Monday, October 27, 2008

Cowgirl, since you asked...

The Rules-
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* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
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I can’t imagine what I can tell you that I haven’t already told you about myself but since Cowgirl was kind enough to tag me so I am going to give it a try.

1. I have been married twice. One was pure hell, the other has become my heaven.

2. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 25 years old.

3. I have my very own prostitution’s license (I know this is old news to long-time readers but maybe some of you are new. It you are new check out here and here before you think me too terrible!)

4. I am taking a deep breath before this one, other that a few close friends out here no one knows this – I am older than Tom by nearly two and a half years.

5. I ran away from home when I was 8 years old. I was gone about 9 or 10 hours before I came home. No one noticed I was gone.

6. Tom’s wedding gift to me was a matching ivory hair brush and comb. The comb has disappeared over the years. Why couldn’t it have been the damn brush?

7. I was not always the angelic, obedient wife that I am today. Tom once told me to wait for him in the bedroom when he was really upset about something I had done. While he was trying to cool down I climbed out the window and took off.

Enough about me I would love to hear all about


If Paul, Carye, Mthc or David would like to just give us the 7 facts I will be happy to post for them. And yes I can count to 7 but I went over.


Paul said...

Cassie sweet sis, why am I not surprised.
I hadn't realised that Tom is younger that you, you obviously need a younger man to take you in hand.
Thanks for doing this meme, I love to learn more sbout you.
I will email you with my Meme.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

mthc said...

1.Married for 26 years to David..been with him for 33..he's a pretty good kinky guy..!!

2 managed the family business for 14 years.

3 Have been taking care of little ones for 16 now watching over our precious god daughter.

4 David is 4 years older me.

5 Love spooky stuff ..halloween..trick or treaters.. christmas..autumn colors..snow..

6 We have 2 boys 25 and almost 17..a choc.lab..6 cats..a snake and a fish tank

7. was born and raised where i live.. which we affectionately call Mayberry.
Realistically it's a small southern democratic town in Virgina.Between Wash DC and the shenandoah valley in the foothills of the blue ridge mtns.. That's about it.. I'm seeing this Meme everywhere so i think it's already making it's rounds..

david said...

1. I love being kinky to my wife but I hope my dad is not looking down on us. He was Southern Baptist minister for over 35 years.

2. I have been in the office supply business for over 34 years and drive 63 miles to work and takes two hours to do it.

3.I was born in West Va. but grew up at Va. Beach Va. two blocks from the ocean on 35th street. The town we live in now has one traffic light.

4.I am a diehard Washington Redskin fan and don't talk to me about that team from Dallas.

5. I am a weather spotter for the National Weather Service and love it when we are buried in snow

6. I live for turning Mthc's butt different shades of purple.

7. There are six people in blog land I wish I could really meet and give a big hug to.

Mom you are at the top of that list.

*****TERPS TAG YOUR IT********

Love and hugs Mom,

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to learn more about folks you care about. Glad to read about David and MTHC's as well. I am married to a Southern Baptist preacher's son. What is it about preacher's sons mthc? Gotta love them. Thank you Cassie for getting the folks with no blog in on this.
U Gal

Anonymous said...

yes, thank you Cassie for involving non-bloggers in this meme. I always read all the posts and have often wished I could meet and get to know some of the regs. Paul especially, I wish would start a blog...i would be an avid fan....come on, Paul!
As for you, Cassie, WOW!!! I can't imagine getting myself into a mess like your prostitution phase, (LOLOL) but, then, although I have the defiance, I am not so adventurous! I would have just DIED!!!!! Whereas, reading it abt you, has me giggling and nodding, yes, thats our Cassie.... haha! Hugs to you all, Daisy xxxxxx

Cassie said...

My mother made me feel so embarrassed for marrying a younger man, even though she never met him. I suppose he has needed his youth to keep up with me.

Mthc and David,
I wanted to make sure everyone saw so I posted you!

I Gal,
I dated a preacher's child once. The preacher quickly put an end to that!

I am like you I wnat to get to know those without blogs. So how about it, will you send your 7 facts??

As for my adventure - I was only planning to do a little shopping. The rest just sorta happened.

hestia said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm Cassie.. both RB and my first husband are younger then me... RB is a year younger and my first husband was a year and a half younger... now Guitarman is 9 years older then I am... that's quite a change... grin... and he is the first one who has made me clear who is the boss in the relationship... *smiles*... strange thing is, my dad is 9 years older then my mom to.. so maybe we need that... grinnnnnn...