Saturday, September 06, 2008

What a storm!

Hannah left us in one piece but she sure packed a good wind and tons of rain. We have had some flooding and it is still raining but we had moved everything loose from the yard so except for some limbs down I think we have fared pretty well.

Now while I have total respect for hurricanes and of course I never want anyone hurt or their property damaged, but you just can’t beat a storm like this for the sheer thrill and power of it. This was the first major storm we have had since moving to the river. I loved it.

Tom had to be in town all yesterday afternoon. I was putting away chairs and our plants. I went to the dock to put those chairs in the boat house and secure things there and I just couldn’t help it – the wind was already strong but the rain had not started yet – I just had to take the boat out for a little while. I knew that Tom was going to take the boat out of the water when he got home and he had said he would probably leave it in the garage during the winter so I wasn’t sure he would put it back in the water this season or not.

It was wonderful!! The water was choppy the wind was whipping and I was flying! Don’t worry, I always wear my life jacket when I am on the boat alone. That was as fine a boat ride as I have ever had! One of the first bands of rain hit as I was on my way back and honestly the whole experience was simply thrilling!

I made it back in plenty of time and the only one who saw me was Kate who met me coming across the yard soaking wet. “Cassie don’t tell me you took the boat out! What’s the matter with you?” Is it my destiny in live to be surrounded by mother hens?

“Yes I took the boat out and I loved it! Now don’t you dare tell Tom or he will pitch a fit and it will land on me!”

Kate was laughing at me and said “I have never known a woman who has her husband wrapped around her little finger tighter than you have. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I’ve never even heard him raise his voice to you.”

“Kate I am serious” I told her “he has his moments when he is upset with me so you just keep my secret, promise now!” She promise and I got changed and was sitting serenely reading when he came home. He let me help him get the boat out of the water – although he did say something about hating having me out it the wind! Bless that man’s heart! What he doesn’t know won’t hurt me!

We were all safe and snug inside soon enough and it was a great night listening to the wind and the rain. We haven’t been out this morning to see if there is any damage in the neighborhood but there none right around here. I hope with several storms at this time everyone out there fairs as well as we did.


Paul said...

Cassie, my first thought was, oh no, if Tom catches her!!!
I do know how thrilling such storms can be, but it doesn't do to forget how dangerous they are as well.
I often wonder as your youth, tis good to see.
Love and brotherly hugs,

PK said...

Oh Cassie you are so much fun! But if Tom finds out he will blister you! Do you think Kate will keep her promise?

I am glad you had fun and I am glad you made it back safe and sound!


Eva said...

Cassie~ I'm so glad it was a great ride but... but... was it safe? Really??

And I'm glad Hanna didn't hurt you much... now to get you southerners through Ike!!!


Jenny said...


You are so much fun and you HAVE so much fun. You are truly an inspiration to me. You have such a zest for life.

An another note, when you are out having all of your fun, please be careful. We all love you and would be devasted if anything bad ever happened to you.

Now, let's just hope that Kate doesn't tell. After all, you made it home safe and sound. Also, like you said, you were wearing a life jacket. However, I have a feeling Tom wouldn't take any of that into consideration. He loves you so much that he would only think of all the bad things that could have happened to his lovely wife.

Glad you made it through your first big storm. We got battered by Fay and Ike is headed straight for us. Let's pray for the best.



mthc said...

Oh Cassie and David would make a good pair, He took me out right smack in the middle of Tropical Storm Hanna this morning!
He's a storm tracker/chaser for the National Weather Service and lives for Hurricanes..Snow storms..all that. I have to admit it is exciting but i'm getting tired of Hanna now ..she can go..she's been here since last night.. Glad everyone's safe..We're having lots of flooding and water rescues but it seems the worst is over!

Daisy xxx said... a new reader, forgive me for asking...but, is there even the remotest chance that Tom might read this? Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

david said...

Mom, Way to go! I know you had a blast. It was so much fun this morning with the roads flooding and the wind whipping the car every where.

I'm glad Tom didn't go to the rear of the boat and feel the heat from that engine. Hanna was fun waiting now for Ike to arrive.

Love and hugs,

Cassie said...

I do occassionally get away with something!! Trouble is it always want to make me try again! LOL! I promise to stay safe!

Kate won't tell. But I think her view of our marriage is interesting she honestly thinks Tom never fusses about a thing I do!

I promise you it was completely safe. It was just a little windy and I have no problem handling a boat.

I hope Ike misses you! He sounds much more dangerous than Hannah. No Kate won't tell and you are right - Tom would not care how careful I had been.

Please let me know how you all come through the storm!

I would love to go storm chasing with David! Tom won't go out much in the exciting part of a storm. But it would be a lot of fun!

Thank you for worrying about me. Tom does not read here. He rarely touches the computer and it is somewhere he gives me my privacy as long as I follow his rules about it. I think he knows I need to really be myself. I am happy you came back.

The engine had time to cool before he came home. If it hadn't it would have been my rear that would have had to worry about the heat!

Caryagal said...

We lived in Florida a while and went through some tropical storms. It was ALWAYS a thrill for me. the sheer power, the amazing grace everything about storms like that. I particularly remember how amazingly low the clouds came in. it was exilerating. I miss that now, of course I'm a weather junkie and if my husband let me, I'd be one on the weather channel out broadcasting in it. I used to be a weather spotter for the area (as our area gets lots of tornados), but with the kids now he won't let me out of the house! LOL! Something about being a mom and keeping it that way...

Love you! Glad you faired well!



Cassie said...

I am sure I would not be allow out of our house for that purpose either but it sounds so exciting. But then again it was pretty exciting in the house with Tom last night too!

lessa{D} said...

ohhhhhhhhhh Cassie... that sure sounds exciting... I would have done the same thing... wild waves.. wind in your hair... mmmmmmmmm... so exciting... we had some lightning and thunder in France last week.. and since we really were in the country it was loud.. impressive... I loved it... wanted to go out... but DragonM wouldn't let me... :-(

I hope Tom will never find out...

Anonymous said...

Miss Cassie,

Lol, you kill me,,,,,if I were half as brave as you are I would be a terror. But I can only imagine the ride was Magnificent!

Glad you guys are safe,


Cassie said...

Wind in my hair is one of my favorite feelings!! So many of my peers have other fix their hair once a week and live in fear of a drop of rain or a puff of air. That will never be me!! I am glad you agree.

Truly the ride wasn't dangerous I was brave/reckless that Tom could have caught me. But I knew how long he would be gone.

Terpsichore said...

I love that you find joy in every part of life! :-)