Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthday gifts

Our whole trip was fantastic. Although we do have time together at home every day Tom is a very busy man. To go away and just concentrate on each other is heaven for me. You all may be tired of hearing it but I have to keep saying it. I love Tom so much! To wake up in the mornings with Tom looking at me, to have him reach over and touch my face. Some mornings we would make love without saying a word. Other times we would cuddle and talk on and on.

Each morning we were alone Tom would bring me breakfast in bed and sometimes feed me. I sorry I know how spoiled that make me sound but Tom seems to enjoy treating me this way and what kind of wife would I be to spoil his fun. We went sight seeing during the day and dined in the very best restaurants in the evening. In between we did everything you can imagine! And that did include many fun and erotic spankings!!

But the gifts! My wonderful gifts! One of my very favorite gifts was a ring. It is beautiful! Tom designed it and had it made for me and I just love it!! He also gave me some beautiful lingerie. It surely does look lovely on the floor! One of my most fun gifts was a beautiful box with 4 matching silk scarves. They were very pretty but I asked him why he had gotten all the same color. As he took one and gently tied it around my wrist he said “Sometimes this is the only way I can keep you exactly where I want you”. He didn’t have to worry about me trying to escape that day. I was perfectly content to say exactly where I was!

But did I get what I was asking for and he kept saying no? Well, yes and no. My dream gift was a laptop. I would like to be able to take you all with me to other parts of my house and possible even off with me sometimes but Tom has NO desire for me to have more access to the computer. So … I did not get one for my birthday. But Tom got one for himself! I get to borrow it when the lord and master says I may! Oh I am just fussing! He is letting me use it until I make him mad about something.

I assumed I had all my birthday gifts when several days later as we were getting ready to go out Tom asked me casually “How would you feel about moving?” I felt like he had hit me with a sledge hammer! “WHAT?” I was not happy! “No I do not want to move,” I began “we’ve moved enough for several live times. I love where we live! I love my houses! I love our church! Have you taken a job? You never said a word! Tom so help me if you have taken a job without telling me I’m going to wear you out!”

How I have to stop saying things like that. I am always scared Tom is going to hurt himself laughing! So I was standing there, hands on my hips, loaded for bear and he was laughing at me! I nearly bopped him one as he came over and scooped my off my feet and sat me on his lap. He said “Stop Cassie, you’re scaring me! I bought Richard’s house.” I stopped sputtering and stared at him. “You bought the house on the river?! My house that I always wanted!! You are not serious!” It seems he was! This is the house we borrowed when our friends were here this summer – when Sue and I had our little boat excursion. We have borrowed the house often from our friend and I love the place. The house is fine for 2 people but will also be able to handle guest. At this moment the remodeling has already begun. Tom is having the 2 bedrooms at one end of the house turned into a master suite. I get to redecorate any way I want to!!

The yard is beautiful too. There are old trees with Spanish moss that blows lazily in the breeze. There is ever a small ‘beach’ area for wading or swimming. And the boat comes with the house!! Richard and his wife have bought a place near there children and grandchildren. There son has a boat so they sold this one to Tom. I am so excited I am about to pop! I grew up on this river and the time I spent near it and on it are my happiest childhood memories.

Right now we are not planning to move there full time but I have a feeling that we might when we get it fixed up the way we want it. I do love our house but I love this one too and as Tom and I spend this next year working on it we might just decide to live there year round. We’ll see, and it is only about 35 minutes from our church so that’s not a problem either.

Tom did one more thing for me. Over the next few days as we talked about the house I asked him if I could take the lap top there. He sighed and said “Cassie you really are addicted to that computer aren’t you?” You know it is strange. Neither Tom nor I have ever been jealous of other people during our marriage. Through all our trials and tribulations that has just never been an issue. But in a way he is jealous of all of you. Not individually but this blogging thing and the people I have met here do take much of my thought and time. Tom has never, ever competed with anyone or anything for my attention until maybe now. And of course he doesn’t have to now, I love you all but I will drop the computer like a hot potato if I can spend time with Tom. Yet he knows how much I enjoy being on here.

So he just nodded at me and said “Yes I already have the internet hooked up for you. I knew you would want to talk to your friends”. Do you see how pampered I am. Even though he does not completely approve of all my time on line he puts up with it because he knows I love it so.

So that is what I got for my birthday and anniversary this year. And what did I give Tom? Let me assure you he got exactly what he wanted!


BB said...

I am totally amazed at what he did for you! You are a lucky woman, and he is a lucky man. You two are so perfect for each other. I am so thankful he hooked the internet up for you already, now we dont have to miss you any more. We can all take the party to your new house :)

david said...

That man of yours really loves you and you him.

Love and hugs,

hestia said...

ohhhhh, I can see how much you both love eachother from what you are writing here... and I think it is wonderfull...

grinnnnn, tell Tom you are not the only one who is addicted to contact with her friends... on both my vacations to Switzerland and France I took my laptop and a special card so I would have access even in the high mountains or the forrested valleys...

I can always call my family and european friends, but my internet line connects me with so many other friends I care for.. so it is a very special gift Tom gave to you... give him a big 'dutch' hug from me please...

Anonymous said...

So ummm... what EXACTLY did he want? hehehe

Paul said...

Cassie, the way you describe things between you and Tom touches my heart, that is the greatest gift that you give to each other.
Please tell Tom that none of us could, even if we would, touch what you have between you.
Your description of the presents is wonderful. Your description of your away time together is illuminating. :-) Why should your lover not spoil you, Tom is your lover, your best friend and your partner. Every word that you write about him shouts it, never ever apologise for that.
Cassie I love you , I truly wish that you were my sister, your marriage is as close to Mel's and mine as any I have heard of.
Huge fraternal hugs,

PK said...

Sigh... Cassie I really like reading about your life. It just makes me happy. It doesn't seem to matter if you are being panpered to the hilt or Tom has just blistered your butt with the hairbrush the love you two have for each other shines like the sun. Thanks for sharing with us!


PS. Okay guys next party is down on the river!!

mthc said...

Wow,Cassie you are a lucky woman.That's awesome ..everything.
I'm so happy for you and Tom

Theresa said...

Lucky girl! I wonder if Tom has given any thought as to how he will top this next year! I can't wait to here more about the new river home!


Cassie said...

You are right there is no one else in the world for me. I know we will be busy but I do so like that I can keep in touch.

And I really love him!

The years just make us grow closer. I don't think he will let me take the computer everywhere with me but this is a start!

Well Eva honey what do you think? The man wanted a new tie. So I got him one!

I am honored and happy that you think our marriage was as good as your marriage. I suppose our life style is not for everyone but oh what fun it is for us!

My parents also had a son but you are the first bother I have ever had!

Thanks honey, I am tickled you all keep coming back to read. I love reading about all of your lives too. I always like hearing about your children!

Now let us work on the house some before you come to party!

You are right! I am that luckest woman in the world! I have my Tom and all my friends here.

Tom can't top this and he doesn't need to!

Caryagal said...

WOW!!! What a great Birthday! And what a surprise! Sounds like you have lots of work and fun ahead of you this year! :-) Tell Tom he is a hopeless romantic! :-)

Hugs and welcome back!


Paul said...

Cassie, love the new template, easier on the eyes.
Sorry if I'm a bother, *G* I had hoped to be a brother, only joking dear girl.
Love and fraternal hugs,

hestia said...

hahahahahaha Paul, I must admit I only saw that missing r after your comment. My subconscious must have filled in the r there I guess.


Cassie said...

He is a romantic! And in answer to your email. Yes the plan IS to sound proof the new bedroom!

LOL! I don't think you could be a bother if you tried!

That is want everyone is supposed to do!!

Purple Angel said...

What a great birthday Cassie!! I read your blog for the first time when PK told me about the party, lol. That was certainly a great time too.

You and your husband are inspirational. Great proof of the power and never ending beauty of love.

The best to both of you and enjoy those lovely gifts.
Purple Angel

Sar & Cowboy said...

I loved reading about your trip and about the birthday gifts. A new house on the river! I am soooo jealous. As for the love you two show each other... it gives me warm fuzzies to read about it.

Wishing you both many many more anniversaries and birthdays together and of course, MORE gifts.

Warm hugs,

CeeCi said...

*g* Surprise!

Tiggs said...

OMG, Mom,

I had NO IDEA what you were talking about in your email... you've no idea how much I wish I could see pics of your new place for real... it sounded positively heavenly the first time you wrote about it and it seems all the dreamier now, knowing it will soon be adorned in your own unique and wonderful way.

Love you so,
still your girl (I hope)