Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh my!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes. I will be answering my emails soon. My day had been incredible. Tom was true to his word. My gift surpasses anything he has ever given me – including the house! But to show you just what a brat I can be I am not going to tell you what it is until I can tell you about the whole day!! I might be pretty busy for a while but I won’t forget you! You are hearing from the happiest women in the world!!


grace said...

I always knew you were a brat! Leaving us hanging like this is definitely cause for a spanking!

I'm not a patient spill the bean already!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cassie

Can't wait to hear what is was.


Cowgirl said...

Happy Birthday Cassie!

mthc said... must not keep secrets from your chicks!

Paul said...

Cassie, sweet sister, I will defend you at all costs, I will also spank you is you don't tell us soon.
Love and irritated brotherly hugs, (only joking)

Lori said...

Patience is NOT my strong point. Give it up girl! Quickly!!!

What could be better than a house????


Daisy said...

Belated birthday hugs, and a massive birthday spanking too, for keeping us in suspense!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Spanked Italian Gal said...

YOu know that song Cassie- "I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA..." That is YOU!!
Cassie I can't wait to hear how the love of your life spolied you and bestowed great gifts on you. I'm with Grace - btu I'm not patient so hurry up and tell us.
I Gal

kristy said...

Happy Birthday Cassie.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Cassie!!! I can't wait to hear about your day.



Terpsichore said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday!!! Sending hugs, Terpsichore :-)