Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picky men!

This story began back here.

We both slowed to a putter and docked safely. Ryan tied my boat securely and then gave me his hand to climb from the boat. As Allie cut her engine I said loudly,

“Thanks Allie.” Turning to Ryan I added “We both needed gas so we decided to go together since you and Tom are so picky about going out on the boat alone.” It might have been a feeble effort but I wanted to try.

“Don’t even start Cassie; I know Allie took the boat out alone. I call Ned at the station. He said you’d been there filling the tanks but he hadn’t see Allie.”

Oh, shoot! And it could have nearly worked too. Allie jumped out of the boat and right into defense – which I didn’t really need.

“Ryan, did you call Tom? You better not have. Cassie was helping me out – you were too busy working today. I wouldn’t have dared called you for help.”

Wooo… I felt like ducking for cover. Ryan looked angry enough without Allie attacking him. He was silent for a long minute just staring at Allie. I’ve noticed lately that Ryan has become quite good at using silence – perhaps something else he’s picked up from Tom. It seemed to cause Allie to lose much of her bravado and drop her eyes.

“I haven’t talked to Tom. You are the only one I want to talk to right now.” He told her.

Oh my, that didn’t sound fortunate for Allie. I stood looking at the two of them. Being a married woman I shouldn’t admit this, but I just think Ryan is the best looking thing! His hair has lightened from being in the sun so much. He is deeply tan from the same. In his sleeveless shirt, his muscles looked so chiseled. Allie is a tall girl but Ryan is taller by several inches. I swear I think he is the only man I ever notice other than my Tom, but at times this beautiful boy has made me blush when I see him. Tom has noticed too and teases me unmercifully about it. But as I watched him now, with his jaw sit, all I could see was a young man who would make a formidable spanker and I didn’t envy Allie for one minute.

“Don’t worry about Tom.” I told them trying to break the tension. “I’ll tell him when he gets home. He won’t be upset.”

“Good.” Ryan answer “I don’t like keeping secrets. I’m no good at it. Allie, you ready to go?” Ryan asked.

“Go where?” Allie asked with hesitation.

“I want to talk to you. Let’s go to my house.”

Allie gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “That’s for coming to my rescue Cassie. But I think I’m screwed now.”

I gave her a squeeze and whispered back “Just don’t make him any madder. Be sweet and tell him you’re sorry.”

I wanted to say something to Ryan, to go easy on her or something but I do occasionally learn from past experience to leave them to work things out between the two of them. I know it’s the only way but it’s hard for me not to meddle.

They walked to the end of my drive hand and hand. They stopped there for a minute to talk and I headed to the house. I couldn’t really hear much of what they were saying when I saw Allie take a step back in shock and loudly stated ‘NO! Cassie and Sue don’t have …’ I couldn’t catch the rest of what she said but I clearly heard Ryan answer with ‘Well you do!’

I was dying to know exactly what they were talking about. It took supreme self control to just go on in the house. I was sure Allie would tell me later. What could she have been talking about? What do Sue and I not have that Allie does that had upset her so. I couldn’t get the mystery off my mind. I was hoping to hear from Allie later in the afternoon but I hadn’t by the time Tom got home.

I greeted him as he arrived. We talked for a minute as I fixed him a glass of sweet tea – the house wine of the south. As we settled down on the deck to talk, I started right in on my day. I know he wouldn’t have really minded me going to help Allie but I wanted to tell him up front and not have someone else spill the beans.

“I did something today you don’t approve of, but it couldn’t be helped.” I began.

“And want was that?” My sweet husband asked instantly.

“I took the boat out by myself. Now just keep that spanking hand still.” I hastened to tell him as his eyes got that squinty, annoyed look. “I had to and here’s why…” I proceeded to tell Tom the whole story. “So,” I concluded, “I couldn’t leave the poor child stranded in the river. But we both got back safe and sound. You’re not mad are you?”

“Hmmm…” Tom began noncommittally. “I think Ryan needs to warm that little girl’s behind.”

“Well you just stay out of it.” I told him. “I sure from being under your tutelage Ryan has certainly thought of that himself. I haven’t seen Allie all afternoon since Ryan took her to ‘talk’.”

“Now as for you young lady…”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” I interrupted.

“Cassie I’m glad you were here to help Allie out but you should have called Ryan or someone to go with you. You should have called me to let me know what was going on. I’m not mad, Allie needed help and I’m happy you were able to help her, I’m just pointing out that you still didn’t have to go alone.”

“She didn’t want Ryan to know.” I pointed out. Tom’s look told me that excuse didn’t hold much water with him. “And I didn’t call you because you would have been all upset over nothing and trying to take charge of the rescue from 50 miles away. I just went and got her – problem solved.”

Tom held out a hand and we went into the kitchen to begin preparing for dinner. “I don’t know. I still wish you’d called me to let me know what was going on. Wait…” Tom turned to look directly at me with piercing eyes, “Where were you when I called you?”

For goodness sakes, I’d been good as gold and he was going to find something picky to fuss about. “I was getting gas.” I repeated not quite meeting his gaze.

“For the car or the boat?” Tom asked, coming directly to the point.

“The boat – but I didn’t lie to you Tom. I told you I was getting gas; you can’t be upset with…”

“I am upset. Cassie you know that’s kind of deception that annoys me. Why didn’t you just tell me then what was going on. Did you think I’d tell you not to go get Allie?”

“I was in a hurry thinking about getting to her. I didn’t want to go into it all.”

Tom had quit listen by that time. I hate being in the kitchen when he decides it time for an impromptu spanking. Wooden spoons are not my friends. Tom tucked me under his arm and proceeded to address the seat of my shorts with some unnecessarily hard swats. If you aren’t familiar with the feel of being spanked with a wooden spoon let me point out that it carries a lot of power in each swat and that all the sting lands in one small spot.

I was rubbing for dear life when he let me up. “That hurt.” I couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Cassie, don’t keep things from me. That’s the bottom line. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes.” I answered shortly, turning away.

Tom wasn’t really angry and he pulled me into a big hug. Resting his head on top of mine he said “How about taking some bread and cheese and wine and have a picnic on the boat. Would you like that?”

My bottom was still stinging but the evening he was planning sounded too good to waste time pouting. “If you’ll leave that horrible spoon here you have a date.” I told him. I’ll be ready in a minute. I left Tom pulling out picnic supplies and I headed to our room.

It seemed like only a few minutes when I heard Tom at the bedroom door. He spoke calmly but the words crashed in my ears all the same.

“Cassie Jane, where did this boat key come from?”

Oh no!

My boat key, the spare I had had made without Tom’s knowledge, my keys to freedom that I NEVER wanted Tom to know about, the one he would kill me for having it he ever found out, was dangling from his hand.


Paul said...

Cassie, oh dear, ice packs, frozen peas and a ring cushion are on their way.
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

Florida Dom said...

Cassie: Thanks for finding time to write again. And now we wonder what his reaction will be to finding the boat key.


ronnie said...

Looks like the picnic will be on hold.


K's sweetie said...

Ugh....I know that squinty eyed "spanking look"...yikes!

Cassie said...

When I saw those keys in his hands I felt like I'd been hit with a stun gun. But of course, I survived.

I love writing when I can. His reaction wasn't 'pleased'. LOL!

For a while anyway.

K's Sweetie,
Do you suppose that they teach that 'look' in Dom school. I feel they must.