Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am sorry to have been gone so long! I thought everyone would be staying here but we were offered a house on the river and we moved the visit down there. It has been a wonderful visit!! We have spent most of it on the water. I haven’t water skied in the last two summers but I have not lost my touch! I can even slalom, it’s not pretty but I can do it!

I was an absolute angel, most of the time! One reason is that there was very little privacy! I know that whenever Tom feels the need to spank, what might be heard through the walls has never stopped him, so I behaved and gave him no reason. I was really too good, I am boring myself and probably Tom too! At least until the last night!

We all did have a wonderful time so much talking all of us together and of course the men and women split up part of the time to talk privately on our own. Sue most definitely did not want to discuss anything about spanking around the other girls and I didn’t push her. Truly until I started writing out here I would have died if anyone (other than these women) had known. And until very recently we only discussed it occasionally over the years.

But with so much going on and all the people there it seemed that we never had a minute alone. But the last night there we were going to grill out. Sue noticed we were out of her husband’s favorite wine so she told the boys we were going to run out and get some. As usual Tom looks right at me and said “Be careful!” When am I not?

As we headed to the door Sue whispered “Get the boat key.” We had been pestering the guys to let us take the boat out every night and they never would let us go alone. But we had told them we were going to the store and we hadn’t said we were taking the car and they hadn’t said we couldn’t take the boat at that moment… so off we went!

Okay it was not the wisest choice, not for the reasons you are thinking. It was loud and we still couldn’t talk so when we got to the marina and got the wine we decided to sit in the bar and visit for a while (only because it was cool, we had nothing alcoholic!) Sue was the one who had wanted to talk but she couldn’t seem to get started. So I did. “You have not joked any about spanking this trip. Something tells me Steve has found the ‘other side of the paddle’ lately. Am I right?”

She was quiet for a while but then she smiled a little. She said “We are getting along better than we have in years. Steve did talk to Tom.” It seems that Steve was fed up with one thing Sue does and evidently Tom finally talked him into doing something about it. I love Sue but in all honesty she can be a hateful bitch when she puts her mind to it. The way she talks to Steve sometimes is just unbelievable. She says she hates doing it but that she just can’t control her temper.

At Tom suggestion Steve waited until a calm time and told her it had to stop and that he was going to spank her for real if it kept happening and the really strange thing is that Sue agreed. She said just that conversation helped her keep her tongue. I was really fascinated! She says she has only had three real blow-ups since he started all this – that was almost 6 months ago! She says that when she does blow up he doesn’t say a word, he just lets her explode. She says that by the time she has calmed back down her guilt is making her feel rotten. In the past he would get angry and hatful back at her and stay mad for quite a while. Now she says he just stays calm and says “We’ll take care of this later.” I love it, I just love it! Honestly there is no one I know who deservers to be spanked more than Sue when she gets hateful.

But she had a question for me. She started “Alright what I need to know is, when you have screw up and he is going to spank you and you really don’t want him to how do you get him to change his mind?” I couldn’t stop laughing. Honestly if there is one thing I do not know is how to talk Tom out of a spanking!! I told Sue “Sorry honey that is one thing I can’t help you with, but if you ever find out please, please let me know!”

We were having a ball when I finally thought to check the time. Good lord! We had been gone nearly an hour and a half on a trip that should have taken 45 minutes by car an less than 30 minutes by boat! Of course neither of us had brought our cell phones. We scramble to the boat and gunned the motor toward home!

More later…


Tiggr d'Amore said...

YOU are just plain evil, mom... you did a great job with Sue, both you and Tom... but damn, woman, you KNOW better than to pull a stunt like this with the boat... but thanks for giving me a GREAT BIG LAUGH!!!!!

Love you bunches,

Caryagal said...

ooh! I am so glad you got to talk!!!! That is awesome! I have a feeling you two are both in trouble though!!!!!


PS: Boy did I miss you! Sent ya some email while you were gone...

New Beginnings said...

Now Cassie let me get this straight, you and Sue took a speed boat off into the night after Tom had said not to several times. No phone and you were gone a long time? No wonder it took you so long to get it typed! I can't type standing either. Sometimes I can't decide if you are the bravest for the craziest woman I know!

But as far as Sue goes this just might be what she has been looking for her whole life. You and Tom may really have helped them improve their marriage.

Soft pillow my brave/crazy friend!


mthc said...


Paul said...

Cassie, dear sweet sis, will you never learn. I suspect that both of you ended up sore. *G*
Really good news that Sue and Steve's marriage has improved.
Love you sis.
Warm fraternal hugs,

MaggieDear said...

Oh, Cassie! *shaking my head*

You've got the greatest sense of adventure than anyone I know!

At least you did get to talk to Sue, that's the good part! *g*


david said...

Cassie, I dont like the suspense where you left off. Please tell us the boat didn't sink on the way back to the dock!

*hugs and grins*

Tiggr d'Amore said...

Mom? You out here? Are you able to sit yet?

Cassie said...

Daughter! Evil, me? You know I only do these things to keep Tom interested! And he was definitely was interested!

It was a wonderful talk I almost wish she would blog! I would be interested in what she might have to say! I will email back soon!

It sounds worse that it really was, sort of! Let's just say I am not as crazy as you would think!

Sue really does seem happier!

Don't you worry honey, I am tougher than you might think!

Paul my sweet brother,
Learn? As you probably know I do usually know what I am doing! And I do love my husband!!

Sense of adventure! Now that is the way to put it!

No David I did not have to swim for it! The rest so, I promise

Bonnie said...


I guess there's really only one way this story can conclude. I hope everything worked out in the end.

If dear Sue wants to blog, we'd be happy to help her get set up!


Southern Angel said...

Oh, Cassie, trouble just seems to find you! I hope your poor bottom didn't suffer too much.