Wednesday, June 28, 2006

About me

Tigger had a wonderful post the other day where she asked a bit about the friends she had met on line. I encourage everyone to read it on her site, A Spanking Good Time. Here are my answers to her questions. I especially want folks who stumble on this site to realize that spanko are really very normal people, not strange people who write "porn".

-I'm mostly optimistic
-I'm happy and outgoing
-I can appear like the perfect southern lady

Sexual preference:
- I'm hetrosexual
- I did do a bit of experimenting with women in my mid-twentys, it was okay, but I don't miss it. Just a note, as a whole, I think that our gay friends are some of the nicest men I know.
- I love Tom to be behind me when we make love.
- I love to be tied up and blind folded

Fears and inhibitions:
-Being outted as a spanko to people who would not understand
-Outliving Tom
-Anal sex. My first husband forced this on me and he was very brutal. It has taken years with someone I trust completely to finally be able to enjoy gentle play in this area.

-math, I tutor at our local school
-I can connect with other
-I can handle any situation in which I find myself
-I have a strong faith in God

-No one really knows, but sometimes I am very insecure. To this day I have no idea why Tom chose me. He could have had any women he wanted. I just thank God I got so lucky.
-Sometimes it still take a effort to always act like a lady.
-I'm not a great speller

What I like about my appearance:
- all the lines in my face are laugh lines
- I'm not very tall and I'm a bit plump. Okay, I don't really like this. I need to lose 20 pounds. But this is the way Tom likes me and he looks at my body more than I do so I don't worry about it.

-Parents abusive and neglectful, but I survived.
-I married an abusive man at twenty, no spanking, lots of fists, he was a horrible man. He had a heart attack and died.
-Wild, hazy time between 25 and 30. Too much drinking, too much sex, too much experimentation, awful time.
- Thirty, I met and married Tom. Enough said.

What I love:
-My friends
-The feeling of security I live in
-Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom...

What I loathe:
-That we are killing our children and other countries children in this war.
-Tom working out of town when I can't go.
-People who talk about things that they know nothing about.
-Punishment spankings, I'll take any other kind, thank-you.

What I could take or leave:
- cooking
-cleaning house
-Bible School (I got talked into helping again later this month!)
-Getting up early

Favorite food:
-fried chicken
-chocolate cake
-soft drinks

Tigger, thank-you for an opportunity to give this background. If anyone else gives their answers let me know where they are posted.



Paul said...

Thanks Cassie,
this post helps us to understand our friends a bit better, oh BTW welcome back.

Cassie said...

Thanks Paul,
I also read you answers on Tigger's blog. You remind me very much of Tom. I guess you know that Mel was a very lucky woman.


Mistress Sky said...

Cassie, Hi - I found your blog via Tigger's and have been back every day since! You're a natural blogger, keep it up! I've put all my personality stuff up today, so you'll know a little more about me too.
Sky x

Tigger said...

Hi sweet Cassie,

Sorry I'm a bit late getting here. This is wonderful and I'm so glad that you played... why don't you post the other meme here, too... the one you sent me. Once again, I'm sorry, but I haven't ever posted it... not sure where to put it... but please post it here, please, please...

My life is especially chaotic right now, and a little rough. It will all pass and I will be stronger for it but it is hard right now and I am hit and miss on blogging, even in posting comments to those on my own blog. It will get better soon and I'm doing my best.

Ok, so when can we expect another story? (I'm ALWAYS up for a good story, especially one of yours). It might even cheer me up a bit!!

Big hugs and welcome home,