Sunday, June 11, 2006


Welcome to Cassie's Space!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie:
I think this is your first ever post! Since i know that you are changing your focus and won't be posting for a while, I decided to check out your older posts. I am very new to blogging, I haven't started my own but i certainly am thinking about doing so. But i just recently found all of these marvelous blogs about relationships, discipline, spanking etc. Your blog is just a delight. You are a gifted writer and communicator. I am 55 been married for 16 yrs (2nd marriage for both of us), and I am still trying figure out how to bring up the subject of spanking to my husband! And here you are blogging about it.
Anyway just wanted to thank you for sharing.
Andrades Girl

Cassie said...

Thank you dear! I hope you will enjoy my old stories. I won't be here much but it feels wonderful to think others are still enjoying.