Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blogging Meme

I just loved this meme from PK and others. I would love to hear everyone's answers.

1. What was the first blog that you regularly read?

Like so many of you I found Bonnie first. You cannot imagine how excited I was. I had only had a computer a few weeks and I barely knew how to email. But when I stumbled across Bonnie’s site I felt I had found a home.

2. Do you remember the first" blogger" that you had an E-Mail Relationship with?

I emailed Bonnie not long after I started reading. I wasn’t even sure she was a real person. She was so kind and gracious. But after Bonnie posted my first story Tiggr was the first other than Bonnie that I talked to. She and Bonnie were both so kind and encouarging. Tiggr and I continues to email regularly until she stopped blogging.

3. Why did you create your blog?

After reading some of the wonderful stories out here I was dying to tell some of mine. They were real yet I had no one to tell them too. I wasn’t looking to start a blog. I was just thrilled that Bonnie was willing to let me share a story or two on her site. Actually I was really satisified that Bonnie was willing to read a story from a stranger who had never written a word in her life.

Now once Tiggr did get me set up with my site I loved it! I know many of you say you just blog for your own pleasure but quite frankly I blog for the comments, the contacts. The friends and family I have made here are as special and dear to me as any I have made anywhere.

4. When was your first post, and who was your first commenter?

I guess I have 2 first posts. Bonnie posted my first story on MBS on June 7, 2006. There were 6 comments, Caia, Padme, Damnation’ Celler, Tiggr and my brother Paul!

When I first wrote on my own site it was June 25. The fine people who came by then were Tiggr, Bonnie, Tom (not my Tom!), Jeanmarie, Jemima and Copper.

5. Are there blogs that you absolutely have to visit daily?

Oh yes, ten or fifteen at least. Sometimes my time is short so I don’t comment as much as I would like to. But I do my reading!!

6. Is your Blog categorized?..(I.E. Comedy, Literary, Personal Angst, Etc.)

I guess it’s a lot about spanking and sex but I am mostly just talking about my life and some of my stories from the past.

7. Do you see an end to your blogging some day?

Only if I have to. Even if I don’t post as much as I used to I do love it! Who knows how long I can keep it up. But if you guys will come by and speak to me I will keep on blogging!

8. What are you wearing right this very minute?

I have no idea why you would want to know but I have on the black corset with red lace and fishnets that PK was looking for the other night!


Paul said...

Cassie, sweet sis, and you look a right little cracker, will you be chaste or chased. *G*
Love the meme, love the picture in my minds eye and love you sis.
Warm fraternal hugs,

x said...

Hi cassie,
:) I'm glad you did the meme. It was a good one. I did on my blog yesterday. It's interesting to hear everyone's answers to it about blogging. I lurk a lot on your blog but really enjoy reading you and will try to comment more. :)
padme amidala

Sar & Cowboy said...

Aha! So that's where my black corset etc wound up. I was looking for the outfit so I could respond to the meme. Then I thought... maybe I have a similar outfit I could put on that would distract the giant squid so he didn't notice any naughtiness I neglected to clean up while he was off running errands. I ATE AN ENTIRE PEACH PIE BY MYSELF AND DIDN't SHARE.

Sharing is soooooo overrated.


PK said...

What a joy it was to all of us when you started blogging! I should have known who borrowed my outfit!


Cassie said...

Well I have worn a corset or two in my day, but only for play! Terrible uncomfortable things!

Hey sweetie, I have lurked a bit at your place too. Maybe we should come out of the shadows more.

Good luck Sar,
I have yet to find an outfit (or even lack of one) that will distract Tom from noticing naughtiness! And I am sure Cowboy wouldn't begrudge you all the pie you wanted. After all you are the one who needs the weight!

Thanks for stopping by I am looking forward to even more stories about your trip!

Who knew you and Sar and I all had the same outfit! Now that would be a picture!

BB said...

I hope you don't mind, I added you to my blog. I love yours!