Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wardrobe malfunction, part 2

You can find the beginning of this story here.

The phone rang and I snatched it up still angry. It was Sue. “Where did you run off to in such a hurry?” she wanted to know.

“Never mind.” I told her shortly. “Get dressed, were going shopping.”

“Shopping? What for?”

“A new bathing suit.” I told her “And I know just what I want.”


Sue didn’t ask any more questions until we were in the cab and headed to a department store. She could tell I was mad about something. Finally she looked and me and said “Okay, spill it. What’s got you so steamed?”

“Tom didn’t like my new bathing suit. He said it was inappropriate for a married woman to wear in public.”

“Oh good grief!” Sue moaned, “What’s his problem? He’s more old fashion than my granny. That suit looks great on you. Just wear it and tell him to kiss your ass.”

“I can’t – it’s cut up in little pieces.” I told her.

“What! That son-of-a-bitch! He didn’t? Cassie, you need to kick his ass to the curb.” Oh yes, Sue was steamed. I liked her being mad on my behalf, but I told her I was the one who cut it up. She laughed then. “In that case, good for you! But tell me why in the world, after all that, are you going out to find a bathing suit he’d approve of?

I turned to give Sue a small smile. “Who says he’s going to approve of it?”

Sue howled with laughter. “Ahhh … Cassie. I thought for a minute you’d gone soft on me. There’s nothing like spitting in the eye of the Tiger!”

It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for since I only had two criteria, tiny and inappropriate. I found one I thought fit the bill perfectly and called Sue back to have a look. Her look was one of shock. “You’re not really going out in public in that thing are you?” she asked, a little hesitantly. It did cover everything it was supposed to, but barely, I admit. I was slim back then, but it was an era when women were expected to have curves to look sexy, the skeleton appeal hadn’t taken hold, and I had curves. This little suit showed each and every one.

“I’m going to get it!” I told Sue. “He can’t tell me how to dress!”

“You’re going to get it all right. Come on Cassie, that on might be pushing it a little. Look for something that covers a little more.” Sue, being cautious? That didn’t usually happen but I had my mind made up and no one was changing it.

I got my suit and headed to the shoe department. “What are we getting here?” Sue wanted to know.

“High heel sandals, that’s just want I need to make this suit standout.” I told her.

“Honey in that suit everything stands out already.”

“Whose side are you on?” I asked, “These shoes will complete the look I’m going for.”

“And what look is that?” Sue asked “Whore’s R’ Us?”

I gave her a withering look, not that she cared. “Look, no kidding," Sue wanted to know, "why do want to go out of your way to make him so mad?”

I ignored her question. I wasn’t sure myself anymore but I couldn’t give it up. “He has to learn he’s not going to control me. I’ll do what I want, say want I want and wear what I want. I’m not his child or his possession!”

“Suit yourself.” Sue told me, “But I think you’re just asking for trouble.” As you know, Sue didn’t know the half of it.


I took special pains with my makeup and hair for the late afternoon pool party. The bathing suit I had destroyed lay on the floor where I had thrown it at Tom. His parting words were for me to clean it up. But I chose to let it lay that as further proof that he could not tell me what to do. Seeing my beautiful new suit in pieces on the floor helped me hang on to my anger. And I needed my anger to carry through on my defiance. Once the anger left common sense would often take over and I wasn’t ready to go there yet. But later how I wished I had handled it differently.

To say I made a splash at the pool party would have been an understatement. When I pulled off my beach cover I believe every woman there gasped and the men simply stared. I loved it. I was an attention hound before I had met Tom and old habits die hard. I was having a ball! Normally I would have the waiters bring me my drinks but I was enjoying walking to the outdoor bar and getting them myself. Andy was there with Annie, Steve and Tom had had to stay for the later meeting. Andy came up to me.

“Cassie, please go change before Tom gets here. I know what you’re doing. Just grow up and put something decent on.” Andy always tried to take care of me but I rarely listened. And I was in too far to listen now. So I lashed out at him.

“I am a grown up! I’ll do as I please. Stay out of my business!” I snapped.

Andy tried one more time. “You know Tom’s going to blow a fuse. Cassie he’s likely to…”Andy stopped and just started at me. “Fine, do it your way.” He said shortly. I’ve wondered since then if he knew exactly what Tom would do. This was well before the cruise when I thought most of my friends learned the truth. But maybe Tom had shared his beliefs with the men much earlier.

I was drinking freely. I had a feeling I wouldn't get much more once Tom showed up. I was standing at the bar when the phone rang. When the bartender called out my name I froze. Taking a deep breath I took the phone. It was Tom who had gone back to the room to change.

“Cassie you have two minutes to get up here and get this bathing suit off the floor. I wasn’t kidding this morning and I’m not kidding now. You better move.” Tom demanding tone set my blood to boiling again.

“If you want it picked up, do it yourself!” I snapped in fury.

“Cassie, so help me I’m going…” I had absolutely no interests in hearing what he was going to do so I hung up on him. I grabbed my drink and downed it in one gulp. Turning to scan the crowd I saw Sue looking at me and shaking her head. She took one finger and slid it across her throat. Maybe that was when reality crashed down on me. I wasn’t worried about a slit throat – that might have been quick and painless. I suddenly realized that what was coming, and I knew it would be neither quick nor painless.

Sue saw my look change from defiance to panic and hurried over. “Let’s go to my room. You can change and give everyone a chance to calm down, okay.”

“Yes. Hurry!” We rushed to the door but it was too late. Tom was headed toward us his face already angry before he saw me. When he saw me and what I was wearing, his face took on an even darker look and I felt my knees go weak. Tom’s was staring directly into my eyes, leaving them briefly to scan the crowd where every man (according to Tom) was still ogling me.

Dear brave Sue said, “We’ll be right back guys. We have to run up to my room for a minute.” She tried to pull me along but Tom had reached us by then and had hold of my hand. As Sue had come to me she had grabbed up her little pool jacket and wordlessly Tom took it from her and put it around me. Tom then headed back toward our room with me in tow. I said a quick pray. But I knew my fate was sealed.

More soon.


Paul said...

Cassie, now that was one spanking you should have filmed.
I'll bet the ivory hairbrush had a good workout.
No sympathy.
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

Katy said...

Like a lamb (in your case more like a lion) led to the slaughter!

Cassie said...

Paul! No sympathy for you little sister? Shame on you. All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not spanked quite like that anymore.

Exactly how I felt!!

ronnie said...

For once you should have listened to Sue:)


Cassie said...

You are right! Most of the time that's not the best idea, but this time it would have helped.

Anonymous said...


I am glad you mellowed as you got older, I am not sure Tom would have survived, or you for that matter, LOL... Don't make us wait to long for the next part!!!


Patty said...

Good Lord Cassie, what were you thinking? Hope you were back on you feet (if not sitting)the next day.

Cassie said...

Tom may have been the only one to mellow. He tell me I can be just as obstinate as I used to be. I'm delighted he mellowed!

That was the problem back then (and perhaps on occasion now - I wasn't thinking!

Terpsichore said...

Playing catch up...so nice to just be reading...Cassie, you certainly do get yourself into mischief, don't you? :-) Can't wait to read more stories... Terps