Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Happy Birthday sweet brother!! I want you to know I stole out of bed to write and post this because I couldn’t get to the computer any earlier today. And I was not going to let your birthday come and not tell you how special you truly are! What more could a girl ask for in a brother? You give support, comfort, and advice. You scold and tease – you are a true brother in every sense! I love you dear Paul, I hope your day is very special


Anonymous said...

Yes, happy birthday, Paul!
Say, I am confused.... is Paul REALLY your brother, Cassie? Or are we talking, *adopted* brother in the blogworld? If so, how does one qualify to belong to this lovely family?
Love, Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Paul said...

Cassie, sweet sis, hides face, blushes. :)
Thanks, dear girl.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Paul! You are so special here in blogworld. I hope your day (which is half over by now) is wonderful.


Debbie :)

Anonymous said...

You are the best you have no less than 3 posts mine, cassie and PK. You are loved. Happy Birthday

I Gal

Tiggs said...

Ooooh, dearest Uncle Paul! I have just a minute to write before we head out on our long journey! I'm glad I made it in time to be here for the birthday wishes!!!!

I haven't finished your gift yet, much to my own disappointment, but it will be one of the very first things to be done when we get back home.

I want it to have all the love and sentimentality that I get back from you time and time again!

Love and super-duper big hugs on your special day!

Anonymous said...

How come everybody gets to be related to Paul, but me? (pouting) I hope your birthday has been wonderful!


mthc said...

happy birthday pauldo hope it 's been good..

Cassie said...

Paul and I were not born to the same parents. We chose our family ties and they are as strong as any real ones! Yes, blogland brought us together.

You are a sweetie and you know it!!

He really is such a special man!

Yes I Gal,
Everyone loves our Paul.

Tig honey,
you be careful on you journey.

Everyone is welcomes to join this family!! Come on in!

Nice to see you heve Mthc. You are still on my mind all the time! Love to David too.

Caryagal said...


May it be a truely wonderful and special one!



hestia said...

ohhhhhhhhh happy belated birthday Paul... wishing you many more good years to spend in our company...

lots of love, lessa