Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meme's from Carye and Daisy

My dear friend Carye who is a loyal reader and commenter sent me her meme also. I think her's is very, very interesting.


1) I played Trombone from fourth grade on and still enjoy playing. When I first went to college, I majored in music ed and elementary ed.

2) I graduated from college with a botany degree, and chemistry and math minors. I never have used any of them. I got a temp job and loved it. They sent me through for my masters in business.

3) I've managed a 250 million dollar environmental budget for the government. I prefer managing data to people and now do programming development for a software company! Some day I may figure out what I want to do when I grow up!

4) I am a weather junkie! I have a Davis Weather station in my back yard and have been a weather spotter. My husband made me stop when we had kids. something about not wanting me to be out in a car searching for tornados....

5) I was on a waiting list having been completely approved for the peace corps when i met my husband. If there had been a job open in the countries I was interested in immediately, I never would have met him.

6) I have traveled to 6 countries outside of the US. Can you guess what they are? All except one are in the western Hemisphere. I'll give you a hint on #6 -- I spent 2 weeks in the amazon jungle with a bunch of botany and zoology students when I was a botany student and loved it!

7) I am an extra class Amateur radio operator. I passed 21 word per minute moris code translation to get my licence. Me:-)

Dasiy has also been kind enough to send me here meme and I am delighted to learn more about her and to share that with all of you.


1. I was married at 20 to my first bf, we started dating when I was 16, he proposed on our first date! I thought he was drunk!

2. I was devastated when he walked out after a 24year honeymoon, for an 18year old girl....

3. I have been a trampoline instructor for 32 years.

4. I am undertall. If I were 8'3", I would be delightfully slim.

5. I am now honoured to be engaged to the most wonderful man, who happens to be american. I never would have thought it possible to beat being proposed to on the first date; however, he proposed before we had ever met in person!!!!!! (and, yes, he is my second ever bf!!!)

6. I will become a grandparent sometime around christmas, for the first time....YAYYYYYYY

7. I have learned more about myself in the past 5 years than in the previous 45.... (for the mathematicians amongst us, yes, I was 50 this year!!! )


Anonymous said...

Carye and Daisy,
Thanks for playing along. Nice to get to know you.

You've had great luck with guest meme players. You should get an award of some sort!
Thanks for introducing us to your friends,

david said...

Daisy and Carye thank's for playing. Carye I have seen one tornado while chasing it was absolutely incredible. Mom Happy Halloween!

Love and hugs,

Paul said...

Cassie, thanks for posting these memes they're fascinating.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

grace said...

Who knew Carye was such a smartie pants? ;)

Daisy, first grandchild? How fun! Looks like we might have to start a granny page?

BTW, do you grannies really where granny panties? Or will this happen after the baby is born? Will you and Eva please let me know?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Very fun read.

Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cassie for posting these. Carye and Daisy have really interesting memes. It has been fun to read so many of these memes from folks that have popped up in various blogs in the last week.
I Gal

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
To satisfy Grace's curiosity, I would just mention here that I only wear thong/g string panties, nothing else is comfy...I can't see that changing in 7 weeks when I have a grandchild to cuddle! AND, I sleep naked in my own bed...though I wear pj's if I am sleeping elsewhere...anything else you want to know, just ask! love n hugs to all, Daisy xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting both of these. It was fun reading them


hestia said...

wowwwwwwwww... another weather junkie.. what's that with all those weather junkies in the USA... overhere we only have the people paid to do so I think... anyway not much known about it.. but dutch weather stinks anyway for 75% of the time... cold and rainy (yeahhh all that's said about our weather is true)

nice getting to know you a bit better Carye and Daisy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie:
Thanks for posting these lists. It was fun to read everyones anwers. I bet its hard to come up with a list of answers. Btw...loved your Halloween post, sounded like lots of fun. What is really special about it for me is that he Tom,participated in such a creative and fun way. What a special memory for the 2 of you. And the pictures were fun to look at.
Take Care