Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My brother Paul and my chicks

7 Things Meme
by Paul

As requested by my baby sister.

1) I was a stubborn child; I have been known to spend the night at the table when told not to leave before I finished what was on my plate.
I also requested the meal be sent to the starving children in Hungary , Poland or Czechoslovakia, when reminded of them if I had no appetite.

2) As a child I was frightened of Moths, while I no longer fear them, I will remove them from any room I am in, I just don’t like them, possibly for the same reason that I don’t like peaches.

3) I technically lost my virginity at twelve to a red headed fourteen-year old; I believe it was curiosity rather than passion that drove her. Fortunately for me I was unable to ejaculate, I hesitate to think what might have happened if I had been able to, in hindsight that is.

4) By the time I was fourteen I was a keen Archer, at sixteen I had made my own longbow it had a 90lb pull.

5) When Mel and I first met, Mel collected figures of Wolves and I of Owls, strange as the Owl is her symbolic animal and the wolf mine, I now have over eight hundred figures of anything from gold through clay.

6) I have been a dedicated spanko for as long as I can remember, I discovered that I was a Dom at around fourteen.

7) I have had two serious accidents in my life both motorcycle accidents, they taught me to be extra careful. I take a dim view of bad and careless driving.


1.Married for 26 years to David..been with him for 33..he's a pretty good kinky guy..!!

2 managed the family business for 14 years.

3 Have been taking care of little ones for 16 now watching over our precious god daughter.

4 David is 4 years older me.

5 Love spooky stuff ..halloween..trick or treaters.. christmas..autumn colors..snow..

6 We have 2 boys 25 and almost 17..a choc.lab..6 cats..a snake and a fish tank

7. was born and raised where i live.. which we affectionately call Mayberry.
Realistically it's a small southern democratic town in Virgina.Between Wash DC and the shenandoah valley in the foothills of the blue ridge mtns.. That's about it.. I'm seeing this Meme everywhere so i think it's already making it's rounds..


1. I love being kinky to my wife but I hope my dad is not looking down on us. He was Southern Baptist minister for over 35 years.

2. I have been in the office supply business for over 34 years and drive 63 miles to work and takes two hours to do it.

3.I was born in West Va. but grew up at Va. Beach Va. two blocks from the ocean on 35th street. The town we live in now has one traffic light.

4.I am a diehard Washington Redskin fan and don't talk to me about that team from Dallas.

5. I am a weather spotter for the National Weather Service and love it when we are buried in snow

6. I live for turning Mthc's butt different shades of purple.

7. There are six people in blog land I wish I could really meet and give a big hug to.

Mom you are at the top of that list.

I thank my brother and my chicks and I will be happy to post for any of you that do not have your own site. You can email your 7 facts to me at


Anonymous said...


I grew up in Va Beach too. The Pungo area. The city has changed alot over the years.


Greenwoman said...

Lovely to read everyone's answers!! *smiles*

Paul said...

Cassie, thanks for posting this,
othere peoples memes are interesting!!!
Love and warm broherly hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you! Owls and wolves, very interesting. You got started young! And I agree with you about driving safely.

Cassie's chicks,
Nice to meet you two, too.

You did it! Yay!

mthc said...

Hey YaYa...David's sister lives in Pungo.. Igal..i know you had a comment somewhere..David was somewhat of a rebel...don't know if that's a typical southern baptist minister's son. But it definitely makes it more exciting!

PK said...

I bet you were already hot at 14! Yum!!

You have to watch those preacher's kids - PK's we use to call them, LOL!

We probably passed each other at one time or another. We were at Va. Beach every summere since I was very little.

Thank's for posting this Cassie!


grace said...

Love to find out about people. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourselves!

Thanks Cassie for posting these!


Anonymous said...

THanks for posting these. I enjoy reading about others

hestia said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnnnn I do love reading your meme here below Cassie and now Paul's, David's and Mthc's... grin... Paul.. oh Paul... now I know something I didn't know yet *winks* and David.. now I know where that voice of yours comes from... and Mthc... spooky stuff.. now who would tell.. grin... and my brother has a choc lab to... the whole family loves her.. she's 6 now and still thinks she can easily jump on your lap... grinnnnn...

love, lessa

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie:
Thanks for posting these. It was fun to read everyones anwers. I bet its hard to come up with a list of answers. Btw...loved your Halloween post, sounded like lots of fun. What is really special about it for me is that he Tom,participated in such a creative and fun way. What a special memory for the 2 of you. And the pictures were fun to look at.
Take Care