Friday, August 17, 2007

The rest of the story

Now folks before I tell you the rest of the story I want to make sure any new comers know about one thing. I may act like I don’t have any sense but I do. I rarely get spanked when I don’t want to. Most of my spankings are for annoying Tom, maybe I should call it bratting but I never used to think of it that way. But I always know when I am teasing or baiting him. It’s our foreplay. I can only think of a few time this past year when he was really, really upset with me: when I got the speeding ticket (and didn’t tell him about it right away), when I went toy shopping and lied to him about it, when he found out I had been blogging of course and something dumb that happened this past winter. So although he spanks a lot many, many of them I have basically asked for in one way or another. And truly when I ask in my own special ‘bratting’ way he rarely disappoints!

Sue and I were headed back at top speed and as the dock came in site I wasn’t too surprised to see Tom and Steve standing there. I slowed the boat to come in at a safe responsible speed. I threw Tom the rope and all was silent as he secured the boat and the guys helped us out. The silence was getting pretty loud so Sue said “We got your wine honey”. I chimed in with “We’ll take it up and start it chilling.”

Tom said “You’ll stay right here.” Sue gave me a look that was supposed to be supportive but she followed Steve up to the house. Tom was acting a little funny. He was leaning back against one of the support posts with his arms folded, just looking at me. He almost seemed to have a smile on his face. He said “Cassie can you tell me what you did wrong tonight?” I decided to be completely honest and answered him “We didn’t get back before you noticed the boat was missing?” Okay probably not the answer he was looking for but I was honest!

He just shook his head at me and reached to undo his belt. Now you have to understand what this does to me. Most of the time I really don’t think of myself as a submissive. I have an old fashion husband and we have an old fashion marriage. I mostly do what ever I want and if he doesn’t like it I often get my bottom warmed. But when I watch him remove his belt something happens to me. I think it is what some of you have talked about going into sub mode. My knees get weak, I have a hard time breathing and I absolutely ache with desire. Tom knows this and can sometimes take full advantage of it!

So as I watched him slowly (it seemed to me) remove his belt as I was standing on the floating dock I felt very unsteady. I didn’t move or say a word. Tom folded the belt in his hand and came to me. His free hand went to the back of my neck and he pulled me to him and kissed me. Now Tom and I kiss a lot but let me tell you this was some kiss! I felt a tingle clear to my toes and several other interesting places along the way! I still never said a word as he led me to one of the heavier chairs and bent me over the back. I gripped the arms tightly as Tom lowered my shorts and panties.

The first crack of the belt brought me back somewhat to reality. We were in the deep shadows and with the house closed for the A/C I did not fear any of out guest hearing or seeing anything but it flashed through my mind on this still night how far the sound might carry across the water and I did wonder if anyone was out there to hear. By the fourth or fifth stroke I wasn’t really thinking about anything but his belt! Now you all know my feelings about the ivory hairbrush. It is evil and should be destroyed! But the belt, now that is different. It has the duel quality of bring such sweet pain and pleasure together, it is a lovely implement. I wasn’t counting but I probably got no more than a dozen strokes. They were slow, yet powerful. He didn’t lecture at all and when he stopped and rubbed my bottom and between my legs I think I could have stayed right there all night.

Tom got my clothing arranged appropriately to return to our guests and I asked him to please make love to me right then. He said “Not now Cassie, you have kept our guests waiting long enough.” Shoot I figured our guest were old enough to take care of themselves, I wanted Tom to take care of me! But he took my hand and led me toward the house. I could barely walk and I don’t mean just from the spanking! But yes my bottom was throbbing too! The belt is always something that I feel for several days.

Back at the house I tried to make small talk but I was somewhat preoccupied. At Sue’s questioning look, I gave her a smile that could have meant many things. Tom and I decided to retire early. Living alone we have never have to worry about making noise when we make love but with fairly thin walls at this house it was a consideration. Actually it only added to our evening. Somehow having to make love in total silence made me feel like we were sneaking around and truly it was one of the most passionate, sensuous evenings we have had in a long time.

We were spent, satisfied and curled up ready for sleep before we hear Sue and Steve come to their room and evidently with only us at this end of the house with them the idea of noise was not a problem for Steve. I don’t think I had ever heard anyone else get spanked before! I sat up to listen and poked Tom, I was whispering “Listen, listen” but Tom pulled me back down and told me to hush it was none of my business! But it was so strange! I was embarrassed! I buried my face in the pillow to drown out my giggles. Tom popped my very sore derrière and told me to be still! But I have to tell you it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard!

The next morning was kind of rushed with everyone getting packed and many headed to the airport. So there was no more time for deep discussions. Anne did remark in front of Sue and Steve that Sue has been in a better than normal mood all week and wanted to know what Steve was doing to keep her so happy. It was a rhetorical question and Steve just smiled. Sue and I did not even glance at one another because we could not have held it together. But as they were leaving she hugged me good-by and whispered in my ear “I guess there is no fool like an old fool!” I think the girl is happy and I am happy for her.


mthc said...

Too cool..I just love your stories. David and i some fun tonight as well..BIG SMILE...ONE OF YOUR CHICKS!!!

david said...

I can just picture you laying there beside Tom with your giggles as Sue was getting it.

*hugs and grins*

Paul said...

Cassie, what a lovely post, BTW dear sis, there was never any doubt in my mind that you love Tom, that's a given!!
You and Mel would have got on so well, Mel adored leather, it turned her on no end.
Many a night that started with leather was so memorable.
It's great that you can brat Tom and get rewarded for it. :-)
Warm happy fraternal hugs,

New Beginnings said...

I was going to leave you a comment but after reading the part on the dock I have to go take a cold shower!


Cassie said...

I am glad you like the story and I am really glad you had some fun on your own!

I was surprised at how embarrassed I felt! It seemed so funny!

I wish you had been here to go on the boat with us and then there would have been one more spanking to hear during the night!

What is it about leather that can mark you mind as well as you seat! I do love it!

LOL! I was about to have to jump in the lake myself!

You take good care of Eva now!

Bonnie said...


That's another great story! I loved the description of your outdoor spanking. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Cassie said...

Thank you Bonnie! I am just so grateful to you and all the folks out here for giving me a place to share such stories.

I have never shared with Sue that I have a blog and I know Tom would not want me to so she will just have to fine this little world on her own if it is to happen. But if she has any good stories and shares with me I wil share with all of you!

CindysDave said...

Cassie, you made me smile so very big! And the thought of the two of you getting what you deserved, too sweet!

Having spent lots of time at a lake I can assure you sound carries VERY VERY far, especially at night when the world is settling down.

I'm hoping when you're able to compare notes with Sue again you can tell her about your giggling fit as she got her spanking in the next room.


Southern Angel said...

Hi Cassie,
Glad the story didn't end too badly for your bottom! :)

Sar & Cowboy said...

I smiled through the whole story. Not interested in the belt but as long as you enjoyed it, that's all that matters. Teasing one's mate is always a fun thing to do. I especially like it when he can't help chuckling while he pretends to be uphappy.


Cassie said...

Dave sweetie, I have never been good enough to deserve what I got that night!!

Just on the off chance Sue doesn't know I heard I will be sure to tell her soon!

This story did have a very happy ending!

You are so right! Teasing and taunting are my life's blood! And do they really think we buy there pretense of anger? Bless their hearts!