Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Sorry it’s been so long. Yesterday was a long, annoying, very unproductive day! Because Tom insisted I go to the doctor immediately he didn’t let me wait for my doctor. I saw someone new in the practice, let’s just call him Doogie! I don’t believe in seeing doctors that are not old enough to shave! Basically my blood pressure is a bit low at times. That’s it. But this boy wants to put me through every test know to mankind!

I was so annoyed by the time it was all over yesterday that Tom and I were both ill with each other and our evening was not very pleasant. I guess some of it was my fault but Tom was over reacting too. Anyway today was much better. I was still a little mad when I woke up (and sore) but Tom was sweet and loving and we went to the river to spend the day, much more pleasant and relaxing way to spend the day than at the doctor.

I am not going to have any more tests until I see my doctor and we try some other things to see if it helps. I have been looking on the internet and checking out some causes and treatment and I don’t think a million tests will be necessary. And I am putting my foot down about this!


Eva said...

Putting your foot down, eh?

How's that working for you?


Good luck with that!!


New Beginnings said...

Yeah Cassie,
Put that foot down gently. You make Tom mad and you will need to be able to at least stand comfortably! I hope it all works out just the way you want it to!

Love you lady,

david said...

You tell Tom only good girls are allowed when you are dizzy right now.

*Luv and hugs*

Paul said...

Cassie, the trouble is that doctors aren't allowed to work beyond a certain age, at least here.
I really don't like trying to explain things to a doctor barely old enough to be my grandson.
In this you do have my sympathy.
Take it easy, enjoy the season, wait till you see your own doctor and do what he says.
Enjoy your time with Tom.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

john said...

Understand you're feelings. Everyone however has to make a start. Suppose it's the fate of getting older that you have to deal with "boys" or "girls".

mthc said...

John's right..we are have to start somewhere but i'm inclined to agree with you. However,putting your foot down with Tom ahh..well.....hmmm.....interesting thought...i'll leave it at that

Lilly said...

EVA!!!! LOLOL. Bad! But funny!


I know you are dead serious, still the image of you putting your foot down with Tom... well... it just doesn't seem to have history of working out so well.

I know you are frustrated, and I hope you get to see your own doctor soon, and that you get relief!

Hang in there, sweet Cassie! Love, Lilly

Cassie said...

Alright twins! I been in this marriage for almost 40 I do get to put my foot down sometimes!

You are going to have to tell him. He wasn't listening to me about that the other night! But it wasn't about the tests.

They can keep on working here. I know one doctor in his 90's. My doctor is younger than I am and that's fine but he has known me for 16 years and I trust him.

I know you are right but I just could deal with the young Tuesday.

Have a little faith in me! Sometimes I do get my way!

I can get my way on the doctor this time. Tom owes me one.

lilly said...

Good! Let's hope your doctor gets it sorted out fast! Love, Lilly