Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's too hot!

Oh my goodness it is hot! It was bad enough before Sar’s Cowboy began writing about the weather on their wonderful vacation, now I want to travel somewhere COOL! I won’t let Tom run in the mornings. I would just as soon him stay in bed with me anyway!

I am so hot I can’t even think of any mischief to get into! And for me that is saying something. We have talked about getting a pool but for the most part I think it would be too much trouble. After a few weeks of this I am about to change my mind.

We have begun the marriage classes at church and I like it very much. I will tell you more about them as we get more into it. They have called from school to see if I want to work as a sub or as a volunteer this year. As much as I love it I just can’t see working when I want to be with Tom. Tom has been approached about taking on another project and I guess you all know how I feel about that. But I am not going to get all upset now. I suppose if he takes it I could become a volunteer then. He has not seemed as interested in this project as he has for some others so I am just going to wait and see!

Sorry for no real excitement here. Let’s all hope for a break in the weather!


david said...

Wish you had our weather. cloudy with rain and mist. The high Wednesday was 64.

If Tom takes the new project maybe you could just do school as a sustitute when needed.

Summer is not over you still have a few days left to start some excitement.

*luva and hugs*

New Beginnings said...

Cassie it is hot here too and Eva's weather really got me spoiled when I was up there. Nice low 70's one day and cool and rainy the next. Wonderful but I am still not ready to give up the south.

I want to hear about the counseling at church. Actually I would like to GO to your meetings and hear everything you have to say.

I hope you cool off soon and don't let Tom get bored!!


Paul said...

Cassie dear girl, lovely post, I hope it cools down for you soon.
I'd like to hear about the counselling also.
Must be hot, you not thinking about mischief. *G*
Warm fraternal hugs.

mthc said...

Cassie, remember i said how nice it's been all week...well it's going to 101 on saturday..yuck..
We had a pool growing up and was a lot of work. Hope to hear about your marriage

Caryagal said...

Wow hope it cools down for you! It is back to being cool here. Rainy some, but cool! Had a perfect day today. Sunny and 80 degrees! Can't beat that! Sounds like we'll have some interesting posts with the marriage classes! :-)


Cassie said...

Thanks everyone! It is still hot here but I may have found a way to keep cool! I will try to write about it soon!


jammin33333 said...

it's been in the 100's here. hot... bad when you're sitting still and you've got sweat running off of you. but i'd rather have the heat than the below 0 weather we get in the winter. would love a pool but they are a lot of work. so i make sure my hair is off my neck. tall glass of tea and a ceiling fan or regular fan is going looking forward to stories about the church classes. jammin33333