me.. what my Love was gonna give me.. but Master.. I had no idea... I think the pic is on my blog... a wonderfull painting... which will have a perfect spot in the livingroom...

so I am sure Tom can and will surprise you...

love, lessa

Anonymous said...

Remember great things come to those who wait. I have no doubt that Tom will astonish you. The King always takes care of his Queen.
I have been meaning to ask you. Would you add me to your blogroll?

I Gal

Cassie said...

I'll be sore on my birthday no matter what - I hate waiting.

I don't think it is either of those. He seems so pleased with himself. I think it is something I have not considered.

I do love being on his list. He has always given wonderful gifts but lately he has been even better! I am continuing to look but I will be careful not to get caught!

Oh Paul!
You know just how much patience I have!

I am sure it will be a surprise and I am sure I will love it, but what is it!???

I Gal,
Tom always takes care of me.

And I would love to add you just as soon as I remember how to do it! LOL!